We Android fans love our input methods. Luckily there is no shortage of options, with keyboards ranging from the standard Gingerbread keyboard all the way to wacky ones such as 8Pen. Despite all the competition, and the fact that it isn't even available on the Android Market, Swype is one of the most popular custom keyboards around. It makes the tedious act of touchscreen typing that much smoother by letting users glide their thumb from letter to letter rather than tapping.

There are a number of imitators on the market today that try to implement this swiping method of text input, and HTC Sense 3.0 is said to be bringing another into the mix. In a hands-on with the HTC Sensation, the Android Central team went digging in the keyboard menus and found something called HTC Trace.


HTC Trace

Not only does this bring the Swype style text input, but there are also a number of options to help improve your accuracy while "tracing". One such option allows users to select the thickness of the tracing line to increase the tracing accuracy of those with fingers on the sausage-y side.

It sounds like a fair bet that HTC Trace is a part of Sense 3.0, and not just unique to the Sensation. Hopefully we will see this feature come to the EVO 3D and all other future HTC devices, and no doubt it will be ported to Sense 2.X phones by all the awesome Android developers out there.

via Android Central

Zak Stinson
Zak is a neuroscience student residing in the bread basket of Canada. When not reading or writing Android news, he has been known to partake in dangerous backyard science experiments he is nowhere near qualified to perform. He also loves Thai food.

  • Mike

    I've tried all the keyboards. Swiftkey is the easiest to use with the least effort.

    • Honu

      Totaly agree with you ..

      • sansenoy

        It's a bit laggy on my Desire, but it's worth it...

  • Jaymoon

    Having tried pretty much every one of the main Android keyboards, I must say that the layout is important most to me.

    Not sliding, not predictions, the layout believe it or not. If I can't get to my common punctuation easily, I don't want the keyboard.

    I know this sounds silly, but I moved from stock to Swype, to Swiftkey, back to stock (well, Gingerbread Keyboard, which is a tweaked stock keyboard), and the only thing that kept me on the Gingerbread keyboard is that the keys are exactly where I want them.

    I sure hope somebody comes out with a keyboard that will allow you to remap keys (if it doesn't exist already that is...).

    • Doucher

      Cool story bro. Nice wall of txt

      • :)

        Actually Jaymoon's post to anyone who has an IQ higher than 100 is useful. It's just 1 opinion but it's informative. Your's however adds no value whatsoever. iPhone fan? :)

        • Doucher

          I didn't offer an opinion genius

  • :)

    Exactly. You didn't offer an opinion. Just a waste of everyones time.

    • Doucher

      Why are you still talking?

      • :)

        Why are you still on this website Douche?

  • http://GrantGarrison.com OMGrant

    Can some one list out the swype alternatives?

  • Hoi

    hoi htc is supper en hij is zo fijn love htc

  • Hoi

    alleen hij stoort heel erg tips toe love htc