That's right, less than 24 hours after its release, the LG G2x has received a test version of ClockworkMod recovery, thanks to Android developer @ChrisSoyars. Do note that as this is an initial release, it may still have a few bugs, but everything seems to be working exactly as it should.


The original post in the source thread provides a download link and installation instructions, but there's a catch: it's Linux specific. Don't fret if you're on Windows, though; XDA member mapin0518 has provided instructions on how to get it working on Microsoft's OS. The method is still a bit buggy, however, as it has worked for some users and not others.

As always, hit up the source thread over at XDA should you hit any snags while attempting this.

Note: You can obtain root access on the G2x very easily with SuperOneClick.

Thanks, Robert!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Cesar

    So does that mean that the phone has already been rooted? Cause don't you need root access to run clock word mod?

    • Cameron Summerson

      You can easily root the G2x with SuperOneClick.

      • Cesar

        Whaaaatt!!!! Already? Damn!!! So no locked boot loader or any weird locked down crap? Thaf is awesome!!

  • Daniel

    Should not be too hard. The O2X has had it working flawlessly for a month.

  • los0325

    yes rooted mine last night, less then two min. what took longer was downloading the drivers from LG

  • N1 owner

    And not a word about the LIES that this phone was supposed to be quad-band 3G.
    Great job moronic bloggers!

    • Cesar

      I read that about the Galaxy SII not about this one....

    • Brad Ganley

      Good thing I have this tinfoil hat here. Conspiracies are obviously abounding.

      Also, how does that make the blog moronic? Because the quad band thing is 100% irrelevant to the context of this article, or because we didn't write an article about it? It should also be noted that it's likely that the radio DOES support quad-band, but the firmware does not (This is just speculation, but makes much more sense than your pitchforky version of "They said it and didn't do it! The end is nigh!")

      • rony

        what about find out from tmobil? is it tmobil false advertisement or something else? you're blog for it , you should be first to find out and write about it.
        not just wait and see.
        there are many people who buying this phone just bc its att as well. and you were,as many other blogs claiming it is compatible with att. so make it clear.

    • jcase

      I don't see how a mention of the "quadband issue" is even in the context of this article? Might as well mention the lack of LTE in my area, in the fascinate update article.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Well I responded to your email and asked for more details. Never heard back...

    • Cesar

      Maybe T-Mobile decided to not include the quad band last minute.. Can you really blame the blog? Remember they get their info from tips here and there, not directly from T-Mobile...

      • rony

        nobody blames anybody. all im saying is that blogs like this are here who should be first to investigate what's going on and inform us-readers, what truth is.
        if tmobil's false advertising about they products it is big deal. and it should be mentioned here and everywhere else.

        • Cesar

          Yes you are blaming this blog for not knowing if this phone had a feature or not. If that is such a big deal to you then just wait till it is confirmed that the phone actually has quad bands and then buy it. I don't know what the big deal is the acquisition of att over tmobile has only just started and its gonna take a full year to be completed and that's IF it the deal doesn't get shut down by the fcc or the doj....

  • rony

    you dont get it. i dont care if they will merge.
    and yes i blame this blog for not to be proactive. as i mentioned before they're in" wait and see" position. there are many who want to buy it just bc it's quad data freq. mentioned on every blog before. would be nice to have small article" hey people hold your horses bc g2x might not have att freq. "
    and it's not for me. i did my research. but many did not.

    • Cesar

      Yes I do get what you are saying but don't agree.... Maybe they're working on it trying to figure out what is going on. I mean the phone went on sale two days ago just give them some time to see if they post something about it... If you say that you dont care about the merger then just get the phone anyway. No needs to complain about something you dont care about....