Today, for the first time ever, my EVO 4G had an unexpected failure installing updates for some of my Android apps. All update attempts would inevitably end in an almost instant failure with the message that read:

Installation error

Couldn't install on USB storage or SD card


The weird part was that some apps installed OK but some got stuck in a perma-fail mode and could no longer be updated. After mucking around for a bit, I dug into the logs and found the following relevant log line:

Failed to create secure container smdl2tmp1

Aha! Now what the heck is smdl2tmp1?

After digging around the Internet some more, I found that the problem is caused by a temporary file called smdl2tmp1.asec that is used during some installations (I think of apps that are movable to SD) but does not get deleted for some reason, most notably when you run out of space. Because of this, the system can't create it and treats it as an error, rather than figuring out that it's stale and simply deleting it.

The solution? Go and delete smdl2tmp1.asec yourself. From what I can tell, it could reside in 2 locations:

  1. /sdcard/.android_secure - this is an invisible folder on your SD card, which you can access with any file manager, like ASTRO
  2. /mnt/secure/asec/ - access to this folder requires root and a program like Root Explorer

Look for smdl2tmp1.asec in these folders and delete any ones you see. Deleting it seems to be a safe enough operation - it's just a temporary file after all. Once you've done that, all the update problems should go away:

I/logwrapper(  170): /system/bin/newfs_msdos terminated by exit(0)
I/PackageHelper(15175): Created secure container smdl2tmp1 at /mnt/asec/smdl2tmp1
I/DefContainer(15175): Created container for smdl2tmp1 at path : /mnt/asec/smdl2tmp1
I/DefContainer(15175): Copied /cache/32.apk to /mnt/asec/smdl2tmp1/pkg.apk
I/DefContainer(15175): Finalized container smdl2tmp1
I/DefContainer(15175): Unmounting smdl2tmp1 at path /mnt/asec/smdl2tmp1

Later on, I found this bug discussing the situation and slamming Google left and right for not fixing this problem and requiring users to look for random files on their phones, which I wholeheartedly agreed with.

Oh well, at least my phone is healthy again, and I hope yours is too, as you probably found this page while looking for a solution.

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • kingzedd

    Deleted the smdl2tmp1 file from /sdcard/.android_secure my PC by connecting via USB and solved the issue for me.

    • http://Picsart Bertha

      I have a problem I couldn't install picasart it keeps sayn couldn't install usd storage or sd card I really want the app again PLZ help me.

    • Veronica

      how did u do it please help >.<

    • waylastickszx

      i can't open the folder android_secure?help please

  • Zee Hammed

    HI Everyone,

    I have my HP touch Pad running Android and when i try to download app from Market it give me and error call "Couldn't Install On USB Storage Or SD Card" after that I tried the steps which Artem Russakovskii provided who is in top of the page. I have installed Root Explorer and when I goto this location /mnt/secure/asec/ it doesn't show me "smdl2tmp1.asec" this file it only show's me "com.forthblue.pool-1.asec" am I suppose to delete this.

    Please help me

    • androider

      You shouldn't delete that file.

  • Vidz

    Awesome find! This worked on my Samsung Ace. Was so frustrated with so many apps not installing on my phone.

    • yong

      Hi how do you do on your samsung ace?.. Because i have the same problem and have the phone as yours.. Pls help me.. :)

  • Traveey

    My phone won't let me downloadmost applications. I have deleted se of my apps but , the app I want to download still won't install. I have deleted ; apps , music , updates I don't need but , apps still won't download. I have even searched all over the internet for help. I tried this little thing called Astro or something like that and Apps still won't download. I called my phone company ( AT&T ) , they didn't know what to do. So can anybody please help Me !

  • Ian

    Thanks a lot for this. I thought my phone was faulty I couldn't be arsed sending it back for weeks for repair, so I've been putting up with this problem for ages. All sorted now though, so thanks mate.

  • Wayne

    Simple option is to turn the phone off and back on. this clears the temp folder. and it has worked for ages for me

  • http://www.picsart.com viola cabrera

    I downloaded picsart studio it installed succussful but the app will not open it doesn't even show a open tab just one that says uninstall. How can I fix that problem?

