Last Updated: September 3rd, 2011

This is the newest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see Thinness Vs. Battery Life: FIGHT!

This week we'll be focusing on something a bit less technical than the polls of the past few weeks. The question: if you're planning to purchase a tablet in the near future, what device are you leaning towards right now? (We think) we've covered all the major players below, but if you're going for a decidedly less well-known tablet, feel free to select "Other" and drop us a line in the comments below!

If you've recently purchased a tablet, you're free to chime in with whatever you went with, as well!

What's Your Next (Or Most Recent) Tablet Purchase?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • ken

    cheap Chinese bastard that I am: Haipad M7 and Malata ZPad.

  • http://martino2k6.wordpress.com/ Martin

    Asus Eee Pad Transformer (with the keyboard dock) here without a question. Portability of a tablet, but with a keyboard which can make a netbook out of it... well, win-win!

  • Mark

    Why would I want an oversized phone?

    • kayjay

      idk why you'd want a oversize phone but a tablet would probably be good 4 ya

      • Eric

        100% agree. Tablets aren't for everyone, but anyone claiming they are an oversized phone is ignorant.

        • aantoine87

          well the original ipad was pretty much an oversized phone, idk about the ipad 2 but i'm sure they made some improvements

    • Jon Garrett

      because the screen is bigger than a phone and the device is smaller and lighter than a laptop.

      plus its cool to have one.

  • http://talk3g.co.uk Hands0n

    Today I have picked up an Asus Eee Pad Transformer (without Keyboard/Dock) from PC World. And I am really pleased with it so far. A very nice bit of kit, superb construction and a nice rendition of Honeycomb

    • AndroidSnake

      Where? I've been trying for at least a couple hours every day since before the launch to find somewhere online to order one of these in stock or with an actual window for delivery - and I'm constantly seeing post like yours on various sites. I don't see a single thing about the tablet on their site unless I'm thinking of the wrong PC World. Frustrating! :-)

      At least they've finally (Asus) tweeted an update that they are doing their best and will increase production greatly and have retailers stocked ASAP

  • Matthew

    Flyer or another HTC stylus based tablet that shows up.

  • L boogie

    I'm thinking about the eee pad transformer but the upcoming galaxy tabs are top on my list but I'm also looking at the upcoming Htc/ Sony/ Lenovo tabs before making my final decision..... looks my b-day month (June) is gonna be explosive for android.... Btw, forgot to mention the playbook

  • Jocke

    Notion Ink Adam

  • Joe Neckbone

    Already Have a Evo, no need for tablet.

    • Eric

      Yeah, who needs a 10" tablet when you can have 4.3"...

      You might not want/need a tablet, but a 4.3" screen should not be the reason.

      • joe neckbone

        Good point...I guess I don't need/want a tablet. I'm usually on the go so a 4.3" screen is fine for my needs. If I ever need a bigger screen I could just get a micro hdmi cable for a tv or use a laptop.

  • limgad

    I'll go for the NI Adam

  • TouchMyBox

    I'm not buying anything that can't play High Profile h.264. Once tegra 2 is dead and we're all enjoying Tegra 3 (or something equally awesome, I will buy a tablet (maybe asus transformer 2.0)

    • AdamBv1

      Well assuming the new Samsung tabs are using their new Exynos processor it can do high profile decoding just fine so it might fit your needs.

  • Cliff

    Aw, come on guys, where was the option for the Notion Ink Adam? Anywho, it was the Adam for me.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I actually didn't realize that many people were still interested in the Adam. My mistake =X

      • Phillip

        Yeah, I was surprised too.
        Notion Ink Adam for me.

        • pjm

          Notion Ink Adam, love the pixel qi screen.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Since you've asked "or most recent," I'd expect to see a lot of Adams.

        • JayMonster

          With "most recent" combined with the Woot and Amazon sales, I'm surprised at how few gTablets are voted so far.

  • Danny

    I'm leaning towards an Asus Eee, but will wait to see how the newer Samsung Tabs are. I'm also waiting until one of them can do Netflix.

