Yesterday, we told you that the Acer Iconia A500 tablet was available at Best Buy for $450, but if that wasn't your cup of tea, to wait one more day. That day has passed, and now the 16GB ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is available for $399 making it the most bang-for-your-buck Honeycomb tablet on the market. While the Transformer may be a very economical Android tablet, that doesn't mean that Asus skimped on specs:

  • 10.1 Inch 1280x800 IPS display
  • 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage
  • 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera
  • Honeycomb


It looks like the 32GB version isn't available just yet, as I couldn't find it on Best Buy's website. Unfortunately, the 16GB version is currently backordered As I was typing this, they sold out online. I guess that's what happens when you release a top-of-the-line product at a bargain-barrel price.

ASUS had previously stated that the device would be available in relatively small quantities at launch in US markets, and that it would instead be focusing its energy on a UK release, for the time being. This almost immediate sell-out at Best Buy, the US's largest electronics retail chain, would seem to confirm that this hasn't changed. Hopefully Asus can step up production before the Eee Pad is just old news.

sold out

Source: Best Buy

Cameron Summerson
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  • avargasr

    Amazon sold out the Transformer too, but you can preorder one...

  • msaurondon

    This is bogus.
    ASUS didn't provide any to the resellers to begin with. Not even the brick and mortar stores listed on their site as a reseller had them.
    Can't be sold out of something you don't even have - this is nothing but preorder gathering.

    • zaclem01

      Not true. It wasn't meant for brick and mortar launch. Only online orders. Some people have already got a shipping confirmation from Best Buy. That said, the quantity available was so small that it is just as unavailable to most people now as it was a week ago.

      • General Specific

        Bullcrap. You don't say it is on the shelves when you plan an online only sale. Derrr.

        • zaclem01

          I'm not saying this was a good launch. I'm just saying there WERE a few actually available to order. I know because I actually have one being delivered before the end of the week. It wasn't just a preorder. But yes, their phrasing was bad with the "on the shelves" line.

    • Jim

      You are talking out of your rear end.

      You have no interest in the tablet so why even bother? Best Buy's online store had them in late last night. I chose to wait right after midnight to buy it on Amazon. They sold out in about 3-4 mins. I bought one and the limit was one.

      Free ship and no sales taxes from Amazon. Based on the high forum chatter on Slickdeals and the XDA Deveolpers websites regarding the Asus, demand was extremely high. Amazon had to of had several hundred or at least a thousand for them to sell out that fast.

  • Don

    I've got one being dropped off this afternoon. Someone must have had them ;)

  • Scott

    Zaclem01 - Really. Last time I checked Bestbuy.com the asus transformer wasn't even listed. Bogus pre-order hype.

  • brett6781

    HOLY FUCK THAT WAS FAST... when will they be back in stock?! I want one soooooooooooooo bad!

  • ressandeys

    The last sentence says it all. I was willing to throw down 400 bucks easily. But since they're pulling a little game, they'll miss out on a lot of sales.

  • http://www.ilmiweb.com Tanam

    The supply of the product is very short, they are trying to make there value through shortage of supply. Price is really competitive but if not available easily then what?

  • zaclem01

    Apparently Newegg is releasing small batches every couple hours. Keep checking with them.


  • Art

    WTF!! Checked Best Buy at 4am and it was not even on there. Went back at 4:45 and it was out of stock.

  • sandy

    I was at Best Buy before they opened, non in stock and non on display.

  • int19h

    Ditto, not in Best Buy today at opening nor in any other place that was originally listed as selling them.

    For that matter, is the keyboard dock being sold anywhere (even if currently out of stock)? I can't find it on either BestBuy nor NewEgg; did it ship at all? If not, then this really only has price going for it... the dock is the real killer feature.

  • int19h

    Oh, and there's no preorder on Amazon (or elsewhere). But you can buy a 16Gb model for $520 on Amazon from a reseller if you're really impatient...

  • Jim

    Congrats to all those who logged on to Amazon right after midnight today and bought one at the retail price of 399.99

    Even at that price, Asus is making $100 per tablet. I hope all the other greedy tablet makers take notice.

    • Franky

      Said so times and again: Greed will ruin Android-tablets, if Mororola & co don't come to their senses!

  • SirWally

    Amazon gets a big FAIL from me. I caanot find the damn thing by searching for "Asus Transformer". The only way I found it was by searching by model number...like I knew what that was (I do now).

  • Dave

    If they sold out in just a few minutes at Amazon and Best Buy, I would take a guess each .com seller got about 25 tablets or so. Just enough so a couple of people could comment they have shipping confirmations.

    Not exactly how I would treat new customers or how I would take on Apple, but I don't run ASUS.

  • int19h

    Yeah, Amazon search screwed up bad on this one. It doesn't even do the right thing if you spell it out in full ("ASUS Eee Pad Transformer")!

    Anyway, if you want to keep an eye on various resellers, go to this page by ASUS itself:


    It has an "Available at these Resellers" button below, and there you'll get links to various product pages on the web. All sold out of course...

  • dan

    I don't understand why they would focus on the Uk market when the US is several orders of magnitudes larger.

    • Franky

      My guess is that the UK is considered a gateway-market for the whole of europe, which IS quite a market.

    • jason

      simple, Asus stock is traded on the LSE, not on NSYE. Got to make those investor happy

  • mrhozer

    I ordered it on bestbuy's website this morning when it was "in stock," and now they sent me an email saying it was back-ordered.

    Has this happened to anyone else? This is COMPLETE BS! I waited until I was able to order it, and got my order in on time fair and square!

  • Foo

    Are you guys saying that the transformer isn't available instore at BB and only online (if you can find it)?

    • int19h

      It was never available in-store in practice - I was at my local store (Bellevue) at 10am prompt, and they didn't have any. They didn't even have any ads!

      Judging by feedback on the Net, everyone else is in the same boat. Right now the only people who actually have it are those who ordered online right when the ordering started (i.e. at 12am today). And even that sold out in like half an hour.

      Right now, you can only buy this online from a reseller for an extra $150 or so (i.e. 16Gb model for $550). And that's assuming that their advertised sales are legit.

  • http://www.technidroid.com Ross

    I completely disagree that the Transformer has the most bang for the buck when a) the camera video is shoddy, b) it crashes A LOT, and c) there's no USB port UNLESS you spend $150 extra for the keyboard, which is also sold out.

    • int19h

      All Honeycomb tablets crash a lot at the moment - blame the software.

    • Kenny

      Ross, they fixed the "shoddy" camera. There are reviews online with the new firmware update that shows this...of course you knew they would fix that problem right? So don't knock it. From what I have heard from people using it in reviews, it hasn't been crashing really. And do you really need a usb port? Anything you would need to connect it to could be done through bluetooth or the sd card slot...or the dock. Personally, I think its one of the best android tablets in the market right now....if you can get one.

      I was pissed, I had it in the shopping cart last night on Bestbuy's website....but didnt have my credit card on me at the time. Went to buy it today and its "sold out online." Son of a B***h

  • Foo

    Well, I'm only in the States for another week, so it looks like the Acer Iconia will be what I go for. That also has a keyboard (blutooth) and dock, so may fit the bill. The 15 battery life of the transformer and keyboard really did appeal, but at least the Acer has USB built directly into the device.

  • http://www.cyprusupdates.com kyriakos

    its available on ebay from sellers in Taiwan if anyone really wants to have one now.

  • John

    The UK launch was totally pathetic too! You could only mail order it (it was not on the shelves), and then from a company more used to selling washing machines and kettles! And there is still not even a hint of the docking station.

    My reflection is that Asus needs a fresh marketing team!