  • Jaloopa

    I've had this problem since installing an ICS rom on my galaxy S2. ASTRO, root explorer and the terminal emulator all fail to find the file, and connecting to a PC doesn't show the full file system due to the MTP connection mode.

    I've tried searching the phone in Windows 7 for smdl2tmp1 and just .asec in case ICS has changed the name of the temp files but no luck. Does anybody know of a fix for ICS?

    • TheDon

      Same trouble as Jaloopa. Can't find that file anywhere. Even though I have these apps saved in Titanium Backup, I can't restore some. I get the same error when I try to install those same apps from the app market. Galaxy S2 ICS 4.0.3 LPB

      • David

        For Galaxy S2 (ONLY) exist an issue with CF-Root 5.3. Try to Install CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-PROPER-v5.4-CWM5.tar It works for me

  • D14

    That issue was driving me nuts. I could not locate the file with Astro on my HTC desire but could find it manually using explorer when connected as a disk drive. Thanks again Artem.

  • http://dristechnologies.in Manish Chauhan

    Thanx, Great Help

  • veevian

    Thank you very much. Works on my HTC LEGEND.

  • http://www.facebook.com vimal

    thank u fellas :)
    love u all

  • Jay

    Thanks bro! I just connected my phone to my laptop via Usb n deleted the smdl2tmp1 file from android secure. My phone is back in action now. Works for "Motorola Defy" Cheers

  • Dan Draper

    Thanks !

    This worked - I plugged the phone into my linux laptop and mounted the card as root. Finally was able to see the stupid file and delete it.

    Obviously restarting the phone does not work, and I can not 'su' unless I have rooted the phone.
    If you cant see the file, and you are using a junk Operating System like Windoze then you need to view 'hidden' files or whatever they call it.

    Note - The picsart problem is different.
    If you have a problem with picsart go here:
    http://picsart.com/help - they describe how to fix it.

  • I-Love-Rooting-My-Android

    @Jaloopa @TheDon

    I also couldn't found the file name smdl2tmp1.asec in all directories of my phone and SD card (internal & external)

    I try flash back my KERNEL and it fix the problem

    My phone is Samsung Galaxy S2
    4.0.3 ICS Ressurection v9.6

    Regards from Indonesia :D

  • Nadine

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm not really a computer person, so I was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with my phone. This finally made my phone work right again.

  • Philip


    I too am using Resurrection v9.6. Which kernel version did you use?

  • http://www.youtube.com/grafixelite Thijs

    Turning my Samsung Galaxy Ace off and on worked for me, should try it too.

  • Fey

    I can't find the smdl2tmp1 file thru ASTRO with preference on hidden file being visible.
    I connected my phone HTC Desire HD to my laptop via USB, search smdl2tmp1 file from android secure folder but couldn't find it. Search the entire disk comes to nothing also.

    What should I do? Somebody help me, thanks.
    Rgrds from Indonesia.

    • Khan

      You can use File expert to mnt folder in internal storage 

    • ^_^

      Quote: Your problem will be solved by SD card unmount flow blow instruction:
      1: setting
      2: storage
      3: in sd card storage part unmount sd card
      4: install your desire applications
      5: mount sd card

      • Finally Got It To Work


      • Brynja Eiríksdóttir

        I love you. Lol

      • bla

        The most efficient solution takes seconds l. Thanks

      • LottieH

        Easiest solution yet. Thanks so much for your help, had tried all the rest for naught. Downloaded my apps. Greatful.

      • zydalin


  • I-Love-Rooting-My-Android

    I flash back the kernel using the same kernel when i install 4.0.3 ICS Ressurection v9.6 as provided by westcrip
    ( thanks to westcrip, the rom is stable and looks good on my galaxy s2 :D )

    The kernel version is 3.0.15-i9100xxplh-cl118559 se.infra@sei-45 #3

    I also can't find the smdl2tmp1 using astro and any other app out there

    *believe me, i try many file explorer apps even the paid one...
    i also try using my computer but couldn't find the file*

    I try to flash the kernel, and it works for me, and you should try flashing too
    but please backup of your phone before flashing your kernel

  • Sergio Arjona

    Thanks, my phone is updating OK again.