  • JayMonster

    I picked up the Viewsonic gTablet last year as a stop gap awaiting the Xoom. I was disappointed with the state of Honeycomb however, and thaks to roebeet (formerly at XDA, now over at Slatedroid), I have been sticking it out with that until the reviews of the new tablets come in to decide where I want to go.

    Having used a wi-fi only device for 6 months now, i am more inclined to get a tablet that has a 3g (or 4g) radio built into it as I have found tethering to my phone more annoying than anything else. But a 2 year contract has me hedging those bets until I see something I am completely satisfied will survive an update or two.

  • Skillit

    Still not sold on the tablet mania...

    Is a lot of money for something that is far less portable than a smartphone, a far worst game machine than a home console and a far less enjoyable experience with the web than a regular computer.

    I'm not rich enough to give up at least U$ 400 to surf the web on my cough, I'm not lazy to the point where I can't get my ass to the computer chair.

    • Eric

      From my personal experience, web browsing on a tablet is more enjoyable than on a laptop. A home console is also not portable.

  • Jamey

    Waiting to get a good look at the Toshiba Tablet (name???) when it comes out.

  • Surfnhawaii808

    iPad 2 all the way... ANDROID for my phone

    • mike i

      why wouldn't you want to stay on one ecosystem that way you don't have rebuy apps?

  • Ruperto

    I have yet to find a good use for a tablet. I was given an iPad for work purposes, but every time I'm using it I wish I was using a real computer. The only thing that it would be useful for is to stream music through my entertainment system, for parties and such. For anything else, my old nexus one does just fine.

    • JayMonster

      What are you using it for at work that you wish you had a "real" computer for? For e-mail, notes at a meeting, even showing a presentation via Google Docs Presentation, I have found even my "lowly" little gTablet up to the task without the bulk of even a laptop.

      I mean, sure you are right there are things that are not meant for a tablet, and fortunately I can multi-task with my gTablet, which gives me a leg up on the IFad, but for day to day business tasks a tablet is more than capable for a vast majority of 'corporate' work.

  • http://www.transformerforums.com wicked

    Asus Eee Pad Transformer! Be sure to click on my name to visit our Transformer Forum!

  • SarcasticOne

    my biggest issue with tablets is the inability to do more than one thing at once on the screen..

    when i can have a chat program and a web browser running at the same time (or 2 browsers) you might be able to convince me to buy one

    • JayMonster

      I don't have mutiple browsers running, but i do have the web version of Yahoo Messenger running in one tab as I take notes in the SpringPad web app in another and browse in other tabs. I just treat my tabs much the same way a user uses rhe task bar in Windows.

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    I also voted for the transformer...

    Its got some nice specs :) Only thing I'd still want is a wacom stylus with it.


  • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio Roy Blumenthal

    I paid for my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (with keyboard dock) two nights ago. Delivery sometime this coming week.

    And yesterday I bought an iPad2 for my Apple-loving girlfriend. It's currently hidden in a cupboard waiting for her birthday in ten days.

    In the meantime, my iPad1 is jailbroken and treating me well.

  • Jim

    I got the nook color a few weeks ago. With the proper rom and an oc from 800 mhz to 1ghz it is an amazing economy tablet. Not top of the line but sufficient for my needs at half of the cost of a xoom. Excellent battery life too and quite thin, though it is a bit heavier than it looks.

  • Jake Sirlin

    iPad 2 all the way! Just made the switch to iPhone 4 from the DroidX and am very happy with it. Now I'm thinking of giving my iPad 1 to my Moms. I've tried out the Xoom and G-Slate and Honeycomb is not even close ready yet and the fact there are practically no apps for it doesn't help. I may think about getting an HC tab once they move away from the Tegra 2, which in my opinion is overrated and more trouble than anything.

  • JayMonster

    While my vote went with my gTablet, I also got my daughter the Archos 70 and have been pleasantly surprised by it. If they hadn't cheaped out on the Ram, it really could have been a top notch device.

  • jim

    I'm having such a hard time, I'm an ex-Apple fanboy and part of me is still in love with the iPad but the part of me that loves my HTC android phone is leaning towards a HTC flyer. I don't know what to do!

