With all the I/O updates today, something managed to fly under our radar just long enough that we only noticed it when checking out the new Music beta. Google's Android Market now suggests applications based on what other users have installed.

While not a particularly ground-breaking update, this should aid in app discovery for those of us who're always looking for new things to install. Check out the Android web Market to see the difference!

Matt Demers
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    For those who are asking, just to be clear, this is different than the related apps that was on the left sidebar.

    Related apps are not the same as "users who installed this app also installed these apps."

    For example, the Music app has different suggestions for when you install it compared to when you just view it. In fact, I think what used to be Related Apps on the sidebar now changed to "Users who viewed this also viewed."

    These changes make a lot of sense.

  • 513

    Also, when viewing apps by developer, it is now as a grid view and no more as a list.

  • Wuzzer

    Seems like it's kind of similar to the style that Amazon sells it's stuff...