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Verizon hasn't officially added the DROID Incredible 2 to its Android army yet, but don't tell Wirefly that - the online smartphone retailer just put up an unboxing video for HTC and Big Red's latest handset.

You won't find much that we didn't already know from past leaks, but the vid does provide a nice recap of the phone's specs:

  • 4-inch WVGA (800x480) TFT display
  • 8MP camera with dual Xenon flash
  • 768MB of RAM
  • 8GB micro SD card out of the box
  • 3G connectivity on Verizon's EVDO Rev. A network (no LTE, unfortunately)
  • Global (GSM/CDMA) radio with Verizon/Vodafone SIM out of the box
  • 1420mAh battery

As for the box's contents, you'll find a smorgasbord of charging adapters, a microUSB cable, and... nothing else - not even a set of crappy headphones. Something tells me those won't be missed too dearly, though.

One interesting aside: in the comments of the video, Wirefly responded to ekernan14 by confirming the long-rumored 4/28 release date.

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Alright, enough balderdash already - here's the video itself:

So, Incredible owners, what do you make of this successor to your daily driver? Will it be your next phone, or are the meager upgrades HTC's made not worth it? Sound off in the comments below.

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • TBolt

    I know someone who really wants a candybar-shaped Android device with Global coverage, but ONLY if Verizon will unlock the SIM card - allowing her to use a pre-paid SIM in other countries.

    We still do not know if Verizon will unlock the SIM. If you find out, please let us know! :)

    Thank you.

  • btod

    not worth it for me.

  • ejliah

    why did they have to remove to optical trackball :´(
    i still want a real trackball but my chances are pretty low i guess. all phones come without trackball and with fkn softkeys... dislike!

    • Paul

      I'm in agreement. I'm a fan of the trackball/d-pad. My G2 has one and I'm hoping my next phone will have one also but it does appear it's 'going out of style' which just doesn't make sense to me. It's easier to navigate some programs and play certain games with the D-Pad.

  • aLeXandEr

    I'm on VZ and have a Dinc. And I was really looking forward to upgrading this year, but they wont be getting a dime from me until they offer a device thats a real upgrade.
    T-bolt & Dinc 2 = FAIL

  • Maurits

    Battery cover: Inductive charging?

  • Bill

    By FAR the biggest drawback to this half-assed upgrade is the fact that it lacks 4G LTE capability.

  • Bill

    Actually, the fact that it has an archaic, crappy TFT screen is just plain terrible. Wake up, HTC & Verizon!

  • Incredible user

    Why the negative feedback on this device?
    Just because it isn't 4G ? I am glad they are still making 3G devices. I don't need 4g speeds and certainly don't need higher data costs of 4g either.
    I currently have the original Incredible and I love this device. Its newer version will be a great upgrade for me.