  • Rohit

    i use the nook color running honeycomb on the internal memory. very very smooth. wouldnt second guess the purchase at all.

  • Tyler Walles

    i too am awaiting the toshiba tablet... but I am curious to see any tabs with netflix...

  • Jason

    I have an iPad but am seriously considering leaving it for the eee pad transformer. Its a very well done product.

  • jeremy

    Nexus Tab. I'm going nexus from here on out.

  • Hirudin

    Technically the last tablet I bought was a Transformer (using the 10% off deal) but since I have already owned and returned a Xoom I'm not sure it should count.

    I am typing this on my PlayBook. I'm surprised that this is going to be its first mention here. The browser on this thing is vastly superior to anything on the Xoom that I tried. Video playback is better too, so is the camera. I like the size a lot more than the 10 inchers as well (I probably would have kept my Nook Color if it was faster - perhaps if I could have tried the AOSP release of Honeycomb I'd typing on that right now).

    When (and also if) Android apps start coming over it should start to really become a contender. I'm not looking forward to buying all my favorites again though.

  • PeterF

    HP EliteBook 2740p tablet PC. I don't see much of a point to the smartphone OS tablets, they really don't do a whole lot.

    • JayMonster

      They start up instantly, browse the web, check e-mail, etc as well as any fat device and allow you to work for more than an hour or two on a charge. Not to mention they are a lot lighter.

      • PeterF

        So what, though? If I'm out and about, I'm not going to carry a large 10" device. If I'm at home or in class, I have my actual real computer. At home my desktop is always running, and my tablet PC is sleeping when I'm not using it, so it starts up in 2-3 seconds.

        Web browsing is infinitely better on an actual computer. If you just want to check email, that can be done on your phone. If you want to reply, the actual computer is again much better.

        My tablet PC lasts 6-7 hours on a charge which is more than I ever use. The only thing a smartphone OS tablet has over it is being light and lasting a bit more on battery, and honestly 4 pounds is no big deal in my backpack.

        • JayMonster

          And that is all well and good for you. A tablet, like any other device may not be for everyone. But for me, i find having less weight in my briefcase a benefit. I carry it around a lot more than just to a class or two, so I need thw longer battery life. Yes a tablet is a compromise device, so yeah you can point to this and that and say tbis is better for x, y and z, but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for such a device. And as the software that runs on them get better the advantages of the bigger device narrows. Not to mention you are talking about a device that costs more than double the price of the Transformer... even with the keyboard dock.

          There is nothing wrong with going with the EliteBook, but to say they "don't do much" is drinking the Microsoft Kool-Aid and little more.

  • hagiv

    last tab actually purchased: Notion Ink Adam.

    last tab received free(!): updated Nook Color 3G.

    next tab will be a quad core

  • Giltwist

    The Galaxy Tab 8.9 seems just about the right size for my big hands, although I'm mightily tempted by the eee pad MeMo (if it has a wifi-only version around the same time).

  • http://www.geeknik.com/ geeknik

    I picked up an Acer Iconia Tab because the Asus Transformer is out of stock everywhere. When it is back in stock, I'll probably give the Acer to my girlfriend and buy the Asus for myself. =)

  • Paul

    Sony S1 :) but I'll probably wait and see an actual until before I buy one.

  • buzzman

    waiting for delivery of my asus transformer. Then the xoom gets returned for a ful refund.

  • http://www.transformerforums.com wicked

    For those looking to get the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, be sure to visit and join http://transformerforums.com :)

  • http://www.google.com john

    eee pad

    shut up and take my money

  • Anthony

    I'm sure I'll have a tablet pc eventually, even if its ten years from now.

    But I just got my first real Smartphone a month ago. It's a T-Mo Samsung Galaxy S 4G... the one Apple is suing Samsung over. That's how I KNOW I bought the right phone. ;]

    But in the month I've owned and used this handheld masterpiece of design and tech, its become such a part of my life that I can literally say that Android and the Samsung Galaxy S 4G smartphone have changed my life. For the BETTER!

  • Adarsh

    Using 7" OS Andriod Tablet PC "Vnix" from VConics Technologies, Bangalore, India.
    Loved the features and console. Using it for 5 months going well.