Yesterday Motorola officially announced that Android 3.1 would be hitting Verizon 3G XOOMs first, then WiFi and other variants "in the next several weeks." I'm not really sure how Motorola defines "several weeks," but it appears to be a little bit different than the rest of the world, as we're starting to see reports pop up all over the net that suggest the update may already be underway.


That's about as deep as the details go for now, but if you get the update on your XOOM, make sure to let us know!

Update: It doesn't get much more official than this:


It's about time a manufacturer started over-delivering for a change. That's what we like to see, Moto!

Source: Droid-Life

Cameron Summerson
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  • m

    yes it is.. i just got it in my wifi xoom this morning

  • ocdtrekkie

    I haven't even got it on my 3G Xoom, and I'm a release-day-purchaser. If they're sending OTAs out to Wi-Fi already, I'm kinda ticked.

    • famous

      If u are on Verizon your delayed update is due to them...wifi has no strings

  • sangamore

    I also got the update this morning

  • archboy

    That's what according to Google in the IO. VZW Xoom was getting it first followed by the Wifi version.

  • MadErod

    I have a Wifi Xoom. I watched the live stream Google IO and was a little disappointed about the Wifi-only was not a top priority. But I, ahem, squealed like a little girl when I got my update last night around 10 PT. Awesome. Seems a little more optimized. Faster. Widget resize is great. Enjoying the new update thoroughly.

  • Jay

    No update for me, yet. That means I'm probably going to check every 5 minutes.

  • Brian

    I have VZW XOOM and still waiting.

  • hal9000

    No luck or info on when uk wifi xoomers are going to be in luck?

  • Swiftdeathz

    Got my update last night. Nothing special i just took my Wifi XOOM out of the bag it was in and it said an update was available. I updated it and I saw the gains immediately. It's behaving faster than it was before the update and the browsing has become at least 20% better in my opinion.

    Update took about 3-5 minutes to finish.

  • Paul

    Looking forward to being able to use my bluetooth mouse and having full flash support with the update. Taking my xoom on a trip next Friday. I hope the update occurs before then.

  • Brian

    I just just got mine!

  • Ryan

    Just received my update on wifi only xoom . I see no noticeable improvement in general usage. Have not tried flash yet, though.

  • Steve

    Got mine this morning (5/14). So how do I access some of the new capabilities? Tutorial? (Wireless Xoom)

  • chess

    I also got it this morning. Excellent.

  • Paul

    I got my 3.1 update. Good news/Bad news. Good news is my bluetooth mouse now works. Bad news is the update causes my bluetooth keyboard to repeat letters which makes the keyboard unusable. It was working fine with 3.01. I have a Menotek keyboard. Does anyone else have a working bluetooth keyboard with 3.1? If so what model?

  • Paul

    So apparently the xoom has issues when multiple bluetooth devices are connected which is why my bt keyboard started acting up when I connected my bt mouse. Moto is looking into it.