  • deewinc

    Thanks alot..,it has saved me so much i nearly thot of replacin my galaxy.

  • ian

    that little b*tch file...so stupid. how did that get on there it the first place?

  • aiolos81

    Nailed it! thanks a lot

  • veronica

    Astro cant find it and i really wanna download things that my phone wont let me.. :'( please help i dont wanna unmount my sdcard all the time...HELP PLEASE

    • Fullnametoh

      plug your phone on a pc. then look for android secure.. delete the 
      smdl2tmp1.asec .. look to the folder options in control panel.. check the show hidden files.. 

      • waylastickszx

        can't open the folder?

  • Lucas

    Thanks! I plugged in my phone via USB and the file you mentioned was there on .android_secure
    I think this problem can happen a lot for people who don't finish installations or they get corrupted. Happened to me 'cause this problem started happening ever since my phone crashed while installing an .apk file.

  • Marie

    Thanks, this is very informative. I have a Huwei S7 slim tablet that is having the problem installing apps with the error message "couldn't install on USB storage or SD card". I have tried to delete the smdl2tmp1 file several times, and everytime I delete it, then try to install a program that I get this message from, my tablet will shut down, restart, and the file is back. I have not been able to install certain apps due to this problem. Is there any way to permanently keep my tablet from adding this file? Thanks!!

    • Lucas

      I am pretty sure this file is a MUST to install any application, have you connected the tablet to the PC and deleted the file from the folder .android_secure? Try to install some other program, even if you don't need it just to test if it works. Maybe the problem is also in the applications you're trying to install itself.

      • Seanette

        Looks like a system log file or some such that regenerates. The problem, or so I think I understand, is when an old one gets in the way and the system for some reason doesn't get rid of the old one to make way for a new version.

  • Seanette

    MANY thanks, Artem! This solved a problem that was driving me out of my mind.

  • sandor

    i already did that but the freaking file is protected i need some information because i cant delete it!

    • Seanette

      It wasn't protected on my Triumph. If you're reasonably comfortable manipulating file properties, connect you device by USB (this is what worked for me) and turn on USB storage on your device (whatever you use to have the device readable as a drive on your computer). Find the file, access Properties (on Windows, right-click). If you see a checkbox saying Read-Only, Protected, etc., uncheck that box. You should then be able to delete the file.

      • Amelia

        AHHHH I THINK THIS SOLVED IT!! so happy right now! 

    • Lucas

      A question, is the file on the SD card or in the internal storage?

      • Seanette

        On my phone, it was on the SD.

  • Konstantin

    Thank You very much for solution of problem - it worked just fine!

  • Konstantin

    Артем спасибо за подсказку решения проблемы. Все сработало отлично!

  • Johno

    Many thanks. Solved the problem on my HTC Desire

  • P C Sudbrock

    Awsome!!!  Thanks

  • Amelia

    I can't install either root manager or ASTRO, it comes up with the 'couldn't install on usb storage or sd card' excuse again... tried taking out the SD card, and fully resetting my factory settings, and neither helped! Now I've lost all my numbers (that were saved to phone not sim), texts and apps  for no reason?
    Any other way of going about this?

    • jackie

      Its doin d same to me wont download i have a galxay aswell i was messin with it a few weeks ago i dont no wat i did jackie

  • Anna

    Thanks so much, this solved the problem for me :) (HTC Desire)

  • Artursjanis

    I cant find the .android_secure file

  • Sheppio

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Used ES File Explorer with the root explorer setting.  After a reboot, I could see mnt/secure/asec.  (Phone: Orange San Francisco)

  • Scott V

    Thank you very much!!!!  After looking at many different sites with solutions that didn't work for me, your solution worked!!!  Thank you again!!!

  • Ricky Andries

    another solution to delete smdl2tmp1:
    connect the phone to a pc, when connected, from window explorer click the drive of the phone, search the file, delete it. Done.

    • Ron T.

      Big help! Thank you!

