If you've been considering jumping ship from your current carrier and hopping over to Sprint, you may want to finalize that decision before June 23, 2011. Why is that, you ask? Because until that date, Sprint will give you $125 per line if you port your existing number over (with a qualifying smartphone or data plan, of course). That's right, you will get paid to switch carriers.

Here's how the deal works: buy a new smartphone from Sprint's online store, transfer your number over (you should be prompted to do so during checkout), and register for your credit within 72 hours of activating your phone. Easy peasy.

Naturally, this deal requires a two-year agreement and you must keep the new line active for a minimum of 61 days to receive the credit. We've read through the fine print and this deal looks as legit as they come, so take advantage of it while you can!

Update: Unfortunately, this deal is only available through the Sprint Online store or your local retailer, so you won't be able to get it if you buy your phone through Wirefly, Amazon Wireless, or the like.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Kel

    Does anyone know if this offer will be valid if I do the switching at another online mobile store (eg. Wirefly.com, Amazon's etc.)? Because most of the time, other 3rd party mobile stores have a better deal on the cellphone's price. And I am greedy and trying to get both the apple & the orange. =P

    • Cameron Summerson

      Just got off the phone with Sprint - Unfortunately, it's through the local retailer or Sprint's online store only.

      • Kel

        bad news! but thanks for the info! =)

  • edLong

    Sprint doesn't sale Apple... hahahhahaha Sorry, I know what you were meaning. I just found it funny.

    • Kel

      any idea about my question itself? really want to find this out, since im probably going for the evo3d soon, if the price is reasonable to me, lol

  • David Ruddock

    T-Mobile is doing this as well.

  • nnorton00

    Still wont cover my fee for breaking my contract...

  • Tom

    yea i'd consider it for the Evo shift but that will cover maybe about 40% of my fee for breaking contract with verizon and that doesn't include 3 new phones and a galaxy tab...