Announced back in April, the HTC Sensation (Sensation 4G on T-Mobile USA) is undoubtedly the company's most exciting and powerful Android phone arriving in the near future (starting late May in the UK and most likely June in the U.S.). Think of it as T-Mobile's and the rest of the world's response to the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint. This dual-core monster will without a doubt aim to challenge even the current top contender, the screaming fast Samsung Galaxy S2.

To show off the Sensation and its features, HTC put together a 5-minute video, shot in the casually cool style that we've grown to expect from the company. We've already seen scraps similar to this video during the announcement of the T-Mobile Sensation 4G, but the Closer Look here is longer and has more details.

Here are the features highlighted, presented in my favorite bullet-point manner:

  • premium unibody construction
  • contoured glass along the entire edge of the screen that protects it from sand and dirt
  • speedy 1.2 GHz dual-core processor
  • QHD display (540x960 px)
  • Sense 3.0 with awesome and realistic new weather widgets
  • "Active" lockscreen with quick controls
  • instant capture camera - no waiting whatsoever to take the shot (interesting, can I take this wording to the bank, HTC?)
  • 1080p video shooting at 30fps with stereo sound recording
  • basic video editing built into Sense
  • DLNA for wireless media
  • HDMI
  • better email, browser enhancements, Wi-Fi printing
  • HTC Watch - HTC's streaming video store
  • Hi-Fi audio with virtual surround sound

Unfortunately, there was no mention of the Swype-like HTC Trace keyboard in the video, but if you need to refresh your memory and see what that looks like, grace this link with a click of your mouse button.

Can you guess which phone I want next? If you guessed the Sensation, go grab a cookie, because besides the Galaxy S2, no other phone on the market is looking this attractive right now. Damn you, HTC, and your magic powers of video creation!

In the meantime, feel free to grab the wallpapers from the Sensation ROM, leaked by the infamous 911sniper a few weeks ago.

Source: HTC on YouTube

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Josefina

    Galaxy S2 is what I WANT

  • ivan

    Same. Samsung galaxy s 2 looks so good.

    Btw, fix the site, it renders the mbile version on my xoom.

  • Robert Hallock

    SGS II:
    +256MB of RAM
    +15GB of user storage

    +Aluminum body
    +qHD display
    +Compatible with my current carrier

    I cannot decide which is more important to me. This is such a difficult decision, and will be made even harder by the inevitable 1700MHz SGS II variant.

    • Jim

      They will release the SGS2 to all carriers just like the first series. Doubt they will release a 1.7ghz version. They already overclocked the SGS2 to 1.5ghz easily with 4000 Quadrant benchmark scores. I'm sure you can overclock it to 1.7ghz. Samsung already announced they will release 2Ghz dual cores by early next year.

      Imagine a quad core Exynos chip.

      Doubt HTC will ever catch up to Samsung.
      HTC Evo's graphics only did 22 million triangles per second.
      Samsung Galaxy was 90 million.

    • Zomby

      The SGS2 should be released to all carriers once again. The Sensation might be available slightly sooner statesite though.

      Many reviews have already stated that the sAmoled+ on the SGS2 looks crisper than qHD LCD screens. I'm willing to stay on that resolution for the current generation of phones. Exynos is already more powerful than the Snapdragon chip and having a slightly smaller screen size will undoubtly result in much higher performance.

  • http://www.androidsuomi.fi Jonne Backhaus

    The camera popsup instantly when lauched via the new lockscreen. I had time to play with the device this tuesday at the Finnish HTC pressconference.

    I have the galaxy S II in my hand, but I have to say that the Sensation is _THE_ next gen android.

    • Chris B

      Which one feels better in hand?
      Did you compare the screens? Which one is significantly better?
      I like the fact that the sensation has a higher resolution screen but it might look washed out compared to the super amoled plus's rich colors and deep blacks.

  • liams

    Is that a ... recessed camera? It's about time, HTC!!

  • Vince

    Too bad it's not Stock. Blech!

  • Dan

    I had a nexus and a SGS, I still use my nexus. HTC all the way, cant wait this looks awsome, now can I just hold out a little longer for the evo3d instead....

