The Transformer is already a pretty great deal in the world of Android tablets - you get the same 10.1" screen and dual core processor as its competitors, for the low price of just $399.99. But if that price point isn't enough to get you to rush out and buy one, or you'd like some extra cash for that keyboard dock, you're in luck - you can get it from Target for a cool $40 off by using the code TCA27BAR at checkout.

The only problem is, the tablet isn't exactly available - it's still on backorder, so Target warns that it will begin shipping "in 2 to 4 weeks." Of course, shipping will set you back another $7.95, and you'll still be paying taxes, so chances are you either won't be saving too much off the original $400 price, or you'll be paying more, whereas with Amazon you could forego both those additional costs. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't have any in stock yet either (in fact, it's powered by Target as well), so the Target deal is probably the best one around at the moment.

Bonus: another 5% off by using the REDcard, if you've got one.


Source: Target via Fatwallet

  • crazifyngers

    can you tell me a source that is not back ordered? I would love to pick one up. But i am pretty sure everyone was on backorder. as stated by asus.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5It6CeVFKDo chuck

      sorry to tell yo dude, but you can not pick one up yet.

      this is really good deal, i ordered mine earlier today from dealnews.com.

      after TAX and shipping it costs $ 399.03.
      its like paying no taxes on it!

  • Todd

    I preordered mine from B & H a week ago for 399.99 flat, so its not like Amazon is the only place to get a deal on it...

  • Carlos

    Just ordered mine from Target, 389.64 after tax and shipping.

  • john k

    I ordered my at target too $397 after w/tax, ship. It is still the best deal cause with places like B&H or Amazon which u don't pay for tax it's still cost more with the shipping.

  • David W.

    Tried Target promo code, but it was a no-go on 5/01/11. B&H backorder says it will ship after Tuesday, 5/31/11, but no telling how much after. Have to wait and see, since other manufacturers will be coming to market the end of May and early June.

  • Mike Stence

    I preordered with B&H Photo on the 26th. The Tablet has shipped and is due to be here 5/2. The docking station is still backordered. They have free shipping on the Tablet, but not the docking station.

  • Kstar54

    Just bought it through Target, $396 after tax and shipping. It should get here just in time for my birthday! Sucks I have to wait until late May, early June, but I think it is a great deal. Thanks for the great tip Android Police!

  • Compbl

    Target just cancelled my order that I placed on May 1st.. Due to no one has it..

  • kstar54

    They just cancelled mine too. What the heck!