Big Red has always been renowned for its awe-inspiring commercials, but this latest spot for the DROID Charge takes things to a whole new level. Trapdoors, monolithic Microsoft Surface-style touchscreens, mind-boggling explosions - you name it, Verizon's included it. I won't spoil the fun for you, though; go ahead and watch the ad for yourself:


Too bad that fulmination didn't rid the phone of its outrageous $300 price tag.

Source: Verizon (YouTube) via Droid Life

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Scott Beamer

    Supid ad. Show me the freakin phone and not a mini sci-fi film!

  • sgtguthrie

    And maybe they should fix the 4G network before promoting another 4G phone...

  • jake

    Video is now set at private..

    • crasher

      Bah, any mirrors?

  • jake

    Agreed! :)

    Today has to be the worst since the release of the tbolt..

  • paul

    Any mirror or copy? Now its private

  • http://www.chargeforums.com wicked

    Dang, missed it before it went "private" :(

  • juniorsgv

    fail... lol. i was actually excited about this phone. change off of AT&T, get LTE and WIFI HOTSPOT. anyone know if hotspot is good throughout contract or only limited time deal.

  • ed

    I have to fascinate phones by samsung. I installed the froyo update from the verizon update page.

    Each of the phones now have different problems. The applications affected so far include camera email timeout

    settings etc. I plan to reinstall orginal system until they perfect froyo for fascinate. I am very disappointed.