Things are just not looking good for the magenta T.

T-Mobile's latest earnings report for the first quarter of 2011 paints a sad picture of the mobile telecommunications company's current state in the marketplace. It managed to remain relatively neutral in terms of added revenue for the first quarter time period, though that has been heavily offset by a massive loss in its subscriber base - to the tune of 100,000 customers.

And remember this - the numbers came from the time period before the announcement of T-Mobile's impending acquisition by the Death Star, also known as AT&T. The fallout from the merger news is expected to hit once the Q2 numbers are in, and one can only assume an even bigger defection of customers will take place to avoid assimilation into AT&T. As T-Mobile continues to struggle, the deal is looking more acceptable and less harmful to the competitive market.

The upside? The prepaid base continues to see some growth, and the company isn't going down without a fight in spite of the proposed merger. T-Mobile USA says,

Our deal with AT&T announced a few weeks ago will not change the focus of our US business. Until the closing of the deal, T-Mobile will continue to challenge its competitors and compete aggressively in the US market.

The company continues to take shots at its competitors in sales commercials.

T-Mobile occupies a special place in our Android hearts as it was the first adopter of Android phones, starting with the T-Mobile G1, also known as the HTC Dream. Google's subsequent development phones under the Nexus brand have seen their entrances into the market under the T-Mobile umbrella, and we'd like to continue seeing what T-Mobile has up its sleeve in the future.

Source: All Things Digital

  • Jose

    No one seems to mention that T-Mobile has horrible phones. No dual core, nothing exciting. I have a Nexus S which is on T-Mobile, but I would not use any other phone that they sell at the stores. The Vibrant is too buggy!! worthless. The MyTouch 4G is ugly.

    • Kevin

      No dual core? What about the G2x? That's a damn nice phone and definitely dual core. But other than that, weak selection.

    • cosmic
    • Kane

      You fail at trolling.

    • Chris

      T-Mobile has been the launch carrier for both Nexus phones; admittedly neither are dual-core but were released before dual-core phones existed in the consumer marketplace.

      T-Mobile has about the same phone selection as Verizon in terms of capability; neither the HTC Thunderbolt nor the Droid Charge are dual-core, but T-Mobile doesn't hype its phones nearly as much as Verizon does with the Droid commercials or Sprint with their EVO advertising.

    • BobbyPhoenix

      Nexus One, Defy, Vibrant, Sensation, Optimus One, Incredible S, MT4G, G2X. Just to name a few. T-Mobile is THE place to be for THE best Android phone line-up. This is the first time I ever called anybody this: TROLL

  • Mouse

    No Top tier Phones Besides the Nexus One/S

    • Kane

      Why is everyone forgetting the G2x?

  • Devin

    O_O GASP!! What a shocker! No one saw this coming. A company with little to NO marketing and sub par coverage is losing customers? Who woulda thunk? >_>

    Except for us techies who are into all these tech stuff, NOBODY knows about the G2x. How can you announce a device two days before it is released with NO prior marketing and expect to make sensible sales or even gain customers? I absolutely love my G2x but when I show it to people, they just look at me like I'm weird.

    • Kane

      Indeed, all they do is bash AT&T and advertise old phones (MT4G). I don't think I've seen a G2x advertisement anywhere at all. They should take a page out of VZW's advertising playbook if they want to be anywhere near relevant.

  • MarkMcC

    I am about to jump ship on T-Mobile. They only have 2G in my area, whereas all the others have 3G. Doesn't make much sense having and paying for a 4G myTouch. Will probably go Virgin or Boost, and cut my bill in half. Their entry level Android phones will work just fine for me.

    • Androidess

      2G?? Where do you live-the Artic?!?

  • cosmic

    The AT&T merger is probably the big reason for it. Certainly would be iffy about resigning a contract/signing up with T-mobile knowing AT&T will likely take over. With T-mobile you're generally treated pretty well(coverage varies of course), with AT&T it was a lucky day to be treated decently when I had them.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The merger news hit at the end of March, so it only had a few days to affect these numbers. I doubt this had anything with that at all - T-Mobile is simply losing the mobile war.

      • cosmic

        Ah true forgot about that. Shifting plans and less coverage than others I guess. Their phone collection really isn't that terrible compared to others, it is due up for a refresh but so are most phone line ups at the moment. The G2X is nice and the nexus phones are always a nice choice but more new ones need to come. SGS2 coming right?

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Rumor says so, but since it's also coming to AT&T and possibly Verizon (and I hope Sprint too), it doesn't give T-Mo a competitive advantage.

  • kayjay

    Maybe with good advertising every1 will get the sensation..I have the nexus 1 and I'd say I finally found a phone worth upgrading to

  • Jim

    Can you blame Tmobile customers from leaving? Obviously they are NOT going to AT&T. They are leaving Tmobile because they don't want to stick around if AT&T buys out Tmobile. I will leave as well.

