The newest version of Sense UI has been somewhat of a hot topic amongst HTC owners, as HTC itself said that certain aspects of it has been reserved for newer devices only. Naturally, the dev community over at XDA was not about to stand for that, and shortly after the Sensation ROM leak, got to work on spreading the Sense 3.0 love.

Fast-forward to today and what do we have? Sense 3.0 working perfectly on the Desire HD/Inspire 4G and the Desire Z/G2. These ROMs seem to be mashups of a variety of leaked firmware for other devices, but rest assured that they are both Gingerbread, so you won't be downgrading your OS just to upgrade the skin.

fusion1 fusion2 fusion3

As always, there may be some bugs left in these ROMs, so if you experience any issues or have any questions, head over the the source thread for your particular phone at XDA.

Desire HD/Inspire 4g Download

Desire Z/T-Mobile G2 Download

Cameron Summerson
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  • Ron Braithwaite

    If this works on the G2 will it also work on the N1?

    • cjwb

      Nope. Completely different setup. For example, the G2 has a physical keyboard.

  • xbazabx

    incredible? when will it be out for incredible or is it already?

  • http://kenkinder.com/ Ken

    I tried Fusion. It has a few quirks, but if you like HTC Sense, I say go for it.

    The biggest issue is that your ambient mic doesn't work. Eg, Soundhound won't pick up anything and speakerphone won't work.

  • Adam

    So no way to get Sense UI without swapping the entire ROM?

  • chris
  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    Nexus S anyone? That phone should be capable of anything! (Let me believe that!)

  • Mesmorino

    Okay, so... don't laugh or shout me down, but do I need to root my phone before flashing a rom? My last phone was the HTC HD2 and I don't recall rooting it (or even flashing a rom to it), but I did install a couple of different skins... And since sense is a skin...

    I currently have the DHD (which incidentally still hasn't got the gingerbread update yet)

    • http://www.iknowandroid.tumblr.com iKnowAndroid

      rooting and applying a skin is completely different. Sense is a more than a skin as it integrates deep into the file systems which causes for the delays with updates. But long story short you will need to be rooted

  • Mesmorino

    Thanks :) I'm planning to root my phone by christmas. No rush lol

  • Smooth3d

    I need to add the Mytouch4g to the list! It has a Sense 3.0 rom also

  • Drumfire

    I've had the Gingerbread 2.3.3 update yesterday on my HTC DHD .. I didn't ROOT my device before .. So if i'm trying to install this ROM I know I have to root it .. but can you explain me how to do it without downgrading please?

    • http://rrrrrrrrrrr hyun

      he just said u dont neeed to downgrade, just search rcmix3d v1 and just follow guides for rooting, you neeed to downgrade for the rooting process, but with roms its new, rcmix has gingerbread.

  • john

    i would like a copy of this rom please, my name is john and my email address is johnjol399@aol.com

  • john

    i would like a copy of this rom please, my name is john and my email address is johnjol399@aol.com. thank you