    • lokum

      super thanks

    • ACook

      In case it won't delete because it's in use, try renaming it, disconnecting the phone from the pc, reconnect to the pc, and you should be able to delete the file now.

  • Zedrian

    thanks a ton!!... im using Samsung's galaxy ace s5830. i had faced the same problem. not anymore, thanks to u. though, instead of Astro i used the "Kies" software that came along with the phone to locate the file and delete (cause it was not possible to download Astro in the first place)... 

  • Kkujawa1428

    Or try to download one click clear from the Google play store, and clear everything. I had the same problem so I tryed the apparently and then truer to download the Apps that was telling me the error message and BOOOM worked like a.charm. try it.

  • huawei U8800 Ideos X5

    artem, thanks a lot for existing :) i went to my local telecommunication store and the guy couldn't help me, but he told me to search for my problem on google, because you can find most of the answers there. 

  • http://twitter.com/sonick_rnd Новицкий Николай Ив.

    Спасибо. Помогло. :)

  • Dimitat

    Thank You very much, keep it going world needs people like you

  • Thiru

    Thanks, it helped me.! I deleted by connected to my PC only.

  • chii

    Thank you so much.. I really appreciate your help :)

  • Matt

    This works. Just plug it into your computer and make sure "view hidden files" is enabled. Delete that file and your apps will update! 

  • Tom

    Excellent advice! Worked immediately after deleting this file using the computer hook-up...many thanks, it was very frustrating...

  • Brat19911

    what if there is no smdl2tmp1.asec file??

    i've searched all the folders..
    but still it says the same thing, "could'nt install on USB storage or SD card."

    • Puneet Ena

      Stil i cnt dowloading what cn i dopls help

    • kp

      same .. did not find it (the folder)

    • archana

      try formating ur sd card..it helped me to solve the error..dnt frget to copy ur important data somewhere....best of luck..try it

  • Grisel Leija

    Super cool

  • Tara

    I was having the same problem on my Motorola Bravo. I tried everything, making sure that hidden files were visible, yet the file you speak of did not exist ANYWHERE. I had already uninstalled those apps and was even having problems reinstalling them also. Doing more digging on google, i saw this suggestion: unmount my sd card, then reinstall the apps that were giving me this error, then remount my sd card...this way the apps were saved in my phone and not the sd card. From what i have gathered, App 2 SD updated and some apps are now suggested not to move to your sd or you can have issues updating. The only problem is is that some of the apps not recommended are already on the sd card. I guess it would be simple to just moved them back to the phone if you haven't already uninstalled them. Hope this helps others that also can not locate the file suggested for removal

  • Undercover

    go to control panel.. click the folder options.. select the 2nd tab 
    Make sure on your folder options, the “show hidden files” are enabled and the “hide protected operating system files” is unchecked. .. now plug your phone to a pc.. search android_secure then click it.. you will find the 
    smdl2tmp1.asec delete it... and try to install,, its no more a problem .. thats all ! babye ! :]

    • Signsintime

      thanks so much. I had found the file before but couldn't change permissions. Your comment saved me lots of headaches. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

    • Ah2031

      Undercover - it worked perfectly!!!!!

    • jkc

      YOU RULE ;)

      • Vinnie

        Absolutly fab ! You saved my day !

        ( and my HTC-Desire which I was going to throw out of the window)

    • alwat

      it only says settings where is control panel

      • Blackshadow2007

        This should be done on your Windows computer (Don't look for control panel on your phone!)

  • Cordg

    Deleted the file using root explorer (could not locate the secure folder in Astro), and problem still occurs. Attempting to update GO SMS Pro and Dolphin Broswer.

  • Cordg

    Deleted the file using root explorer (could not locate the secure folder in Astro), and problem still occurs. Attempting to update GO SMS Pro and Dolphin Broswer.

  • Cordg

    Deleted the file using root explorer (could not locate the secure folder in Astro), and problem still occurs. Attempting to update GO SMS Pro and Dolphin Broswer.

  • Cordg

    Deleted the file using root explorer (could not locate the secure folder in Astro), and problem still occurs. Attempting to update GO SMS Pro and Dolphin Broswer.

