Thanks to sano614 over at the XDA forums you can now have a few of the goodies from the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer on other Honeycomb tablets, specifically the super-nifty My Water live wallpaper and ASUS's weather widget. You've probably seen this wallpaper before - it's the beverage-esque one that moves around on your screen as you shift your tablet around, complete with ice cubes and bubbles. The weather widget offers what you would expect: current conditions and temperature in a visually stimulating package.


I've uploaded both the widget and the wallpaper to our mirror for convenience purposes, but don't forget to jump over the to source thread at XDA and drop a thank you note.

These are installable .apk files, so they should work on any Honeycomb device (rooted or not). Simply download and run the file to install.

Wallpaper Download | Weather Widget Download

Source: XDA via Droid Life

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Just tried it on my unrooted XOOM - worked great (just download and install as usual - no root explorer necessary, contrary to what the xda post says).

    This is the first live wallpaper for the XOOM I'm actually considering keeping - it's freaking cool.

  • Mr80s

    Just added both to my Acer A500 - worked without any issues.

  • FtBastrd2

    Agreed about it being one of the nicest lwp on the xoom. Thank you Asus and xda :-)

  • adam

    Works on my phone with 2.3.3

  • FtBastrd2

    Just noticed aswell that it acts as a battery meter. The lower the battery, the lower the water level. Nice touch :-)

  • lolobabes

    Doesnt work on cm7 yet ahuhuhu

  • new

    Can anyone please tell me steps by steps on how to install these apps on Galaxy Tab 10.1???

  • http://facebook.com/whitefox009 andre

    I can't install it on my galaxy tab 10.1

  • nijln


  • MS

    Still can't believe it but it really worked on my motorola xoom (only wifi) 3.1 WITHOUT a Root =) The Wallpaper was instant available and the weather widget after a restart.

    Just create a folder on the storage (system/ app) and save the two files in it.

  • RaDx0306

    This widget is not shown correctly the name of the city - must be "Уфа", but "У а" (Russia, Bashkortostan, Ufa).It's just in landscape mode. ASUS TF101

  • ras

    Can install on bionic..keeps foreclosing