We've all griped about Facebook for Android before, and rightly so. The app still trails the functionality of its iOS counterpart, and has had a string of compatibility issues. Just last week, Joe Hewitt - one of the developers of Facebook for Android - left the company. It appears that things are already being shaken up; the Facebook for Android team has taken to Andreddit to ask how they can make the app better.

Hello /r/Android,

We are the developers for the Facebook for Android app. We'd like to know what we can do to make the app better. Feature requests and bug reports are welcome. If you have a bug report, please include detailed steps to reproduce the bug.

<3, Facebook for Android devs

Note: If your phone was preloaded with Facebook for Android your app may be outdated. You need to go to the Market and download the update manually. This is a bug in Android. Please make sure you're on the latest version (1.5.4) before reporting bugs. You can check the version by hitting the menu key and choosing "About" when you're on the home screen of the app.

So far, the top to comments seem to hit the nail on the head:

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2011-05-09 19h56_54

The team is actively replying to posts, asking for clarification and acknowledging shortcomings. Want to add to the discussion? Hit up the source link and sound off - just don't forget to follow reddiquette.

[Source: Reddit]

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  • Hooman

    I'm wondering if anybody mentioned that Facebook App redirects to the browser? why not just make it like the iOS app so everything happens inside the App not in the Browser!

    • Mesmorino

      It doesn't redirect to the browser. Replying to comments, viewing and tagging pictures, status updates and most other things happen within the app itself. The only thing that doesn't show up on the app is viewing and making notes, and in that case *I* go to the browser, the app doesn't redirect me

  • oldmanofskye

    Is it me or they are really clueless? If it's widely recognized that Android version is below par when comparing it to iOs version - THEN make it AS GOOD AS IOS VERSION - and then ask us about ideas how to improve it!

  • IAmTheK

    Come on are u kidding me? Maybe if they spent time reading the comments on the market or even using the app themselves they'll know how much its lacking. This whole idea of comparing this and every app to the 'iOS standard' really annoys me. For a start how abt not making it look like a poor iOS port. I feel now that they realise more people are using android they might start to take us seriously. Why can't they just develop an app for Android and make it look like it was for Android, rather than an after thought. Look at power amp, brilliant app and its just one guy. Of course the excuse they give is, oh we can't do so and so because its a bug in android. Can any dev's confirm this is true? Surely a big company like Facebook can get devs who can sort this out. Just head ova to xda. /rant ova

    Thanks android police as always for keeping us up to date. Looking forward to watching Google I/O on YouTube.

    • Mesmorino

      I agree actually, I'm not sure why the app has to be "as good as" or "better than" the iOS version. I'd rather have a purpose built ANDROID Facebook app, not some wannabe that's always playing catch up to the iOS version, as if the iOS Facebook app is the golden standard now

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  • Phil

    I'm with some of the other folk. Stop just porting crap from iOS. Its not as capable of an OS and doesn't have the deep integration APIs of Android. Flat out start from scratch and make real use of Android from the ground up. The problem is that some of these iPhone loving devs dont want Android to look better.

  • OFI

    I'm with everyone else here. why on earth do they need to ask what we want? It has been plastered all over the comments for months and months.
    At the very least people want the basic functionality that has been present in the BB and iOS versions since forever.

    ###Photo Tagging###

    COME ON! How is that STILL not been added yet? One of the main features of Facebook and it still hasn't got a clue. Even Flow/FriendCaster has it.

    Event Wall posts might be nice too, not just the basic description.

    Uploading to different folders/custom image sizes (as per Flow)

    The push notifications are so delayed they are fairly useless at times.

    I've given up using it now in favour of Flow/Friendcaster, worst thing that has now is the awful new name!