The Google I/O rumor mill has been surprisingly calm this year - certainly calmer than it was last year, that's for sure. But a recent tweet from @MAFiA303, who reportedly "works with Samsung," changes that completely - have a look for yourself:

2011-04-25 18h05_40

Frankly, we were expecting to see more than a new iteration of Gingerbread at I/O, but hey - we'll take what we can get, and video chat is a seriously hot addition to mobile Gmail (especially given that "impressive quality" statement). And this is Google we're talking about, so expect a curveball - who can wait to see what surprises Andy and co. have in store?

Thanks for the tip, Ian!

Source: Twitter

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • muwahhid

    Imagine HD through your back camera and Sd 2 megapixel galaxy s2 through front.(yes that's what she said). Would be awesome 720p?1080p ?

  • TareX

    Sounds awesome.... I'm crossing my fingers for GPU acceleration throughout the entire OS (esp the browser)....

    I hope the #$%#$@%# Atrix gets it soon enough.

    • njplayer1

      there is no way gpu acceleration is going to be optimized for the hardware. google makes generic os. it is the manufacturers that need to optimize the software for the hardware and use the processors to their full potential.

      • Dan

        That is what OpenGL is for. They optimize UI behavior to use the graphics hardware by calling upon the existing OpenGL API. If a specific device has hardware that supports a certain API feature, great, otherwise it behaves just like it used to.

        This is the same way Windows/Games work. The game (or even Windows features like aero) are written against certain DirectX versions. As long as your video hardware supports a compatible version, you can play the game without any hardware specific tweaks on your end or the game developers.

  • Todd L

    I can't wait for Google IO! My first year going, the session list is huuuuge. I have a spreadsheet going just to try and figure out what sessions I'm attempting to attend.

    I was almost certain that they'd be showing off IceCream coming stuff.

    I've never been too intrigued about Video calling. In fact even on Skype/ Google chat I prefer not to use the video chat as it's just awkward. I've had only one time when it was useful having someone show me something work related through the camera. Otherwise it's just me/you looking at each other for no reason and then if I do that I have to feel like I can't multitask during the conversation.

    So bringing video calling? no thanks. In fact phone wise I'd prefer them make devices $1 less expensive to not add the front facing camera I will never use.

    I think most people only prefer it for vanity to take pictures of themselves. I personally do not want to take pictures of myself. Nor do I believe that others give a shit about a picture of somewhere with me in it. They know what I look like, I'm ruining the picture by being in it.

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      I'm super excited about my first Google I/O as well!
      But I totally disagree with you about video chatting. I call family every week, overseas and in other cities, and being able to see them is great! It's not that uncommon of a scenario either... not that many people live that close to their extended family anymore. Any sort of awkwardness about looking at each other went away a long time ago (it just takes a few times of doing it before the novelty wears off, and it turns into a normal call... with video).

    • MicroNix

      I really don't think you represent the populous, especially those with relatives in distant cities. As someone who grew up in the early sci-fi stuff, I dreamed of the day to be able to see who you were talking to remotely. Bring it on!

  • scotto

    That sounds great! I just hope that they add the ability to use multiple accounts in gtalk.

  • Jissan

    I never really use the "phone". So just because it has video doesn't mean I will use it any more often...

  • Neil

    I wish I could get my hands on a beta before this weekend.

  • RR

    This site apparently does not get any concrete news.
    To be writing articles over a random tweet by a random guy !!

  • EM

    Well, why not? Its an official Google-worker tweet. If you have any proper news, make your own page and share it?

  • stateit

    Todd. L....
    What sort of 'multitasking' do you get up to during a call then? ;)