We've had leaked betas of Google's Music 3.0 app for Android for what seems like time eternal now, but Google has finally chosen to make the app public. At least part of it, that is. It sports the same interface as the beta we've all come to know (and love?), but lacks one key feature, mysteriously: a settings menu. That's probably owing to the fact that the previous betas we've seen all contained sync (Google Music) options in the settings menu, and unless you're a beta-invitee (don't worry, none of us have gotten ours yet, either), these options will presumably remain hidden and otherwise inaccessible.

SC20110510-102011 SC20110510-102223

You can grab it on the market now (it will not show up as an update!).

David Ruddock
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  • Jaymoon

    I find it interesting that as soon as I installed this and played a few tracks, my "Syncing" icon in the notification bar is constantly on, as well as my 3G traffic indicator.


    Evo with CM7

  • Ruben

    Force closes on G2 running the new Sense 3.0. I am guessing it's is an issue with Sense in general not just 3.0. If anyone gets working on a Sense device please post how. Thanks.

  • Duncan

    Aah, too bad. It can't be installed on my device. Probably because it's not working outside of the US.
    Will it be possible with the .apk?

    • paul

      i am in australia and i just went to the market, installed makret enabler, faked T-mobile and searched for google music and installed it... too easy

  • http://quickduck.com/blog Drew Freyling
    • SarcasticOne

      Not available in australia :(
      thanks for the link!

      also, wont install on my nexus one, gingerbread, stock, non-rooted :(

  • wolverine

    use this app market enabler and fake any US carrier on your rooted phone.
    it worked for me :) enjoYYY!


  • Mike

    Installed it on my G2 and now I have two Music apps listed. It won't let me delete the old one. Since they both have the same name and icon it's confusing keeping them straight.