Update: It looks like the homescreen is just a generic placeholder, because it's the same one used here for the Optimus V at Best Buy. Thanks Nate!

This may not be of interest to the 7 people out there that actually like Motorola's Blur interface, but for the rest of us this is pretty good news. It looks like Motorola is prepping a new DROID-esque Android 2.2 device for Virgin Mobile USA, and it appears to be sans-Blur in the one leaked picture that Pocketnow has obtained.


With that said, it looks like the device may still be running some sort of a custom interface, judging by the three-column homescreen grid, which is not currently possible with stock Froyo's four-column launcher.

There is really no other information available about this handset as of right now, so let's all just keep our hopes up that Motorola will release this in all of its vanilla-like glory.

Source: Pocketnow

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://hdsportsguide.com Nate


    They use that weird three column thing in their promotional materials like this for the optimus v.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Ah, good to know. It looks like that may just be a generic placeholder. Updated.

  • Android fan

    Virgin mobile is crap..... They're 3 goes down constantly!!! I had them, they are total garbage!!!

    • http://www.williamting.com William

      What does "They're 3 goes down constantly"? They were bought out by Sprint and uses Sprint's CDMA network. I have an LG Optimus S and V running fine their network . . .

  • Heyyo

    VM is very good in my area 3-5 bars. Internet speed isn't the fastest 200-800 Kbps but it does what it needs to.. But I'm seriously considering getting a htc evo onto boost mobile (same network) might even wait for the evo 3d, I am willing to pay 400+ for my next device.

    • Jon316

      Boost is also owned by sprint and will not let you put the evo on thier network. Same goes for virgin.

      • Heyyo

        I know boost is also owned by sprint.. And yes you can put a evo onto boost. But the methods probably should not be discussed her.. P.s look up boost mobile evo on eBay.

  • Nategator

    The picture looks like a cheap photoshop job anyways. Sometimes a photograph can say a thousand lies.

  • http://google.com SAK

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Virgin+Mobile+-+LG+Optimus+V+No-Contract+Mobile+Phone+-+Black/1879739.p?id=1218299164111&skuId=1879739 cant be photoshopped from the optimus v because the optimus v has a message notification and this one doesnt. However they could of also photoshopped that out to make it look more realistic

  • nnorton00

    This is the shell that the Droid X2 should be in! FFC, and touch menu keys!

    • Brendon

      I think that's just a proximity sensor, not a front-facing camera; it detects when your face is next to the phone during a call and disables the touchscreen so you don't accidentally nudge commands with your face.

  • Gibbs

    It looks like the huawei x6

    • Gibbs

      It is the huawei ideos x6. If you don't believe me, image search the phone on google. here's a video link to prove it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afILRluDZpU

      • https://www.launchpad.net/~isantop Ian

        It's not the same phone. See here:


        They're completely different. Look at the icons on the capacitive buttons. Or even at the order the buttons go in. It's nowhere near the same.

  • Buttes McGee

    Does anyone have more info on this?

    • Cameron Summerson

      Not officially, but after seeing the Optimus V on Best Buy, I'm betting that this isn't what we originally thought it was going to to be.

  • john

    WHEN will it come out !????/ is it even going to. is there any proof.pleasseeeeeee tell me