  • <3

    i love you

  • Saurav Rastogi

    Ya! i've got it... First i tried to search the "smdl2tmp1" file on my Android File Manager, but i was unsuccessful...
    Then, i tried to connect the phone to PC & i got it... it is about 8.21MB

  • http://www.facebook.com/grrgoyl Elaine Adamcewicz

    Hello and thank god for your suggestion.  I thought my SD card was corrupt and was this close to buying a new one.  Pleased to say your trick worked (only a little strange -- after deleting the file under mnt/secure/asec, the problem persisted until I rebooted.  Then suddenly the apps I thought weren't able to be downloaded all showed up in my drawer.  Bizarre...) Thanks again, this was a lifesaver!

    • bhurithat

      help me , I have china's taplet os android can't fix it by top

  • Bob

    Unmounting your SD card could help

  • Absarmedic

    Thanks for the post. I was able to delete the file by putting the sd card directly in my laptop and using file exporer to locate and delete it.

  • Aditya715

    Thank You VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Much Dude...it worked for me...i was really cursing my lgp500 tht it was not able to install the apps....but no more...Thanks Again

    • aps786

      Hi, i also have same have with my lg p500 but i am not able to find such file. how did you find it?

      • aps786

        It worked after i connected to laptop. thanks for such finding

  • Ninudj83

    I want to download some non market apps .but the same problem occurs and it reads application not installed

  • Blissfulhome

    thanks so much for posting this!! it worked for me.

  • Bwihms


    I ues this methond though...
    "connect the phone to a pc, when connected, from window explorer click the drive of the phone, search the file, delete it. Done"

  • http://twitter.com/mgb1979 Greg Beveridge

    Thanks dude!

  • geunshincouple

    I can't find smdl2tmp1n :( Please help me to fix it.

  • geunshincouple

    I couldn't find smdl2tmp1.asec file. I've searched all the folders but I can't find it. Please help?

  • geunshincouple

    there's no files on my android_secure :( Help me... Please??

  • Sam Oliver


  • waris

    no such file present on my samsung galaxy s2 but same problem exist.. wot to doo? help me

  • Barbara

    accidentally deleted file .android_secure from my phone. Now cannot connect phone to computer. Any clues how I can get it back?

  • Txomin

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! You are the fucking best!!

  • FT

    Big help, THX

  • AA from London

    you are a f'ing genius .... thanks for the help

  • Icesley

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    omg, im so happy
    thankyouthankyou :)

  • Mich

    Thanks a lot it really works!

  • maritza meyer

    :,( I can;t find this file anywhere, not on my pc or my phone. Using a galaxy s2 rooted... my pc is set to let me see hidden files and important os files.... this is making me go nuts ;(

  • Jonatan

    Had the same problem on my old Samsung galaxy 5, and it worked! But i had to make a factory data reset in order to root it ( the reset itself didn't fix the problem).



  • sajid iqbal

    if u can not found or delete the smdl2tmp1.asec file, thn u can simply delete the folder name .android_secure which will automatically delete the smdl2tmp 1.asec file.
    i also did the same and its work for me.
    first of all i unmount the sd card then i install the ASTRO File manager.. and the then any application like skype ... after this i delete the folder name .android_secure.. after this i mount the card and then in manage application i move the Astro file mangater and skype to sd card .. which works for me...thnx

  • Cat

    Eh.... I'm connected to computer via USB cable, but the files does not show up. I've checked "show hidden folders, drivers" and whatever, unchecked the "hide system operating files" thing but it doesn't show up. Then I tried using ASTRO, but I only get as far as /mnt/sdcard and still nothing shows up at all. Help?

    • Cat

      Now I have managed to get to /mnt/sdcard/.andriod_secure but it keeps saying "reading directories" on ASTRO and isn't loading at all.

  • Wyatt Longjohnson

    thanks so much man! this was super easy to fix, all you need is a pc! :J

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  • yosselyn

    i plugged in my phone and it doesnt show up :(

  • rap

    Thanks! This solved a problem I've been having for quite a while.

  • Vincent L.

