We got a tip this morning for the official URL for Google Music, and we've been randomly checking it (read: mashing F5 constantly) since then. A few minutes ago, something amazing happened - it went live. Hit the link, request your invite, and patiently wait for it! GO!


Landing page


After clicking on "Request invitation"

Although this just went up, we can pull out a few obvious facts right off the bat:

  • Honeycomb and Gingerbread will be supported
  • At least based on what's shown in the images above, Music doesn't appear to be a store. As expected, it seems to be cloud storage/player.
  • "Music Beta is available free for a limited time."
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are both available for your reading pleasure, though we haven't had time to dig into them ourselves. We'll update if we find anything interesting. (Ninjaupdate: looks like the ToS are generic and not (yet?) customized for Music)
  • The "Learn more" page still 404s.
  • This is U.S. only at the moment!

[Google Music Beta. Thanks for the tip, John!]

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://www.r3pek.org Carlos Silva

    Only for US :(

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Ninja-edited that in between the time you apparently opened the post and commented =X sorry!

    • edo

      they are giving free invites? yeah right :P after you indirectly pay for it by doing the survey :) prolly another "get few bucks overnight scammer"

    • Paul

      It's some kind of scam site. They pay to purchase a dedicated domain, they pay for hosting, and they're handing out free invites? When you visit their site, and click "Read More" they bring you to a page with instructions and such but then this stupid popup comes up telling you to take some surveys and get free gift cards, etc. sound familiar? And that stupid popup won't let you scroll down the content behind it so you can continue reading. I tried disabling java script and then they redirect you to a warning page saying you have javascript disabled and to reenable it please. Scam. Avoid.

  • Tim

    Google music is only available in the USA :-(

  • JoshL

    Just requested! So excited! :)

  • Syrenz

    That sucks. Google better enable non U.S availability sometime soon. I feel hated on what with this and Amazon appstore STILL being U.S. only as well.... :(

    • orlanka

      Whoa, wait a minute, there are countries outside of the US?

      • MFR118

        Yes those countries are called Non-US!

        • Paul

          Non-US? Weird...

  • orlanka

    I have to admit, it would be tough leaving Amazon Cloud.So far my experience has been flawless. That said, if Google can produce something great, I will jump ship in a heartbeat.

  • Garak

    Hope Ireland isn't left out in the cold like it has been with Spotify, Amazon etc.. (not to mention other countries obviously). I don't want to use iTunes!

  • http://danks.ca Andrew

    Free for a limited time...

  • Adam

    So, if you're someone perfectly content carrying your music around on an SD card is this service going to do anything for you?

  • Tyler

    For the people not in the US there are workarounds to get the Amazon appstore working for you, just google it.

  • sugar0

    now i understand why they pulled grooveshark from the market :) Come on BigG, don't be evil

  • Christian

    Anyone know the URL for us to try to get the invite when they start this thing?

  • TonyMac70

    Learn More is up! Includes a video.

  • allen

    The next big thing!? Why the hell should the service be US based only initially!!?? Epic fail. This is why apple always have a leg over everyone else. After investing in a 3g xoom I thought google would see the light. Boy was I mistaken!!!!!!!

  • Yose Llourinho

    Only in the US :(


    all of you are mad. google music will be alvalible nearly worldwide when its not on beta. look 'BETA' ASSHOLES

    • Allen

      All the more reason for the beta version to be widely available. I wonder why firefox does it!!?? It's common sense, so we r not ass holes!!

  • edo

    use the online proxy and it will get you to the point where you can request the invite :) then you need to hope it wont be digged deeper :)

  • OFI

    Great, another huge service that get's the US only treatment for how long this time?

    As commented above i'm starting to think Apple users get treated with far less discrimination.

    @BIGBEN Will that be before or after we get full access to Google Voice?

  • ———-

    I Just got my GOOGLE MUSIC BETA invite and I LOVE it. Way better than Amazon Cloud. Everything I want in a cloud player this service has it, thank you Google. GOOGLE FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • oyyku

    İs there someone who have google music beta invite? please send me, akanoykuyilmaz@gmail.com

  • bruno

    please someone can invite me to google music? thanks
    tommy.snello at gmail.com

  • Hero

    Looking for an invite!!!


  • phil

    would be great if somebody had an invite for me

  • mike

    Hoping to get an invite as well from someone, please! Mike.Helt@Gmail.com thanks!

  • kindsubi

    Looking for an invite~ :)

  • http://www.mytechshout.com Gowtham@mytechshout.com

    Can you send me an invite too..
    email id : gowtham.v11@gmail.com