Of all the things that are cool and impractical in this world, this has to be one of my favorites. At one point or another, all EVO 4G owners have wanted to ditch their desktop PCs in lieu of their smartphone, right? Okay, maybe not - but if you ever get the urge to do so, then XDA member Lokifish Marz has the setup for you.

Using mostly free software and a little bit of elbow grease, he has his EVO 4G set up as a fully functional desktop computer, including a mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor - the works. You really need to see what I'm talking about to get the full effect of how cool this is, and fortunately for us, Lokifish has made a video to demonstrate:

Pretty incredible, no? It probably goes without saying, but you'll need to be rooted if you want to attempt this yourself. The monitor utilizes the HDMI port on the EVO, and the keyboard/mouse interface via Bluetooth. If you're feeling froggy and have all of the hardware requirements covered, head over to the source thread for full instructions and give this over-the-top hack job a whirl.

Source: XDA

Cameron Summerson
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  • jamezelle

    Pretty bad ass!

  • montgoss

    Ok, but you could do the exact same thing with the Atrix if you wanted, as it also supports HDMI mirroring. But why would you?
    The WebTop is not hardware. It's a software package that basically runs Ubuntu on-top-of/in-parallel-with Android (giving you Android in a window). Some people have even managed to get the Ubuntu package manager working on WebTop and many Ubuntu apps just work.

    If you have an Evo, then I'm sure this is really cool. But why bash the Atrix/WebTop?

    • Jaymoon

      They are not "bashing" the Atrix. They are simply pointing out that it's not the only phone that can handle this type of setup.

      And using standard hardware components you already own is a nice thing too... ;)

      • Montgoss

        Right. The Atrix works with the same standard hardware...

        • Brad Ganley

          I don't understand...are you offended somehow that doing this with an Evo doesn't cost $500? Nobody's bashing the Atrix. Being on Sprint, it's impossible for me to get one and, frankly, I wouldn't want one anyway.

          • montgoss

            No, I'm annoyed that people like you keep claiming it costs $500. The Webtop is software (a couple .apk's). You're thinking of the "lapdock" hardware. I agree that that is overpriced (which is why I don't own it). That's why I said the webtop "works with standard hardware too". Ya know, cause it does. Any bluetooth keyboard and mouse should connect just fine. They even included the mini-HDMI cable with the Atrix. You could also use a USB keyboard and mouse that you already own, although that would require a little extra hardware (but not the $500 lapdock).

            For you TL;DR types:
            Webtop != Lapdock
            Webtop = free, included software

  • Abhishek

    Sad no credit :(

    Nicely reproduced !!

    • http://members.cox.net/lokifish/index.html Lokifish

      What do you mean?

      • Abhishek

        Ah wasn't for u bro. I saw ur awesome work and have sent it as a news tip to AP to b included as a post. So was saying no credit given for the tip :)

  • Kenneth P

    This is soo useless but im sooooooo about to do it

  • Gomez

    Im in the process of doing this with my Xoom

  • Logan

    Buster Bluth must have learned a thing or two in Army.

  • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

    This is why when you dock your phone to a PC screen it should just show the Honeycomb interface, not run another Linux OS and waste resources. Honeycomb will soon have all the productivity apps you need.

    • Montgoss

      Why? Honeycomb is specifically designed for touchscreens, right? Not a keyboard and mouse. Ubuntu is and already has all the productivity apps you need.

  • Tonedabone

    Really? Ya know, some people can see someone doing something, nothing wrong and just spit on them. These guys found a way to do something, made it work, and work pretty well. So effin what that the Atrix already does it. All that say its a waste, what have YOU done? I'm not asking that because I think u have done nothing with your time (hopefully u have), but because if you have a project going on that you enjoy, then share with others, I'm sure you would not like anyone raining on your parade. These guys took it upon themselves to do a lil work and then share the results. If you don't care to see it, use the back button, and move on. Kudos to you Lokifish Marz ! the world has people that appreciate your way of thinking, not just haters.

    • Montgoss

      You make no sense. It is this article that's "raining on the parade" of the Atrix. Not me "spitting on" anything. Did you not see the title? "Forget about Motorola's Webtop"? If the article was just "Transform Your Evo", I wouldn't have clicked through. But the author felt the need to spit on the hard work the Motorola guys did, so I felt like defending them. The Webtop software is unique and should be praised for what it's accomplished (but hopefully with improvements still coming). For those with another phone, this is great and bravo. Just don't spit on other's work to make yours seem better.

  • http://members.cox.net/lokifish/index.html Lokifish

    I will be handling port requests on my website. If there is enough demand and the requested device is capable of doing it, I will to to get this ported you device.

  • richardyarrell

    This is so great I am happy to see this and commend your work. I am an current evo 4g owner and this is a great thought thanks to you. I am waiting on my new Htc Evo 3d to be announced as far as pre-orders which should be anyday now...Thanks so much