One neat feature of BlackBerrys is that when you put the phone in its case, the screen automatically shuts off. The effect is only part novelty; after all, by shutting the screen off sooner, you're saving battery (although in all honesty, it's doubtful you're saving that much battery). Developer Fahrbot Mobile has devised a solution for Android that "uses a combination of sensors to control the sleep state and screen lock of any device... at the moment, it uses the proximity sensor, light sensor and accelerometer."

killswitch1 killswitch2

Sleeplessninjas has provided a video overview of the app (disclaimer: it's 6 minutes long):

Hit up the widget below to check out the free version, or jump right into the paid.

[Source: XDA-Developers]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Ben

    [only 1/2 serious ;)]

    So, we constantly power up all the sensors in order to ... save power? That's an interesting approach.

    The serious kernel in the question goes like this: Wonder how much power the sensors actually draw...

    • http://martino2k6.wordpress.com/ Martin

      Exactly Ben. While the screen does take a lot of the battery, when you're doing this magic you're using up battery too.

      First of all the application is asking for sensor updates from the OS every X seconds. Secondly it's doing computations on those values to decide when the device should be put to sleep.

      I was always a bit sceptical about all these apps, however I'm guessing that only real-word testing could give a clear answer whether sensors or screen are better.

  • Chris

    Could, you know, just hit the 'lock' button...?