We've heard several rumors about when the HTC Flyer would get a Honeycomb update, but now we have something a bit more concrete - this time directly from HTC. According to its official Twitter page, HTC has said that "[they] will be updating Flyer to Honeycomb shortly after launch." We've know for a while that the Flyer would get Honeycomb eventually, but this is the first time that we've gotten wind of any sort of time frame.


A quick spec rundown:

  • 1.5GHz single-core Snapdragon processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 7 inch, 1024x600 display
  • 16GB Storage, SD Card slot
  • 5MP rear camera with 720p video capture, 1.3MP front camera
  • Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread at launch

Does knowing that Honeycomb is in the near-future of this stylus-wielding tablet make you want to pre-order it today?

Source: Twitter via Unwired View

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.twitter.com/TriadX1 TriadX1

    With the HUGE differences between gingerbread & honeycomb, why would you release a device with gingerbread, just to make your users update and then have to learn honeycomb "shortly after launch". That makes no sense at all. Why not just wait and do it right?

  • muwahhid

    Because it was announced ages ago and people want their darn stylus. Sounds good to me. Honeycomb+sense+scribe=epic win.

  • John J

    With the way apps / Android is currently written, what will be the performance difference between the 1.5ghz single core and a 1ghz dual-core?

  • muwahhid

    #john j, well dual core (two cores) offer increased multitasking and battery life because the cores are doing less tasks each. Clock rate doesn't generally mean anything. And for another honeyconb tablets , Motorola xoom which is tegra 2 has its own app market. Which is lame because tegra 2 sucks in comparison to iPad 2. For me its either this, sense honey comb and scribe or iPad 2, but Android is way better. Desire HD user here and know HTC is reliable. It won't lag like xoom. And apps in the market place will be shared with the galaxy tab which most are optomised unlike tegra 2 with like 13 apps. Because single core wise you got simpler plus NVIDIA free apps. Which is good because all apps will work well and larger screen optomised ones even better on non Tegra devices too. They messed up tegra even Apple beat them.

  • pax

    Why not release it with Honeycomb????

    • appelflap

      It seems that HTC hasn't spend much resources on Honeycomb yet. Think they have choosen for a more mid long term strategy on this one.

  • muwahhid

    @appelflap , they did say they were releasing a total of 3 tablets

  • Kappa

    Android Rules, any Honeycomb Tablet is better than the IPad because it's OOOOOOOOOOOooopen and has Crash, ooops Flash, Apple is a waaaalled gaaarden (did I hear a baby whining), Android devices Rock because you can run any program, malware or virus without Apple censoring, Android has better Specs, specs rule, better Specs mean better device, Specaty spec spec spec, Apple should close and return all the money back to the shareholders.

  • http://www.nx8.name/ nx8

    Doing this will help the product is known more quickly and widely.

  • http://www.yepi10.net/ yepi 10

    i like this thing! i wanting wait