The Galaxy Tab 10.1 hasn't even been in our hands more than 12 hours, but it has already been rooted. Turns out Samsung left absolutely no protection on the device, and rooting it is even easier than rooting a XOOM, and that says a lot (the XOOM was meant to be easily unlocked and rooted).

For comparison, the XOOM root requires fast oem unlock and data wipe, while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 root process is as simple as mounting the file system for writing and copying su and SuperUser.apk to it, all of which is packaged into a nice flashable zip file. It could only get easier with a one-click auto-rooter, but we have the next best thing here.

All credit for this easy as pie hack goes to @_mrbirdman_ and his crew.

The root process took me about 15 minutes, 99% of which was taken up by downloading the Samsung Kies application, which installs the drivers so that my Windows PC's adb can see the tablet and communicate to it.

This article deals with a couple of advanced topics. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the terms, hit up our primers here:


  1. Download the Android SDK and make sure you can execute adb commands. If you need help, Google around - there are plenty of guides on adb usage.
  2. If you're on Windows, download and install the Samsung Kies application, which adds the necessary drivers to your machine.
  3. Download Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_10.1_root.zip from our mirror and put it somewhere on your computer.
  4. Open up a cmd prompt and type in
    adb push Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_10.1_root.zip /sdcard/Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_10.1_root.zip
    adb reboot recovery
  5. You should now be in recovery. Use the arrow keys to move up and down, and the Power key to select. Select "apply update from /sdcard" and then apply the zip that you copied above.
  6. You're rooted!

Here is the whole process as I've done it a few minutes ago:

IMAG0261 IMAG0262

A few pictures of SuperUser permissions and the Root Checker app verifying root:

IMAG0263 IMAG0264

And finally, a successful screenshot taken using the Screenshot ER app that can take screenshots on rooted Honeycomb tablets:


Major points to Samsung and the Tab 10.1 in my book.

Source: AllDroid via @_mrbirdman_

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Ron H in Schenectady

    Wow. I just might have to pick up one of these!

  • thomas

    This is what i call true freedom....may be apple needs a crash course on this... cant wait to get hold of one....

  • Eric

    I'm sold... just need em to release then.

  • http://www.smartandroidapps.com moose

    So these seems to imply that the stock recovery installed allows you to install unsigned zips. Is this correct? Also do we know if the bootloader is unlocked or do we need to fastboot to unlock it, say if we wanted to replace the recovery?

    Just to compare with the nexus s, the bootloader is locked and the recovery requires signed zips when you first get the phone. On the nexus s one needs to first unlock bootloader, then flash a new recovery, then they can install unsigned zips.

    Does anyone know how to get into recovery without fastboot, i.e. using hardware keys.

    Posted from my galaxy tab 10.1

  • Jim

    Wow this is what happens when Google gives out 5000 free Samsung tablets to the people who showed up to their event. Of course a few that are broke will sell it on Ebay, but most will use it to make good roms. You can bet if you buy this tablet it will have tons of custom roms.

  • http://trueacu.com acupunc

    Rooting should be easy. 99% of users are never going to root so why bother making it hard for devs.

  • Clarifier

    To clarify, we received rooted Galaxy Tabs 10.1 at Google I/O; they have full r/w on /system/, etc. They just didn't have the SuperUser program or su command which allow programs to have root access.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It wasn't rooted, it had unlocked /system. There's always a chance it was more unlocked than final devices, so we'll have to wait and see.

  • Kyler

    It's not full root with this... Titanium still is not allowed.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Works fine - you just need busybox. Start TB, then click on Problems and have it autoinstall busybox. Everything works after that.

  • JJ

    They might make it harder on the official released version. But then again maybe samsung is smart and knows that if they allow easier access they will sell more. If thats the case I'd buy this over the xoom and the ipad.

  • Erico

    Can I make phone calls from samsung galaxy tab 10.1v?

    • algzed

      No, but u can use Tango, Fring or Skype to make landline calls or mobile.
      I just rooted mine today i have the 10.1v sold in Portugal, and everything went well.

  • Marc afshar

    Guys, can anyone post how to unroot my io device? Thanks

  • Vitto

    Heyyy plz help, I did it but after putting adb reboot recpvery, it just doesn't reboot!!!!! isn't there another key way to reboot it?

