Good news, everyone! The Acer Iconia has been rooted and the process is so ridiculously simple that it's almost offensive. Seriously. Here is the entire step-by-step process to gaining full root on the Acer Iconia:


The link in that post goes to the XDA thread for a modified GingerBreak, an application for rooting devices in one click; no computer necessary. You simply download the modified APK, install it on your Iconia, run it, and become rooted.

I must say, I'm impressed at how simple and fast that was for a device that just came out, let alone the fact that it's got an operating system only a small handful of devices are running. XDA user monki-magic is owed a whole lot of thanks for doing this and somebody should probably buy him a pizza. It's crazy and amazing how powerful this community is and how insanely fast we find ways to bend and break our devices any way we want.

So there you have it: The single step Iconia rooting process. I fully expect to see some cool stuff come from this. Go nuts, Acer users.

Source: XDA-Developers, and big thanks to Jim for the tip!

Brad Ganley
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  • http://www.transformerforums.com wicked

    Great news indeed.

  • kayjay

    to bad asus can't give us the transformer like so many of us want I mean really..wtf?!

  • http://www.linuxzone.se JasoX

    Comments like the one shown in the example is really common on XDA.

    • http://electronicCrap.com it2steve

      or, just maybe, prior to that 'comment' there were several people posting back and forth working on the root and it was extremely confusing to others. When it was all done and said that's all that needed to be done so they didn't have to wander through several pages of drama? That 'comment' was posted just 5 minutes after root was accomplished and was in no way intended to be half-hearted nor patronizing what so ever. If it was, in fact, taken that way then I sincerely apologize. I agree that there are a lot of smart a** comments posted there but in all fairness yours is no better than what you preconceived mine to be.

  • GergS

    Uh, doesn't this mean that there is a gaping security hole in Honeycomb/Iconia?