Droid X2

It looks like Motorola's follow-up to the Droid X will be hitting its planned release date - sometime later in May - after all. According to Droid-Life's sources, the Droid X2 (or Droid X², if you feel like stylin') will be released on May 26, with all the following luscious hardware in tow:

  • 4.3" qHD (960 x 540) display
  • Dual core 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor
  • 8 megapixel rear camera
  • 720p video capture
  • HDMI out
  • 8 GB internal memory
  • 8 GB microSD card included
  • 1540 mAH battery


Looking at the image of the phone, the blue notification bar suggests that the device will come with Gingerbread pre-installed, as that is exactly what the Gingerbread build for the original Droid X looks like. So, while it may not have a front-facing camera or 4G, this phone will definitely be a huge improvement over the original, and we won't have to wait too long to see if this release date pans out.

Source: Droid-life

  • Jose

    Sweet!!! Can't Wait

  • Jgalan14

    Damn that Droid x is not even a year old , this is one of those things that I hate about manucfactures

  • http://www.facebook.com/elisabeths ElisaBeth

    No forward facing camera?

  • sgtguthrie

    I don't understand all the 3g phones! In a year, anyone who gets a 3G phone now will likely regret it...

    • Kane

      LTE has so many problems, it'll be more likely to kill your battery before lunch than last through the day. These 3G phones are cheaper and don't have LTE problems.

      • sgtguthrie

        I'm not sure what lte network you are talking about, but my 4G works great! I've had the 1 day where it was down, but other than that it's been great! My battery lasts longer than it did on my d1, so try that one again :-)

    • Rex D

      I am not wanting a 4g phone. 3g is still fast enough to suit the needs of my phone. In fact it will probably get better as more people switch to 4g and free up some of the 3g network. I have a tablet, what I want is 4g on it! The more I use my tab, the more I'm realizing I could almost go back to a NON-Smart phone now and drop 1 of my pricey data plans.

  • Jim

    Why not just wait for a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone?

    720P video and 8gb built in memory?

    • Sazkion

      I agree, who cares about the X2, show us the Galaxy S2!!!

  • Fabulas

    this phone is a joke......I mean REALLY!

  • Wolfie

    768 mb or 1 gb ram?

  • barkleyfan

    FFC & 4G =necessary to remain competitive. And my old X came with 16 gig card.

    • Rex D

      Surely by now everyone owns a 32g card already. Take it out and put it in your new phone... who cares what card it comes with.

      • orlanka

        I don't own a 32g card and don't call me Surely

  • Derrick

    It's great to see that they cut the size of the included memory card in half; 8Gb instead of the original 16Gb.
    Yes that's sarcasm :-)

  • Bill Stiles

    I'd love a 32 gb card, but way too expensive. Do you know somewhere that sells them cheep?