At Google's I/O Keynote Tuesday, it was announced that Android may be worming its way into your house in the near future - not just through your phone, tablet or TV, but through other appliances, as well. Android@Home is a system meant to be used as a conduit between your devices and appliances win your home, like the lighting or music systems.

As it was demonstrated for the keynote audience, the presenters had linked various lights to an application in the tablet, dimming them or turning them off as they performed different actions. These light bulbs were specially-made for the task; it looks like if you want access to the system, you're going to have to do some replacing in your home. There was no word on the cost of availability of these materials.


Google is all about heavy metal.

Also showcased was Project Tungsten, a method of controlling and supplementing different music systems using Android@Home. The presenters demonstrated the simple act of touching a CD to one of the devices copied and synced all the music on the disk. Touching the disk a second time started playing the music.

I'm not sure how this was achieved, exactly(something was mentioned about an NFC chip), so until details become apparent I'm going to attribute it to black magic.

Matt Demers
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  • Fegruson

    LOL - Auto correct fail!

  • Al McDowall

    I'm so impressed with Google and the way they have been developing Android in all it's iterations. I see them as a very modern company; not just for the products they create but also for the way they think, the directions they take.

    Android@home sounds like a great idea, I will definitely be watching this one with great interest. The idea of being able to use my phone to control appliances in my apartment is very appealing. I'm assuming that it would be wifi or bluetooth based, as opposed to the internet. The opportunity for hacking into other people's home appliance control would be way too tempting for a lot of people!!

  • Codexx

    New bulbs shouldn't be necessary. People have been doing similar Home Controls using PSP homebrew for years.

  • Schwin97

    The ability to load the music by touching it to the device was based on a 'what-if' situation. As they demonstrated it they said, what-if the music industry had an NFC device within the CD packaging that was activated when the wrapper was removed from the CD. Then you may be able to use the NFC device to tell the music company that you purchased the CD thus allowing the CD to be downloaded into your music library and subsequently tell your library to play the CD based on the NFC chip. Definitely black magic until the producer''s of the content see a benefit to their business.

  • occam49

    Hmmm touching a conventional optically encoded CD to anything will not stream the music through a NFC device ... this was an obvious fake, it didn't happen

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