It has been about a month since we first mentioned that car rental company Zipcar was working on an Android app, and the first beta has now arrived. With this app you'll be able to find and rent a car directly from your Android device, but that's not all - it will also allow you to lock/unlock the doors and honk the horn. That last part may seem like a bit of a novelty, but you have to admit that it's still pretty rad.

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Even if you're not a Zipcar member, they encourage you do download the app just to "have some fun." The app is free in the Market, so go ahead and take a peek, see if there are any cars in your area, and learn what Zipcar is all about.

Source: PR Newswire

Cameron Summerson
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  • FlipBumWalla

    "allow you to lock/unlock the doors and honk the horn"
    That's not trivial. If I rent a car for my wife (or daughter, neighbor, etc) to pick up for me, I can honk the horn to let them know where the car is.
    OK, it's not going to stop the earth's rotation. It *IS* cool, though.

    • Dave

      Just finding your rented car in a parking lot can be tough ... it is pretty easy to forget a car you've driven only once. Honking could be useful.

  • Fillabustit

    This app wants to read my contact data.


    Shouldn't reviews mention problems like this???

    • Uphor8

      Reviews maybe should (arguably, there are far too many innocent reasons for reading contact data to care if it's a reputable app), but this is not a review.