  • Mark

    Impressive, but not above competition. Will I really see that much of a difference between this screen and a traditional 800x480 one? Probably, but not much. Will it be much quicker than the Tegra 2 devices? Not sure, since with the faster cores (1.2Ghz) comes a penalty of 35% more pixels to push through because of the screen (see how this affects the Atrix). My LG Optimus 2x may have a smaller screen with less resolution, but this results in better performance. At least when I'll get a stable Cyanogen 7 on it that is :)

    Otherwise, nothing in this phone that others do not offer, just one of the very best out there, but not exceptional anymore.

  • Traceline

    Played with one at an HTC event in birmingham 3 weeks ago - lovely phone, utterly sold on it... now... where do I sign up?

    Would also speculate that a sensation owner would be much happier than a SGSII owner in 6-12 months from now...

  • Iambeast

    Also, I'm sure the 1.2Ghz Snapdragon is based on the old ARM architure, the 8? While the Exynos is based on the 9 which is faster.

  • Swiftdeathz

    How about we get some info on the battery life of this thing? If the Thunderbolt and it's high specs was destroying it's battery what is this beast going to do to it's battery?

    HTC is notorious for poor battery life while i've already heard many people praise the battery life on the SGS II.

    If they're similarly specced that could be a deal breaker.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Actually, the only reason for the Thunderbolt's poor battery life reports is the faulty 3G/4G switching logic, which eats up the battery in a matter of hours if you're in a janky 4G area. Otherwise, it's as good (or bad) as most other Android phones.

  • Tonio_00

    I'm personally not a fan of Samsung phones so HTC is my premier choice for Andorid based phones. It's unfortunate this will only be landing on T-Mobile. And wonder what battery it uses?

  • RandyN

    Looking forward to getting this and looking even more forward to getting rid of my Samsung Vibrant.

  • http://erst0r.de brandi


    Before judging core details you should really read! Higher numbers do not equal better and they are both armv7 chips even if samsungs reference design is the cortex a-9...
    When you have read the latest benchmarks you would know that the msm8260 is faster than samsungs hummingbird.


    • Iambeast

      I agree, the msm8260 is faster than the hummingbird, but the hummingbird isn't running the SII. The exynos core is running the SII. The msm8260 is based on the A8, while exynos is based on the A9. They both rum v7 instruction sets, but the A9 is theoretically 25% faster at the same frequency as an A8 core. Plus, higher numbers where? the SII and Sensation are both running at 1.2Ghz each. So in theory, the SII should outperform the Sensation. If that wasn't enough, it has 256MB more of ram.

  • Jack

    The Sensation isn't shabby, but the Galaxy is just too awesome to pass on. Real world screen viewing experience goes to Samsung with more vivid colors and crisper pictures and that's what I want. The only nice aspect about the Sensation is the aluminum body, but a metal body gets too hot to hold comfortably. To each his own I guess but I don't know why anyone would pick the Sensation over the Galaxy. The pick is as obvious as choosing between an Acura and a Mercedes. The Acura is a decent car, but doesn't hold a candle to the Mercedes. Same between the Sensation and the Galaxy.

  • Cruzantis

    Personally I prefer:
    1. Battery Life (deal breaker)
    2. Screen Quality (SAmoled+)
    3. Android Version (bootloader unlocked)
    4. Size
    5. Weight
    This is basically the order of importance to me on a decision for a smartphone and to be honest SGS II is the only one that has guaranteed the first 2 thats basically a winner.

    I have a mytouch 4g with bad LCD and i just want to burn it, use to love htc now i just hate it, screen quality is always a must and they lack on that department, ips lcd on the g2x is another make me laugh screen even thou iphone has the same techonology well applied the g2x simply isnt responsive enough, so ips crap, tft lcd crap, super lcd crap, theres only 2 technologies that stand out MARISOL screen which almost no one knows what that is (from qualcomm) and the super amoled plus display which not even the iphone screen can match in quality

  • kohut321

    I have the Evo and now I have the Galaxy S with Sprint and I hate to say it but before I thought the Amoled screen was not a factor when choosing between these two but as time goes by I hate to admit... I can't go back to LCD's it has become a deal breaker when it comes to my next phone

  • JK

    Is it sync compatible with entourage or just outlook?