Skype released an update to its Android app this morning, remedying the vulnerability which exposed tons of personal info that we revealed last week. Our own Justin Case who originally found the issue has taken a look at the updated version of the app and confirmed that the exploit he developed to demonstrate the vulnerability no longer functions.

Specifically, Skype has changed the permissions of the databases (which contain the personal information) in question. This update will not remedy the vulnerability on the leaked video version of the app, so continued use is at your own risk. Skype will incorporate the fix into the video version of the app when it is officially released.

Another notable addition to the update is 3G calling in the U.S. Previously, calling in the States was only available via Wi-Fi (unless you're on Verizon, which has a special version of the app).

The new version of the Skype app v1.0.0.983 is available in the Market now.

David Ruddock
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  • android_lover

    and still no video chat, not even on a tabs!

    say what is the point of Samsung Galaxy Tab having front camera, when to this date I was UNABLE to find video-calling application PC->TAB.

    people usually keep video-chatting with PCs, so I couldn't care less about android-android video chat, I have 3G video call for that.

    absolute android (and SKYPE) fail to the extent there are even opinions that APPLE payed skype to halt this feature (on the Galaxy tab mainly) as tab was released soon after iPad which lacked cameras.

    on the other hand, facetime works BEAUTIFULY, out of the box now that iPad2 has cameras!

    we all know SKYPE has allways been shitty software company, slowing whole android to 50% when running in background, but its horrible interface and lack of features is not the only bad thing, bad thing is whole ANDROID lacks any good video chatting software.

    sadly, on PC, that means mostly SKYPE is used. I have many android devices, but one can't deny that FACETIME achievement rocks, and finaly someone kicked privacy stealing fagots in SKYPE!

    • Seth

      I think maybe you're not trying very hard. Yahoo has had video chat on android for a while. It works with the just about everything android, ios, osx, windows, there's even a browser based option. It's worked on my archos 70IT since before galaxy tabs and ipad2s were even available.
      Try typing "video chat" in the android market search to see all the choices.

      • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

        From the market description: Video (Beta) requires OS 2.2+, Yahoo! Messenger Voice & Video Plug-in and myTouch 4G or EVO

        I completely agree that video chatting apps have been pretty crap on Android. It was better before Skype and Fring had a falling out. More than anything, in the US at least, carrier deals seem to screw everything up. We FINALLY have 3g calling on skype outside of Verizon, but how many carrier specific versions of Qik are there?

  • Fleur

    Try ooVoo that does video chat on the Tab to PC (and visa versa) both on wifi and in 3G (in UK anyway)

    • dacbarbos

      ooVoo for Android is still in Beta status and lacks some features but I'd say it's a rising star...

      • android_lover

        try explaining to your aunt on the other side of Earth, that she will need to download and install oovoo on her windows operating system to get video chat, then register

        the question you'll get are:

        1. download? what do you mean?
        2. install?
        3. operating system?
        4. register?

        if you don't want to go into trouble, you'll not elaborate as somewhere on a step 3 in your helpdesk achievement you'll shoot yourself

        but she knows ho to turn on PC and skype was preinstalled, CAPISTO?

  • Jake


    Anyone know how to go into skype mobile and quickly pull up a contact WITHOUT SCROLLING THE ENTIRE LIST?

    This has to be the biggest flaw I've found and I don't know if ANYONE has EVER reported on it...

    I occasionally find that I do not have a phone number in my phone contacts but they are listed in my skype mobile. Easy, right? just go in and type a few letters and whamo - several matches pop up - WRONG!

    I have never figured out how to find a contact other than scrolling... try scrolling through 500 to 1,000 (don't know for sure but I have many) for my neighbor who is named K. Zeller...

    yeah, sit back and relax cuz its gonna be a few minutes... this alone makes me want to puke... i only hold my nose cuz having a number vs not is at least a fallback when i really need to call someone...

    so, anyone know the answer? And don't suggest to use the search feature... it will take you to the world wide web of skype contacts to ADD A NEW CONTACT, not search you own contacts...

  • Jake

    bump to get notified...

  • renny

    Porque no lo consigo en el market de mi android??

  • Moroni

    And still they didn't fix the bug that makes it hang on "Signing in" for a bunch of people...


  • http://google tarsh556

    Skype is to much of a hassle, it has turned to merde & the clowns running the circus dont give a rats