  • Max

    Friends. When I typing "adb reboot recovery" my device only rebooting without entering any recovery mode e.t.c.

  • andi

    can 10.1 3G P7500 rooted??
    can make it phone calls after root?
    how to unroot to make original firmware?
    thc for advise

    • nils

      i would also be interested in that question do youhave an answer already?

  • Egon

    The command: adb push Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_10.1_root.zip /sdcard/Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_10.1_root.zip

    Gives the error: device not found.

    I downloaded everything and it tells me that the device is connected and I can press the home key to exit the Samsung Kies.

  • Egon

    After turning on USB under : Settings->Applications->Development. The step worked fine.

    Unfortunately the 'adb reboot recovery' command doesn't work. It reboots, but it goes into charge mode and just sits there. It doesn't give me any menu.

    • Vitto

      Yes ....same happened with me! just doesn't reboot into a Menu!...and no one is helping here!

  • Erhannis

    Me, too. I type "adb reboot recovery", but it just turns off and shows me a charging icon.

  • Ricardo

    Same thing happened to me.

    I got an error message saying E:unkown volume for path [/sdcard]

  • Nikk

    This command should reboot your device. If your device doesn't go into recovery, but instead gives you a green battery animation, don't worry. You're almost into recovery.

    Unplug the tablet from the computer.
    Press the power button for a couple of seconds
    When the first Samsung screen comes up you need to immediately press and hold the volume down button (left side of the volume rocker)
    This will bring up two icons, and you need to release the volume rocker and then press the volume down again.
    This should highlight the icon with the envelope.
    Now press the volume up button (right side of the volume rocker) which acts as the enter key on this screen.
    This will bring you into the recovery screen.

    • followme

      God bless you..... i was locking for this formula since 3 days!!!!
      All the best

  • Spyros

    I have a GT-P7100, which finally managed to connect to my PC (not through Kies, but through installing the drivers by myself). Adb is installed too.
    My device reboots but doesn't get into recovery... I 've tried the trick with the volume button, but don't get an envelope icon. Instead I get a USB icon and an icon with a digging Android. None of them brings me into recovery mode...
    My bootloader version is P7100BUKC8.
    Any ideas...?

    • Spyros

      Hi, it's me again...
      I managed to load a new Stock ROM with an unlocked bootloader (same version, but unlocked) by using Odin3...
      Now, when I'm trying to reboot into recovery mode, it reboots and den I get a screen with a single icon of an adroid with a exclamation mark.
      Then, I tried to use fastboot, to get into recovery mode, but there is no connection between the PC and Galaxy, although the drivers are OK...
      Any ideas...?
      Do you know if it would be OK to install GT-P7500 firmware using Odin3...?

  • Mike

    Thanks Nikk your instructions got me into recovery! Now I have the
    E:unkown volume for path [/sdcard]
    has anyone found a way around that?

  • Tee

    Nikk's instructions also got me into recovery, but after selecting "apply update from /sdcard". it only shows
    If I select that, I get:
    E: unknown volume for path [/sdcard]

  • Mark

    When I root do I get free 4g?? :)

  • Tee

    That link is exactly what I needed!
    It works now!

  • Tina

    When I am typing the command: adb push Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_10.1_root.zip /sdcard/Samsung_Galaxy_Tab_10.1_root.zip
    adb reboot recovery, its not recognizing "adb".

  • Mike

    Tina to get adb commands you need the android sdk installed and you may need to go to the directiory where you installed the sdk.

  • Ivan

    Good Day, I am very new at this, can this be un-done for warranty purposes e.g. without having to download another Rom etc. How would one go about it??

  • chris

    anyone know if this one can be used on boost network as with the 7"?

  • Frustrated

    Sorry, this is NOT easy. Hopefully, there is a YouTube video of this someplace. Should have gotten an IPad.

    • MyJetpackCanFly


  • wish

    hey can any one tell me how to send and receive gsm calls and msgs on this 10.1 samsung tab i got it as a gift and gave up my old phone......so stuck in no man's land plz plz help

    • FullCircle_360

      You Can't it's a tablet not a phone so you can only use the data connection to surf the internet. You can use apps like google talk, skype, nimbuzz etc to msg and voip ppl.