The CyanogenMod crew seem to have had a pretty busy Easter weekend - first they released the pre-alpha for the Thunderbolt, and last night they dropped an update to CM7 for all other platforms. This update brings the current version of CyanogenMod to 7.0.2 and is primarily a bug fix release, but it is also the first "stable" release of CM7 that we've seen for the OG Motorola Droid.

Among the many bug fixes included in 7.0.2 is the GPS issue that EVO owners have been experiencing since the initial release of CM7. Some other common fixes include memory issues, status bar tweaks, and the inclusion of new CM community wallpapers (okay, that last one isn't really a fix).

You can check out the full changelog over at Github and grab the download from the Official CyanogenMod site.

Source: CyanogenMod Changelog

Cameron Summerson
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  • John Lewis

    Actually found my GPS slower on this release. Couple that with the fact that the video no longer works on high quality and its a rollback to 7.0.0!

  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    EVO, with the update the video isn't working the screen shows its recording but it freezes on whatever the camera was initially pointed at. I never had issues with the GPS being slow on CM7, but maybe that has to do with fixing it through the sense-ui /gps fix solution that I used during CM7 RC2.
    Back to CM7.0.0

  • djn777

    Have not been outside to test the GPS yet but the camcorder now freeze's

  • Bob

    I backed up 7.0 using ROM Manager (had the usual reported no GPS with 7.0 even though before I installed it I used the MSL trick in SENSE). However when I installed 7.0.2 I forgot to uncheck clear cache and data so I lost all my stuff I added to 7.0. So I restored the original backup of 7.0 and lo and behold the GPS now worked fine. So I guess all you have to do is install 7.0.2 and then get rid of it if you don't like it and just that action fixes the GPS problem. Still have the issue with the forward camera not being recognized in ooVoo chat software.