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Remember the HTC Merge? Yeah, the one that HTC officially announced back in February. Well, it looks like it's finally available on Big Red today, but there's an interesting stipulation with this one: you won't actually find it in any Verizon Wireless store. According to an internal VZW document that fell into the hands of Android Central, you'll only be able to get a hold of this little gem at third-party retailers, like Best Buy.


We've haven't actually talked about the Merge in a while, so here's a quick refresher of the specs:

  • 3.8 Inch Super-LCD
  • Global Ready
  • 800MHz Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2GB Built-in storage, SD Card slot
  • 5MP Camera with 720p video capture
  • Full Slide-out QWERTY
  • Bing (*scoff*)
  • Android 2.2

Clearly this phone isn't going to break any records, but aside from the inclusion of Bing instead of Google, it seems like a pretty solid device.

I tried to call my local Best Buy store to nail down a price (or see if they even know what I'm talking about), but they seem to be slacking on actually, you know, opening this morning.

Update: After trying to get in touch with the local Best Buy Mobile all day long, I was finally able to get someone on the phone. Unfortunately, they had no idea what the HTC Merge was, nor when they would be getting it in stock. Has anyone else been able to find this phone today?

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Leigh

    So excited to get my hands on this phone, i've been patiently waiting for this much needed upgrade..
    The only thing I'm not to excited about is bing..will there be any way to change that or remove it from the phone?
    Thanks for keeping me updated.

    • cthunder

      There are 2 ways to get around Bing. 1) Have the phone rooted or 2) Download the Google Maps and GPS.

  • Dee

    I went by Best Buy today too. The guy there had no idea what I was talking about. :-(

  • Tonio_00

    I couldn't imagine VZW would charge more then $99 for this phone being that its a Mid Range Android thats months past its original release date. Seems solid (except for BING) for someone not looking for a powerhouse like the ThunderBolt.

  • lorien

    Has anyone ever been able to locate this phone on Big Red? I really want to get it but can't find it anywhere. I see one for sale on ebay for US cellular but I have VZ.

  • Anthony

    i just bought this phone two days ago from "us cellular". i love it so far. it feels as fast as some of the 1GHz phones i've used, like the samsung mesmerise

  • william

    The HTC merge is only for us cellular vw was going to get it but htc made a last minute decsion and went with us cellular it will not come out on vw you could get it unlocked and use it for vw its also out for altel but other then that I love it its just as fast as the mesmerize if not faster and if you want a phone that you can be sure is fast go for the lg genesis its the next env but for us cellular and its android

  • Aspin Gray

    so if i was to get the htc merge , but i wanted to get it on verizon how would i do it? i need someone to help me. /:

  • Darrin

    Bought my HTC Merge Yesterday at a Verizon Wireless Store. One day and so far I am liking it much.

  • Robert

    Just got mine today, hadn't heard of phone till I was in the store and the salesperson cut me a deal since I had been looking at cheaper phone. I'm glad I went with the merge now!

  • steven

    so the words out there a update for 2.3 for the merge but not for verizon help me out plz how is that so the sym is the same right?.. and y dont verzion have it