Last Updated: September 3rd, 2011

As you may (or may not) recall, we crowned the DROID Bionic the most exciting device in Verizon's LTE lineup after playing with it at CES, but it appears that the version we saw might not be the version that'll end up in retail stores. Over the past few days we've heard countless reports that the device has been delayed (or even cancelled), and now a Motorola spokeswoman has reached out to the Wall Street Journal with this nugget of information:

Based on compelling feedback since the show, we are incorporating several enhancements to make this an even better consumer experience.

Now, given previous rumblings, the natural conclusion to draw from this is that Moto is simply adding WebTop - the ATRIX's much-ballyhooed laptop transformation feature - to the Bionic. But while that would certainly make sense, another possibility is that Sanjay Jha and co. are upgrading the phone's specs - which are starting to pale in comparison to handsets like the Galaxy S II and EVO 3D - or simply cutting down on some of the Bionic's bulkiness.

What say you - what "enhancements" would you like to see Motorola make to the Bionic? Let us know via the poll below:

How would you improve the DROID Bionic?

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Update: Good news - Motorola just tweeted that they are indeed "incorporating enhancements" into the DROID Bionic. They also noted that the device is on track for a summer launch event.

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Source: WSJ via Droid Life

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Joe

    if they somehow didn't include motoblur/vzw bloatware, i'd get it.

  • Flippy125

    You forgot to add "Remove Motoblur and unlock the bootloader" =p

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Added "Remove MOTOBLUR"; as for the bootloader, well, there's still some hope given Motorola's previous statements.

  • Larry

    This poll should have allowed multiple choices.

    Mine are as follows:

    No MotoBlur
    More RAM
    Global Radio
    Better Wifi receptor
    No Bloatware

  • Larry

    Oh yeah, how silly of me, and of course, NO ENCRYPTED BOOTLOADER!

  • droiddo

    All of the above

  • SkullOne

    You need a multiple choice poll. One answer isn't enough. Unlocked bootloader. No Blur. More RAM. No Tegra 2 and it's woefully weak GPU.

  • jimmy p

    maybe they've listened to the answers to their question on facebook http://androidheadlines.com/2011/04/motorola-asks-facebook-fans-what-they-want-they-tell-them-ouch.html

  • Darkseider

    If Moto/VZW drop the ball and don't release the phone by the end of May then goodbye to both. T-Mobile and G2X here I come. It used to be that Verizon was the place for Android handsets. Now AT&T and T-Mobile have their dual core monsters out and soon to follow is Sprint with Verizon lagging woefully behind. It's pretty damned sad that since Verizon got the iPhone every other "flagship" device was delayed. Think T-Bolt and now Bionic.

    • Little Green Man

      Disagree. I always thought T-Mobile and Sprint had the best Android hardware. Unfortunately neither of them offer great service in my neck of the woods. Since I don't get to use my (last) NE2 until July as an original Droid owner, I have no problem waiting until July for a rollout.

  • Dave

    You forgot the most important choice. Screen without a pentile matrix.

  • chris

    Stock android, unlocked bootloader and I will be first in line on release day to get it. If moto was smart they would listen to what people said and unlock the bootloader. Look how well the OG droid went over no need to lock down the bootloaders. But who knows with motorola they prob wont listen and this will be a fail like the atrix.

  • Doug

    Adding a front facing camera

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      It already has one...

  • MicroNix

    This news pretty much seals the deal. I'm looking to replace my D1 ASAP because of a HW issue and will not settle for anything other than a dual core phone. That leaves out the T-Bolt (HTC, why couldn't you have had a DC proc in the T-Bolt?!?!?!) Looks like we'll have to see what hits next. After making all these devices, I can't believe Moto is having such difficulty with this one. Everything was there...

  • richardyarrell

    Only verizon knows how to mess up all their launches

  • Wolfie

    The dx2 should of ben the bionic/targa
    Dual core1.2 ffc,1 gig ram 16 rom 32 sd, finger print id, no blur, unlocked boot loader. Qhd display, 4g lte of course. Lastly needs to live to eat fruit....

  • Djkoz78

    Definitely more ram, no moto blur. But VZW is definitely lagging in the Droid department now that VZW has the iphone which really is annoying. Compared to the other carriers VZW Droid line up in the specs department is somewhat to be desired. I am able to upgrade now but I will not go with a mandatory 2yr agreement & a single core device. When the other carriers are dual core with the minimum 756 mb of ram. & the bionic was Atrix retarded cousin compared to the Atrix's specs. It had 500 more mb of ram than the bionic did. If they don't hurry with something gnats worthy I'm bailing as, well. I will never buy an iphone & if VZW is purposely getting inferior devices bcoz they want the iphone 5 as their flagship. Peace & chicken grease.

  • L boogie

    One thing that has been left out is the battery life of the bionic, lets hope that Motorola works on that as well because no sense in having 4g, lte, dual-core etc if the battery life is horrifying. Got to admit, that vzw is slipping with their recent droid launches. By the way, keep the device blur-free & bootloader unlocked as well

  • Asphyx

    Unlock the bootloader would have been a good option in the vote! LOL