• The International market is taking over - U.S. 70% majority in 2010, but now international is 60% in 2011

wm_IMG_0028 wm_IMG_0029 wm_IMG_0030

  • The new Market dashboard for developers will now let them view and exclude any of the 300+ Android devices, per app
  • Starting in June, a new format called Multi-APK will be launched to bundle multiple APKs into one package

wm_IMG_0031 wm_IMG_0032 wm_IMG_0033

  • Starting June 2011, individual app size is increasing from 50MB to up to 4GB. Hello, giant games
  • Android app sales reports are now backfilled to last year, rather than just last month
  • Starting today, the Android Market will have new lists - Trending, Top New Paid, Top New Free, and Top Grossing (<30 days)
  • These are now is now live at https://market.android.com/
  • The lists will be regionalized per country


  • 2 new lists - Users Also Viewed... and Users Also Installed... - we've already spotted this yesterday
  • Personalized app recommendations also launching sometime later

wm_IMG_0034 wm_IMG_0035 wm_IMG_0001

wm_IMG_0002 wm_IMG_0003 wm_IMG_0005

  • Also launching are Top Developer and Editor's Choice badges and lists
  • The paid Android Market is expanding with 99 additional countries to 131 countries total!!!
  • The 15-min refund window is changing to be counted from the end of the download, rather than the beginning
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  • sfsdfsdf

    at last more updates on market ... looking forward for more stats! I want top installed/rated and be able to select week/month/year(or ever) ... for each/all sections separate & together!

    happy to see 4GB games but 15 min refund isn't enough, I want AT LEAST 15min refund window starting the time I run the APP 1st time, not when I start downloading it, no way I can download 4GB in 15min, try it and ask for refund >_<

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      They've actually announced a change to that algorithm - see towards the end.

    • Jon Garrett

      15 min refund is better than no refund. I have 1,206 apps in itunes but only paid for about 3 or 4 of them. I cant imagine how much money I would have wasted if I had purchased these apps from the appstore as opposed to Jailbreaking and using installous.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Aren't you a cool little pirate?

    • http://none noname

      Andlytics can show you more stats already.

  • AC

    "The paid Android Market is expanding with 99 additional countries"


  • Col

    Yeah sfsf the 15min refund as stated starts at the end of the download now.

  • Dan

    What is that last picture on the nexus s?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The upcoming Market and the new lists.

  • Edd

    I've loved every single detail of the I/O, and I'm so fascinated by Google this year... But the 15-minute window is still a huge inconvenience and has stopped me buying many things... Even 30 minutes would allay some concerns. 1 hour would allow me to decide "ok I can download this app when I have the time to fully evaluate it."

    One way or another, 15 minutes does not cut it.