Google has announced during its keynote presentation Tuesday morning that it will be bringing movie rentals to the Android Marketplace. Starting at $1.99, these titles will be featured just like apps.


The presenter also demonstrated a "pinning" function, which allows movies to be stored for offline use. This prevents you from losing access to your movie when your network is unavailable, or wish to save your data connection from a heavy workout.

Google also emphasized a "seamless" experience, going from tablet to phone and back again. as a recent Atrix owner who's looking to get some use out of his HDMI cable, Android Movies might be the kick in the right direction.

You can actually start renting movies right now on the Web Market (if you're in the US):



You get all sorts of fun information about the film, as well - including the opportunity to preview it with a trailer. Pretty neat. At only $3.99 for new releases, it's pretty reasonably priced, too. Now, who exactly can watch those movies at this point remains a big question, while Google claims they should play on the YouTube app, I tried hitting these Market links on my Nexus One running Gingerbread, and I just got a Market error. Anyone have any luck with these on a XOOM? Let us know in the comments.

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Matt Demers
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  • iPeck

    N1 giving error here too ;)

  • Mike

    If there was the option to stream the movie from my computer to my television then I might be interested. Staring at a small screen for an hour and a half or more is not the best way to enjoy a movie.

  • montgoss

    "At only $3.99 for new releases, it’s pretty reasonably priced, too."

    I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. RedBox and Blockbuster Express are only $1 for new releases. So, this costs 4 times as much and brings what benefit?

    • David Ruddock

      HD streaming to (eventually) any Android device, ability to wait 30 days before watching? Ability to store ("pin") the movie locally for later watching? Ability to watch on your computer on YouTube? Also, this is the same pricing scheme Amazon offers for its service.

      If you prefer hard media, I guess BB and RB are the better deals. If you want to stream HD to pretty much any computer (via YouTube) or mobile Android device you have access to, then expect to pay more.

      • montgoss

        Where did you get that it'd be HD? And why would you need HD on a 10 inch screen?

        Why would I want to wait 30 days? Why rent it if you're not going to watch it right then? Also, note that a ripped DVD lets you wait a lot more than 30 days before watching...

        Where did you get that it was tied to YouTube? You must have read a different article...

        Just because other online rental services have been trying to charge $4 for the last 11+ years doesn't mean that's the right price. How many people do you know that rent movies online? Cause I don't know a single one... It's too expensive for what you get.

        I expect to pay less precisely because there is no hard media. And converting that DVD to a streamable Android format is very easy.

  • creliandobi

    so it's NOT a coincidence that it's released the same day Youtube Moviles (youtube.com/movies) is released! ah, Google, you sly dog you.

    so, i take it--it redirects you to a Youtube page for the viewing? or is it a full screen in the market browser? hmm

  • Adam

    Hurray, another movie rental service. Because Blockbuster, Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon weren't enough? :\

  • Kev Kennedy

    Once again, not avail in Australia on release... step up your game Google.