On May 22, T-Mobile will be lifting the figurative data gate on its web70 and web50 plans, offering users unlimited data to go along with the unlimited talk and text that is already a part of the deal. As it stands right now, the web70 plan has a 2GB data cap, while the web50 plan only allows for a measly 100MB of data usage. While the latter will get the benefit of unlimited data, there will still be one restriction: the speed will be throttled after 100MB. Fortunately for web70 users, that plan will not suffer the same effect, so you'll be able to surf and download at 3G/4G speeds to your heart's content.



Source: TMoNews

Cameron Summerson
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  • chekorama

    yes!!! i received a text from t-mobile saying this(free-T-Mobile msg.congrats,we are upgrading your plan on 5/22 to have unlimited web at no additional cost.questions?visit http://www.t-mobile.com)i hope this is true with unlimited data :) anyway for this reason i don't like the merger with the fu***ing att