    Thank you soooooo much! My phone was not installing anything, and this solved it! Thank you again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rawcliffe.steve Steve Rawcliffe

    MegaCool -- many thanks, but these sort of acrobatics shouldn't be necessary. If we're on this thread, we're all geeky enough to deal with it, but there must be thousands of users out there who aren't.

  • prudhvi raj

    Thank you for providing the quick and easy solution.

  • Ajamu Mutumwa

    I'd just like to add my thanks for your helpful article. I took the laptop route as I don't have a rooted phone. Worked a treat as I found the offending file immediately. My phone is now downloading properly. Thank you once again.

  • safire

    Awesome...it works .....
    Thanks so much

  • FuzzBeast

    An alternate workaround, not a fix:
    my device (smartq q8 running 4.1.1 - stock) was not showing smdl2tmp1.asec in either place where it could be found, and so the accepted fix for this problem was not available (tried deleting the entire directories where the file could be located, still not successful, unmounting the sd card was also unsuccessful).
    A workaround that I discovered was to load the file on another device and dropbox it to myself, wherein I was able to download it directly to the device and install it.
    Also, for a couple apps I was able to find them in an Aptiode store, and install them from there.
    The apps install fine when run as an .apk, it's something in the install process from the play store.
    This pretty much confirms it is a Play Store issue, and even though it has been around in some incarnation or another since at least 2.2 it still has not been remedied.
    I'm posting this here in hopes that someone who knows the inner workings of Android OS better than I will be able to find the true source of the problem.

  • Ethan

    Thank you guys! Really appreciate it!

  • bobnoakridge

    I have had my LG Optimus V for over a year.I just started having this problem a week ago.Both times this broken file was generated it was when trying to install the Official Facebook app.It will allow some apps to install but blocks others.Any idea as to why this file is broken?Why am I now,after all this time,having this issue?

  • gdouble

    if using link2sd make sure our storage option is set to automatic

  • Raj

    thanks.. it worked... was so irritated before as not able to install anything. thanks to u..

  • daFish15

    Shot bro, worked a treat :D

  • Bogart’s Falcon

    I am not sure if this belongs here but I hope someone can help me.

    I have a rooted EVO 4g (Android v2.2) and until yesterday I have never had any problems downloading/installing apps from Amazon but that seems to have changed as of yesterday.
    On Saturday I was able to download the FAOTD Streetfood Tycoon Extreme. It downloaded successfully but while it was installing I received the error message "Application not installed". I found the apk file in /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.amazon.venezia/cache and tried to reinstall it using both ASTRO and Root Explorer but I received the same error. I tried downloading it several times but the same error shows up. I deleted it from my Appstore list and downloaded it again but still received the same error. I've rebooted the phone, several times, with no success. I've unmounted the SD card and tried to download it but I then get a message "SD card required". I know I have enough room on both the SD card and the RAM (22,347.8 MB/111.0 MB), and I tried the suggestions here but nothing helps.

    Yesterday I downloaded the FAOTD Munch Time. It downloaded and installed but when I click on the icon the program starts, goes to the loading screen for about 15 seconds then shuts down and takes me back to my home screen on the phone. Even though the app is SD compatible I tried moving it back to the phone but the problem persisted.

    I have updated other apps during the same period that I am having problems with these two apps. As a test I have downloaded and installed, the Amazon FAOTD, Where Faries Dwell, which worked without any issues.

    I went to my Android Market account and both apps are supposedly compatible with my phone so I am stumped.

    I am using an older version of the Appstore (v2.6.53) but I don't think that has anything to do with the issues.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • http://www.facebook.com/leonardo.glusman Leonardo Glusman

    If anyone has a problem accessing the folder or files from their phone, connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable that is usually part of the AC adapter and enable the USB storage button that shows up when connected to the computer, then go to > computer > External Hard drive F: (or which ever letter is yours) and nave navigate to the desired folder, delete, add files, etc. At the end eject the phone just like any other USB device..

  • Greg

    I searched high and low for this file. Not only did I not find the file, but the /mnt/secure/ and its /mnt/secure/asec sub directories where both missing. I created both using adb mkdir and the install succeeds. I hope this helps.

