Last Updated: April 24th, 2011

It looks like Facebook is continuing the juggling act with their Android app, as they have fixed a few bugs and added a few new features with the latest update. Here, I've got the short list for you:

New in v1.5.3:
* Added the ability to tag friends in status updates
* Added Find Friends feature
* Added the ability to add your phone number to your profile
* Various bug fixes

Not listed: the force close feature that kicks in all the damn time.


I have no idea who Bella is, but she's entirely too nice.

It's amazing how far back the negative comments go; the app was updated three days ago, but get this: the first eighty-seven pages of user reviews are from today as of this writing (it's only 7:15 AM EST on April 22), and every page essentially mirrors the above screenshot. I'd imagine there are well over 100 pages of the same nature from April 21, as well.

On the one hand, we can understand why this might be a little tricky for Facebook - after all, Android is notoriously hard to code for thanks to the wide diversity of hardware, UIs, and OS versions. Still, we've never seen anything this bad before. Ever. And to have it come from an enormous company like Facebook is, frankly, ridiculous.

[Source: Android Market. Thanks for the tip, Adam E.!]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Jack

    This update is several days old at this point. Mine hasn't force closed any on my Thunderbolt.

    Though viewing comments is still a bit buggy.

    • kedrick

      Games trying playing my games page can't be found when are they going to fix this it been over 3 weeks now

  • scotto

    How is it that a small app like Flow can work so well Facebook, when FB can't get it right themselves? I stopped using FBs app once I was introduced to Flow.

    • Rob

      Ditto. Flow is far superior to the official Facebook app. Once I found Flow, I never looked back.

  • Mr BC

    It is yet to for close on me. I am using a Desire HD. I wonder is it another program effecting it

  • Jaymoon

    I can't even get it to install. Running CM7 on my EVO, I constantly get "download unsuccessful".

    This happens EVERY time Facebook is updated. Although I'm about 3 or 4 releases behind, I am probably running the most stable version of Facebook for Android to date... :D

  • Mark

    Ummmm....this is really old news.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Three days!


      • Mark

        Haha!! Sorry, Aaron. It's just in our present day world of tech. 3 days is kind of a long time. :D

  • DingieM

    I use Flow too.

    And when I'm sending links, I do from Pulse

  • Mike C

    Ditto - Flow rocks!

  • Oliver

    I figured this out three days ago on my cm7 nook color... FC's every time you click on Friends or Groups... rolled back to 1.5.2 and all is well again. The only thing that really pisses me off is that now I cant use the "Update All" feature in the Market until FB puts out a new version... lame.

    Silly Facebook...

  • http://www.myserverisdead.com RavenFB

    Well, this is perfectly understandable. Facebook has far more important things to do than make a stable and functional Android app. Like kowtowing to President Obama and making an undeclared yet generous contribution to his re-election campaign in the form of letting him use Facebook to propagandize for a couple hours. This is FAR more important, and what Facebook users REALLY want, right? Right?!

  • jaime

    Force closes everytime I try clicking a notification

  • Gerg

    I just recently got a Nook Color and CM'd it. I thought all the FC were a problem with my Nook, but then I saw it happens on my G2 as well...

  • jayEL

    Has anyone tried it with a unrooted phone?

  • dethduck

    Sounds like the only people having issues are those with rooted roms.
    Stock MT4G and no issues here.

  • Bob C

    mine was FC'ing all the time and literally wouldn't let me do anything (couldn't even see messages). Luckily I had an old copy in TB that I put back on and now it's working fine...

  • Mike

    I don't get the force close issue, just a bunch of error issues.you would think a company big as fb, would have some nice coders, that understand android. We should send some xda coders over there, to show them how its done.

  • http://miguelwickert.com Miguel

    I'm running CM7 on a G2 and was experiencing the force closing then i just rolled back to the previous version. No issues. sounds like i need to try Flow ?

  • Paul

    Lots of force closes since the update a few weeks ago. Before that it was running fine, and then one day they did an update and FC's. I rolled back to the previous version, thanks to Titanium backup, and just yesterday I decided to try the latest version, and it still FC's just clicking on my profile. They probably don't care since I'm using a G2 but with CM7 on it and app dev's don't care about custom ROM's, but it used to work, so obviously they added something or broke something and if they just undid it, stability can be achieved.

  • Tony

    It's abysmal since the update, do the guys at Facebook not believe in testing? Now using Flow.

  • Musa

    It also FCs on me, but then i viewed the logcat and realised it was my os problem (darky rom 10 rc4). something to do with Arabic language feature.. in another related feature my gtalk also FCs on me too with the same error..

  • http://goo-inside.me/ DrMacinyasha

    The team is looking into it, but it looks like the latest Facebook update doesn't play well with CyanogenMod or its kangs, but it does with Sense and other non-CM ROMs. Supposedly has something to do with the Theme Engine...

    Buuuut if non-CM users are getting FC's too, then maybe not. I find it hard to believe there's 80+ pages of reviews by CM 7.0.0/Nightly and other CM-based ROM users.

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    Amazing how limited and awful the offical Facebook app is.

    Can no one write a better one??

  • http://emaciatedwildebeest.tumblr.com Jeff

    Thanks to the responses in this topic I tried out Flow, and WOW! A Facebook experience on Android which doesn't suck!

  • noisemonkey

    This is not just happening with rooted roms as my wife's Desire which is running stock froyo also doesn't work properly with the new fb update..

  • Gravy

    Their taking lessons from MS and putting undocumented special features in their programs! LOL

  • Jammyc

    Please can someone tell me where I find this 'flow'?
    Fed up of Force close Facebook on my Xperia X10. I can't even get Facebook when I try to log on through my phone internet either.
    Thanks :o)

  • Matt

    It's now called friendcaster. Available on the market