I would like to say that this comes as a surprise... but I would be lying. Two Michigan women have filed a class-action lawsuit against Google for location tracking features used in Android's GPS, stating that it puts "users at serious risk of privacy invasions, including stalking." Their request? That Google stops selling phones that can track users location. Puh-lease.


This $50 million class action lawsuit comes after Google acknowledged that Android phones temporarily store some location based data directly on the phone after using GPS. Google stands firm that this information is not traceable back to the originating device, nor a specific individual. When you look at the list of data in question, it seems pretty trivial to me - GPS locations, timestamps, nearby WiFi networks, and device IDs. All of this information is temporarily stored directly on the device, but we live in a world where people use check-in services like FourSquare to make similar information public everyday.

Source: Detnews

Cameron Summerson
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  • RyanMacG

    So people are suing over an optional setting...WTF????

  • reddragon72

    yep they aren't going to win since this is totally optional and you can choose who knows you location. They may as well sue because even gmail on your PC and google.com search asks if it's ok to use your location.

    I bet they are ugly arse women too, so they are in no real danger to begin with. HAHA

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    They should be fined $50 million for being dumb and wasting everyone's time.

  • jeshan

    where there's money, there's women!

  • AndroidUK

    Who will they sue when they discover that their IP address identifies them and their surfing habits?

    I blame the legal profession for even entertaining such frivolous claims.

  • MrBlack

    Apple does much worse. iOS *permanently* stores this kind of data in a *hidden* log file. Law enforcement has been using it in forensics.

  • Vert
  • http://www.slipshft.com Slipshft

    Interestingly the Supreme Court ruled just the other day, that companies can force people into arbitration vs class action, and it's up to the company to decide. So their class action may end up as to small arbitration's.
    Still they are making a frivolous request.

  • unhappybirthday

    Gosh, I thought I bought an HTC device from T-Mobile USA. Turns out Google sold it to me.

  • rTiGd2

    It's not about the possibility of privacy, it's about a couple of failed gold diggers who have seen another way at trying to get rich for doing nothing.

    • cj

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      • cj

        you scar me cj li

  • CodeMonkey

    If they succeed, can we sue THEM for preventing those of us who want location based services from having them?

  • Mark

    "Two Michigan women..."

    Must be my ex-wife and her mother. Gold diggers.