A couple of months ago, we told you that the HTC Desire HD and Incredible S would be getting an OTA update to Gingerbread, but we didn't know exactly when this would happen. It looks like the wait is over though, because HTC has started rolling out the official OTA update to European users. Unfortunately, there is no official word when the Desire Z will see an update, but we're still expecting it sometime close to the end of the second quarter.


Now there's only one thing left to do: wait. Drop us a line in comments and let us know when this hits your device.

Source: HTC Support via Engadget

Cameron Summerson
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  • Mike

    Still f-all here in the UK :(

    Thanks HTC UK.

    • Doc

      Not yet in the UK, I don't understand why are we left out

      • doc

        I contacted HTC regarding update for unbranded Incredible S and Desire HD in the UK and here what I got:

        'Thank you for contacting HTC regarding your HTC Incredible S.

        I can confirm that the Gingerbread update has been released for the unbranded devices. However as you can appreciate the update cannot be sent to all mobile devices at the same time therefore I believe you will receive the update within approximately 2 weeks.

        I hope that this helps.

        If you have any further queries or problems please do not hesitate to contact us again.

        Many thanks

        To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number xxxxxxxx'

  • 6GhosT9

    Nope - not yet here in Poland...

  • cerebus

    I got it in the afternoon! I'm from Slovenia btw.

  • Daniel

    I am in Ireland so I will be getting the update in 2040...along with the Sky news app.

  • mohammad Qureshi

    I really need gingerbread to come out for my htc inspire 4g!

  • Ian beaver

    Hi htc is always one of the first to update handsets. It's not their fault, it's the networks who take forever testing it before releasing it to its customers. Really annoying how they never give a specific time frame. I'm with three uk and they gave said sometime in second quarter???!!!!

  • Lavi

    When should we expect the Gingerbread update for HTC Desire?

  • cerebus

    check this link:

    it is updated regulary;

    btw...Gingerbread rulz!
    HTC Desire HD is cca 20% more responsive!!
    Feels just like it would be overclocked :P

  • vernon

    yes when? we were promised 2.3 alongside all new devices!!! the desire should have gotten this first as it runs a less complicated htc sense. we need an upgrade too!
    all the way in south africa , durban..

    i am ditching htc and buying a sammy galaxy s2...would have went the nexus way buy man, the nexus s is nothing to what a follow up to the n1 should have been. the SGS2 is the real deal!!! fuck you very much htc for making us wait a life time for a simple thing as an upgrade

  • Ben

    Just got it in Australia.. what's new?

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    I'll look forward to it for my HTC Desire HD here in Scotland.

    But no doubt it'll break most of my Apps....

    Such is life. :)

  • 6GhosT9

    Appeared in Poland - it's really great! :D DHD feels like it's better than before, responsiveness +40% at least! :)

    Not sure about the battery life though - should be better...