  • Goliath the great

    I'm jumping ship to Verizon this week. I've been with T-Mobile ever since the huge sidekick came out like in 2003. I had that phone and many more, now I have the MT4g. I'll stick with android but not with T-Mobile...Verizon has goooooood service. Yes the announcement about the merger sped up my decision. I came from At&t to T-Mobile, I left the death star for a reason and I'm sure as hell they ain't getting my hard earned pennies.

  • Eric

    I have a G2X and it is an amazing phone. The IPS screen is better than my Vibrants, it is blazing fast and I consistently get 8 to 10MB download speeds and I get 16 hours out of the battery. Not sure what I'll do after the buyout, but I know for sure our 4 lines won't go to ATT.

    • Jim

      How can you say the G2X screen is better than the Vibrant's super amoled screen? I had a Samsung Epic and Samsung Vibrant. No way my G2X's screen is better. Compare the blacks of both screens. The G2X has screen leakage as well.

      • Eric

        I played Avatar on each phone side by side and 3 other people also agreed the G2X looked better. Colors seem to be more accurate and clear. We are all phone geeks and were shocked at the quality. I have done all of the tests for leakage and can't replicate.

  • Adam

    I've been a T-Mobile customer for about 5-6 years now. The only reason I've stayed is because their prices aren't as terrible as their competitors, but mobile prices in general are awful. I don't see a reason they (mobile companies) need to charge $150+ for two mobile phone lines that use maybe 500 minutes in a given month.

    Its hard to imagine why they would be shedding customers unless those people are choosing not to get a new phone at all. Verizon and AT&T are no better.

  • AC

    Lack of data coverage is probably the killer. It's why I dumped them after 2 days. Data was very scarce, and was only EDGE when I could get it. Look at the map, it's absolutely pitiful for a mobile provider in 2011. Even if their map looked like it is now years ago, it'd still be pitiful.

    Verizon has basically 95% coverage in my state for 3G and voice, and my city will actually be getting 4G this summer.

  • Chris

    T-Mobile unfortunately spends too much time and money trying to make other carriers look bad and not enough time trying to make themselves look attractive.

    They have some great equipment but never advertise it; HTC has done more advertising for the phones T-Mobile carries than T-Mobile itself has.

    I'd consider switching to Verizon if international calling weren't an important feature. Yes, I know some Verizon phones have international radios, but those are few in number and massively decrease the available options.

    • Jim

      AT&T does a fine job at making themselves look bad. Its just hilarious that people use them just because of a phone.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        AT&T actually has a pretty decent network - blame the phone for the drops. It has the fastest 3G, and that's a fact. My Sprint 3G is pathetic in many places, while the AT&T 3G spanks it every time.

  • Paul

    I left ATT for T-Mobile and regretted it; coverage and data-service wise. I guess their cust-serv is better but it doesn't make up for the fact that my phones are always struggling to maintain a 3G connection and signal and even if it has a HSPA connection, the connection goes dead all the time. I've had a Nexus One, then a G2 (I love my G2), my wife had a cliq, then a MT3G slide and now a HD2 modded. All of our results show poor signal quality where we live. My job gave me an ATT blackberry, and while I'm not a fan of blackberry, the signal strength is always better. My Boss's Android ATT phone will out-speedtest my T-Mobile phone any day of the week. I for one look forward to the merger bandwidth and coverage wise. Hopefully ATT takes the best of both, ATT's coverage with T-Mobile's customer service. And as far as Android phone offerings, T-Mobile smokes ATT in Android phone selection. First to market w/ the G1; then the Nexus 1, Nexus S, Galaxy S, G2 and now the G2x. ATT has what, the Galaxy S and the Atrix?

  • Pimpstik

    I fucking hope the t mo bastards go out of business they treat their employees and customers like dirt. Fuck em!

    • Jim

      Obviously you never heard of AT&T.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I think you will hear people say this about every carrier because of some personal experience. Each company is just too big to be good 100% - there will always be a bad apple somewhere.

    • scottyk

      Agreed,I am also ready to cough up the money to cancel my contract early (5 months into 2 year contract)local Customer service is non existant and corprate is even worse.

  • Androidess

    Can't agree with at&t being faster than HSPA+. Sorry, but 10 - 14 Mbps is the norm on my HSPA+ phone.

  • lincthra

    I have been a Tmo customer for 3 years now. I have had my ups and downs with their cust service. BUT when -every- other carrier wants to charge you $300-$500 deposit, you can get a Tmo Montly for just paying your first bill (if you already have a phone you are happy with). If it weren't for Tmobile, I wouldn't have service right now because of the exorbitant deposits of other carriers.

    I've lived in Kentucky and North Carolina with my Tmobile service and haven't had any coverage issues my family members on Verizon didn't also have (Our siding in one house was weird, so we basically lived in a metal box. None of us could get service). There is 4g blanketing my current city, though my phone is a bit too old to take advantage of it.

  • mat jonson

    well tmo gives low cost service and that to is marketed aggressively, so this was bound to happen

    i like tmo cause unlike other carriers they are first to take game changing initiative, be it first to chose anroid phone or offering cheap plans

    i think they offer lot of commission to it dealers as well

    look what its master dealer pccwireless gives to local delears