  • Jules

    i have a TF700T tablet and i can not find out how to root and it wont let me download my games its driving crazy!!! i can not find that file im doomed HELP

  • Libby

    I went into the files through my computer, and it worked great :)

  • Bucsdk

    I put the sd card in the computer and deleted the file several times but it just reappears immediately. I checked to make sure it wasn't "read only". What do I need to do? Also, I downloaded ES File Explorer but I can't locate the file on the phone.

  • Richard Phillips

    If at all you have used and removed the app called Link2SD try putting
    It back on the device and then going to setting and make sure the storage options is set to automatic. I cured this on my GT-P3110 the tmp file was not found on the device or the External SD. Or maybe this is a cure if you have not used this app.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1462040917 Brian McNeel

    worked great on my OG droid thanks

  • m619

    great help! thanks!

  • crist

    i found the files but i cant delete them any help pleasse

  • crist

    Also the folder Secure and Asec are on the device not the sdcard. i tried to remove it with Astro but i couldnt pleasse help!!

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  • Mae

    my phone is LG L3, and recently, it was reprogrammed due to some software fault... now that I have it back, i tried re-installing the games I had before it was reprogrammed, but, after it(the games) was downloaded, this error ("couldn't install on usb storage or sd card") would always(as in ALWAYS) appear. what should I do? I already tried looking for the smdl2tmp1.asec file but i can't find it.. already tried inserting it to my laptop, .android_secure, still can't find it.. i've also tried unmounting my sd card but it didn't help... :( I'm desperate now. Can someone help me? PLEASE! :(

  • idunnocrapaboutandroid

    whew thanx man... believe it or not, u just saved my life.. :)

  • jaime adinson

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  • emez

    Just unmount the external SD Card
    Install on the Internal SD
    Update the app
    ReMount the CARD

  • Johnny B Goode

    This tutorial was extremely helpful I was wondering for months why my phone wouldn't let me install apps from Google Play, but the only thing I'm still curious about is that Facebook managed to install even when I had this issue with other apps hmm

  • http://www.blazewebstudio.co.za/ Geoffrey Gordon

    Thanks worked beautifully for me :)

  • nateton

    tnx it worked

    • Anthony Francis

      Just doesnt work. mount, unmount, can't find the file. Everything tried and tested. Tried two different gmail accounts too :(

  • Ali Sami

    please please please help me Ican't find smdl2tmp1 please I use root explorer,Astro,root browser and I cant unmont SD card because I have xperia p please

    • Cherry_Chocolate

      I have an Xperia Play, and I can unmount the SD card, but I can't find that file anywhere, I have followed all directions in this thread, i can't download anything because it will keep saying "unable to install on USB or SD card". this only just started happening when i tried to update a game. i have deleted other games and things that i haven't used from my SD card and the internal storage for my phone. nothing works. HELP ME PLEASE!!

      • archu

        try formating ur sd card using pc..ths helped me..dnt forgt to save ur imp data smwhr..best luck

  • metroiddragon2

    It depends on the model of your phone to mine is a LG-P769. After download it says invalid package.

  • Guest

    I can't see the folder even checking the show hidden files on control panel. please help sorry for bad english

  • waylastickszx

    I can't see the smdl2tmp1.asec file even checking the show hidden files on control panel. please help sorry for bad english

  • iztok

    I also have the same problem, Couldn't install on the USB storage or SD card. I tried all this solution, but doesn't work at me. I searched the file named smdl2tmp1.asec on all folders, but didn' findt it. I tried to find it on computer (tablet connected to PC with option show hidden and systems files), but no luck. I also tried to install with unmounted SD card (install on internal memory), but no luck. Does anybody some more ideas how to solve this problem? I have tablet XORO PAD 730.

    • Denny Agung

      This work for me..... if you using JB, than you're usiang usb storage and sd card right. than what you have to do is connect your tablet to a pc. after you do that connect you storage to your pc. now, after what left is the phone storage, instal the app you're trying install. there.., it solve mine hope it will you to.

      • MYO

        Hi Denny ... I was trying with both method methods but cant find the files as well as cant unmount .. Thanks million your way work for me .. BIG THANKS YOU ...

