If you have a Honeycomb tablet, you are probably aware that there is a very small subset of Android apps made specifically for the tablet OS. NBC Universal is here to fill this gap, starting with this excellent and beautiful finance app - CNBC Real-Time. It was built to utilize the large screen real estate of your tablet, with independent scrolling UI parts created using the ingenious Fragments API that was introduced with Honeycomb.

Here are the features of CNBC Real-Time, in the order of importance:

  • You guessed it - actual real-time quotes (pre-market, market, and after-market), all for free. This is just excellent - no 15 minute delays to deal with here.
  • A scrolling ticker, just like the one you see on TV. It's very smooth and adds to the whole experience.
  • Video clips. Lots of them. LOTS. CNBC produces a lot of video throughout the day, and all of it is available from the Video tab.
  • Stocks, charts, and everything related - just have a look at the screenshots. You can also change the time period that each graph covers.
  • Personalization - add your own stock symbols.
  • News.
  • Last but not least - an excellent UI.

If you have any interest in monitoring financial markets and you possess a hungry Honeycomb tablet waiting for those gigs to be filled with sexy apps, grab CNBC Real-Time. I would go as far as saying that this is currently the best designed and most polished Honeycomb app on the Market. Well done, NBCU.

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Artem Russakovskii
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  • Jordan

    I wish I gave a shit about stocks so I could have a need for this beauty.

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    Ya know, I've been meaning to try out this whole investing thing... seems like now would be a good time ; )

  • Dennis

    Getting a tablet tomorrow and this will be one of the apps I'll install.

  • JesterOC

    Off all the apps I loaded on my new tablet, this one impressed me the most.