I really, really love apps that let me remote access my phone. In the past, I've used apps that let me take screenshots remotely, access my SMS remotely, and do a few other simple tasks without ever having to touch my phone.

Today, though, I've come across the mother of all remote control apps, and it's appropriately named LazyDroid Web Desktop. This thing is super cool - it lets you access your phone over Wi-Fi or USB through a desktop-esque application inside of your browser. Have a look:


LazyDroid allows you to access your SMS, contacts, camera, clipboard, sensors, and file manager all from the comfort of a familiar interface without ever having to leave your browser. It also has a feature called "remote view" that can be used to grab screenshots in real time. Even though it's beta, don't sell it short - this thing works great. It's on par or better than every Android remote access app that I've ever used.

CAP2011050214121 CAP201105021414

As you can see, you can add also your own security by way of username and password, which could come in handy if you're accessing your phone on a public network.

Like I said, this app is still beta, so it may not be perfect just yet. It's free in the Market (and worth every penny) but if you experience any issues, have a feature request, or just want to say "thanks," then head over the source thread on XDA and let the dev know what's up.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Someone

    I found Remote Web Desktop, and it functions largely the same. Awesome apps =)

  • John J

    This app is simply awesome. The web interface is incredibly well done. It's easily the best remote access app I've used.

    HTC Aria w/ CM7.

  • Uphor8

    Tested all functions and they seem to work great. It's like having Webtop on your phone, except with more limited functionality. The whole interface with those draggable windows and a start button makes it seem like a mini-OS. Very cool.

  • Jared

    Google needs to seriously create a native experience like this. Allow it to work over WiFi...it would be awesome to control your phone, download/upload pictures or music. All from an easy to use interface.

  • Adam

    What would you use an app like this for? I'm sure its cool to play around with, but what practical use does it have?

    • Davidus

      This. Same question I've always had.

  • makabra

    This app is simply awesome

  • http://www.wix.com/Gigitsu/Gigitsu/Home GigiAUT

    Something like this, only capable of running your apps too, sort of like the interface on the Atrix. Sometimes I'm just to lazy to get up and find my phone at home when I need to do something on it or txt. Only prob is, whatsapp doesn't work on these interfaces, so I had to go with a sluggish VNC server on the phone.

  • GergS

    This is frankly amazing. I can even transfer files over wifi either way!(although i don't see a bulk transfer feature...)

  • Mark

    Very cool app. Nice for playing around or for showing off with but apart from the file transfer via wifi, what REAL use can it be used for? Even at that, I have DropBox. Make no mistake I am certainly not bashing on the app but I mean in terms of actual practical use.

  • Syrenz

    Looks good. But Motorola's native Phone Portal works perfectly for me and has a really nice UI so I'll stick with that. For those who don't have that this is prob good though.

  • John J

    Uses of the app from your browser:

    - Basic add/remove/edit contacts
    - Sending sms
    - initiating phone calls
    - file manager
    - access to your phone's clipboard
    - access phone's camera
    - remote view for capturing screenshots
    - access to sensors with Gmaps integration

    It's still in beta, so more features are likely to be added.

  • Mooble

    I see that you stole some screenies without crediting Phonescoop, there.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Nope. I took those shots myself when I wrote the story.

    • Richard

      Troll. Go away before making stupid assumptions

  • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

    You can use it over USB too, you don't need wifi. :) I use it that way also.

  • http://iandouglas.com Ian Douglas

    Won't work on my Nexus S. Tried it on wifi, tried it on 3G, and there are no instructions for using it via USB. His FAQ in the app also says to Email him if we find problems, but then doesn't supply an Email address within the app.