  • FrothFrenzy

    Hey, this shit is really working.

    Science, fuck yeah!

  • Pakistan

    Go to Setting >> Storage >> Unmount SD card... Press ok

    Thats it

  • Pakistan

    Go to Setting >> Storage >> Unmount SD card... Press ok

    Thats it

  • Andrew Page

    Fully powering off a device(e.g. holding the power button until it asks you if you want to "Power Off" or "Restart") seems to be effective too.

  • lagah

    For the SAMSUNG GALAXY SII (mine...): PERFORM A SOFT RESET!! It worked perfectly for me! Remember: the smdl2tmp1.asec is a temporary file... So, a soft reset should work... Good luck!

    A soft reset deletes any temporary files and can potentially free up internal memory. How to do it:
    1. Press and hold the Power key, tap Power off, and then tap OK to turn your Samsung Galaxy S II off.
    2. Remove the battery. After 30 seconds, reinsert the battery.
    3. Press and hold the Power key to turn your Samsung Galaxy S II back on.
    4. Test your device to see if the issue is resolved.

    • Adaptx

      christ almighty: after digging through my phone, my laptop, my sd card, tearing down the house for a sd card reader, a soft reset was all i needed..... thanks for the advice, shoud've been the first thing I tried

    • Adaptx

      christ almighty: after digging through my phone, my laptop, my sd card, tearing down the house for a sd card reader, a soft reset was all i needed..... thanks for the advice, shoud've been the first thing I tried

  • Nkosi Dean

    Ok, I found a solution that worked for me, and will hopefully work for some of you.
    For me, there was no such folder called, "/sdcard/.android_secure", but the second folder, "/mnt/secure/asec/" did exist. I found that the file that the article tells us to DELETE did not exist, but I still could not install certain apps from the store. So, I CREATED the file "smdl2tmp1.asec" in the folder "/mnt/secure/asec/" and the problem SEEMS to have gone away. One app I've been trying to install suddenly installed successfully when I CREATED that file in the aforementioned folder, because it DID NOT already exist.

    tl;dr Create the file "smdl2tmp1.asec" in "/mnt/secure/asec/" if the file already did not exist in the second mentioned folder. I hope this is helpful to other people.

    Also, this could be a solution to an unrelated issue that causes the same problem.

  • Dái Hề

    All the methods didn't work for me. I tried to clear data of Play Store and it works. Hope this helps.

    • Giullio Barreto

      Same here. First tried to clear cache but clearing data resolved for me.
      (Mesma coisa. Primeiro tentei limpar o cache mas limpar os dados resolveu.)

  • masked guy

    weLL i couLdnt find that smdl2tmp1.asec fiLe at aLL either..
    but this what works for me..i cLeared aLL of my apps chache from storage menu in settings..and it works Like a charm..so it seems came from my previousLy uninstaLLed apps..Leave the junks behind..i dont even know how thats connected though..LoL..
    so hope this heLps for those who have the same probLem as mine..
    regards from indonesia ^_^

  • Ron

    Alleluia! And thank you!

  • MrManDude

    If I simply putt in an SD card would that work?

  • latuya

    After going crazy trying to find "smdl2tmp1.asec" with different browser apps I was about to give up and go for a factory reset.
    I decided to try reinstalling the software (whatsapp, in my case) after removing the sd card from the phone.
    It worked perfectly!!

  • robertm43

    Thank you. I deleted the temporary file and success!

  • D

    my situation is worse. First i tried to delete the file "smdl2tmp1.asec" and "smdl2tmp2.asec" it worked for 1 app download and now the same error pops up even after removing the file(s) again. Any solution that the file keeps aways or a totally other solution?

  • Gary

    What if you can't root your phone?

  • sclater

    Had the same issue on my sons MSI Primo73 tablet. Turned out one of the games that downloaded extra data corrupted files on the internal SD card. The internal sd card is around 9gb and the total file size was 78gb. Had to wipe the SD card to fix the issue.

  • bian

    I've downloaded astro, but I cant fine .android_secure. Why is that?