The enTourage eDGe Dualbook is one of the more interesting devices released last year due to its 2 screens - a 7" touchscreen LCD and a 6" e-Ink. Similar to the Spring Design Alex eReader, the Dualbook lets you read ebooks on one screen while simultaneously Googling, browsing Wikipedia, checking email, and doing anything Android lets you do on the other screen. However, if you find yourself reading late at night, just throw the book over to the LCD screen, and suddenly you can read in the dark. Pretty cool, eh?

The tablet/eReader features a 1.2GHz Marvell ARMADA PXA168 CPU, 3GB internal memory, a microSD slot, Android 1.6 (although a 2.2 ROM is supposedly floating around), a 2MP front-facing camera, a speaker, a microphone, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

But back to the deal at hand - the enTourage eDGe Dualbook, which went on sale for $399 last November, is available at Woot.com today for only $150 + $5 shipping. The lowest Amazon price is currently $194.69, so $155 is practically a steal. Just like all Woot deals, this one will only last a day, until 10 p.m. Pacific Time Wednesday, May 4th, so grab it while it's hot.


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Source: Woot.com

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  • jack sparrow

    this is more like the device that im looking for right now, if there only was a transformer like keyboard attachment to go with it

  • Androidess

    Just ordered the red one. For that price, can't hurt to try it out & root it.

  • http://www.tabletaholic.com Tabletaholic

    Was a good deal, you can find more at other tablet deals sites

  • scott

    i just purchased it from woot. i tried to register it but the server is NOT available. this prevents it from being useable. is there a way to jail break it to be able to upgrade and get apps? or is this a paperweight that needs to be returned?

  • John

    You can skip the registration--I did. Here's how: