Artem's on the floor at Google I/O at the moment, but he's busy taking pictures and popping out highlights over Twitter. While he's busy with that, here are some highlights (via the Livestream).

  • "Momentum"
    • Activated over 100m Android devices worldwide
    • 36 OEMs
    • 215 carriers
    • 450k developers
    • 310 Android devices
    • 112 countries
    • 100k activations/day in 05/2010
    • 200k/day in 08/2010
    • 300k/day in 12/2010
    • today: 400k/day
    • over 200k apps available in Android Market - "quality of these apps is phenomenal"
  • Honeycomb being updated to 3.1 starting today
    • Android has true multitasking - now allowing more apps to run at a time with a new system that automatically halts/shuts down apps
    • Widgets improved - can now be resized
    • Whoa - they're playing (unsuccessfully) attempting to play a game on the XOOM using a 360 controller.
  • Android Market opening up to Google TV. Existing devices will be updated to include this support. More details coming during Google TV presentation tomorrow.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich!
    • "Want one OS that runs everywhere"
      - To start, taking all the of the good stuff from Honeycomb and making it work everywhere
      - UI, etc, everything will be on phones etc
      - Adding new APIs to framework to help apps scale from phones to tablets
      - Optimize apps for available space
  • Will all be open source
  • Talking about a team that is based in Roswell, New Mexico (he's serious)
  • Holy crap, this app changes perspective based on where his head is/moves/etc. Kinect style!
  • App realizes who's talking and refocuses depending on who's talking. Family video chats will never be the same again!
  • This stuff will all be available as developer APIs
  • Android Market currently offers apps and books. Books are tied to Google account, not device.
    • Bringing the same experience for movies. - MOVIE RENTALS
    • 2011-05-10 12h20_26
    • Very seamless experience
    • Android Market website now shows featured content  - books & movies (note: doesn't appear to be working for me at the moment on the market site.)
    • New Movies app. Demoing on tab. Movie he just purchased via Market is already shown on XOOM, ready to be streamed. Apparently not downloaded?
    • Scratch that. Movies can be downloaded (called "pinning") to be downloaded for offline playback (e.g. on airplane)
    • He's switching to phone - movies application works on phone as well, just scaled down from tablet version. Can stream movies to the phone.
    • Movies app will roll out with Android 3.1 update.
    • Movies market site now live!
  • Announcing Google Music Beta!
    • Reminder: Invite page is up!
    • Listen on web or any compatabile device - no wires, no syncing. Stored and streams from cloud.
    • Music Manager - for windows and Mac. Helps manage everything (music, playlists, etc) and control.
    • Can create and manage from the music beta site too.
    • Available on tablet, phone, and any other computer.
    • Can build playlists automatically based on any song you like. Called "Instant Mix" - picks songs that go well together. "Model literally listens to your music... machine learning... truly ingenious mix."
    • Music app optimized for Gingerbread/Froyo as well. New phone? Just sign in, your music is all there right away.
    • Up to 20,000 songs
    • Free while in beta
  • "Android Alliance" creating guidelines for how quickly Android devices will be updated after new platform releases, and for how long they'll continue to be updated after release
    • Verizon, HTC, Samsung, Sprint, SE, LG, T-Mo, Moto, AT&T all on-board.
    • Hardware from these guys will be updated for 18 months after release if hardware allows.
    • GG, fragmentation?
  • Dude just ripped off his pants, then hooked his Nexus S into an exercise bike, and the NS recognized the bike. IT KNOWS
    • Android ADK & Open Accessories - using Android with other stuff.
    • They're linked - he's playing a game on his NS by biking, it's compatible with the bike.
    • Using Arduino boards and accelerometers and a tablet to play an IRL marble game. Kinda missed the details on this one.
    • 2011-05-10 12h41_43
    • For Hcomb and Gbread, supports USB now with Bluetooth coming in future
    • Completely open, no fees, no NDAs, etc. All ready to go right now.
  • Extending Android OS to include new services
    • Discover + connect Android to home appliances
    • Designed new protocol for devices that don't use WiFi
      • Low cost, etc - to connect lights, thermostats, etc
    • Demoing.... pretty sure they're using The Force here. Dude's got midichlorians.
    • He's playing a game (Quake?) on the XOOM, and it's interacting with the lights or something?
    • LED lights & switches that are compatible with Android. Wut.
    • Android@Home Hub
      • "Project Tungsten"
      • Connected to speakers/home stereo. Lights on the speaker system hub thing (it's one of the Tungsten devices). Controlling them with his tablet. Can control which set of speakers are getting music.
      • Completely open to devs
      • Touched a CD jewel case to the Tungsten device. CD has an NFC tag on it, touching it adds the entire CD to your Google Music library instantly. Whoa. (did it again... first was Run DMC, second was Santana.)
  • Showing the new Galaxy Tab - "thinner & lighter than anything you've ever seen." Not available for another month yet... BUT I/O ATTENDEES ARE ALL GETTING ONE TODAY
    • Will have 3.0 out of box, 3.1 update rolling out in the next few weeks (for I/O attendees)
  • Market announcements for developers and users coming tomorrow morning.
Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • L Boogie

    Bring on the goodies, let's see what's brewing

  • KrypticNexus

    Wonder when 3.1 source will be release or will they do like 3.0 and never release it and/or just wait for ice cream to come out.

  • Gerg

    I'm beginning to get the feeling that 3.0 won't be released, since they really want a unified code base like Ice Cream...

  • critter42

    Minor nit:

    "Using Adreno boards and accelerometers"

    They're called "Arduino boards"

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Thanks, fixed :)

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    Argh argh so excited. Running around my room like a headless chicken.Wow so awesome Google rules. I think I just wet .....myself... oh wait! Hang ON. WTF. EPIC FAIL. US only!!! Come on. Feel let down. Do all those 400000 activations per day happen in the US only. Very disappointed. I feel betrayed. They shud well have called it US only Google I/O.

    Any idea when some of these wonderful goodies will hit Europe and Africa?

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    OMG I can't believe I couldn't watch everything live this year. Curse you better paying Job!! <_< wait....strike that last part.

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    Google - you are a beautiful company!