We told you about Samsung dropping the source for the Sidekick 4G this morning, and now it's LG's turn to release some code. The lucky winner is... the G2x. That's right, this awesome new beast-of-a-phone has already received ClockwordMod Recovery and now it's about to get even better - as soon as devs get ahold of the source and start cooking up some homebrew Android goodness (CyanogenMod, anyone?).

It's hard to believe they've done in a week what HTC thinks could take 90-120 days of hard work and intensive decision-making!


You can get your hands on the download by going to LG's Open Source Code Distribution Center and searching for "LGP999". Oh, and more thing - did I mention that you can get this phone for $50 right now?

Thanks, Robert!

Cameron Summerson
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  • drepope100

    Let the cooking begin!

  • adidas101

    How can you get it for $50???

    • chekorama

      You have to go to the web site cellhub.com and buy the phone $50 with 2 years contract and is it.

  • http://goo-inside.me/ DrMacinyasha

    Word from #TeamDouche is it'll have nightlies by next week, perhaps even in time for 7.0.1. Definitely going to be in 7.1.0 along with mecha (Thunderbolt) and maybe more.

  • Lewis

    Woah, where can I get this for $50?

    • chekorama

      you have to go to the cellhub website and pay $50 for the phone with 2 years contract and is it.

  • Simon

    CM7 on G2x, from Chris Soyars

  • AndroidLuvR3R1

    What's a source code and what does it do to the phone?

    • http://www.myrecipebookspace.com Alec5216

      It doesn't do anything directly for the end user. It just helps ROM developers create on their end.

  • http://www.myrecipebookspace.com Alec5216

    Can you please explain the "apparently doesn't know about the 90 day rule"?

    • Cameron Summerson

      That was a reference to HTCs delay in releasing source code. Read more here: http://bit.ly/hZqsGm

      • http://www.myrecipebookspace.com Alec5216

        Ahhh got it. Thanks!

  • n1 owner

    Also apparently doesn't know about false advertising laws in the US #quadband3g