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Today, for the first time ever, my EVO 4G had an unexpected failure installing updates for some of my Android apps. All update attempts would inevitably end in an almost instant failure with the message that read:

Installation error

Couldn't install on USB storage or SD card


The weird part was that some apps installed OK but some got stuck in a perma-fail mode and could no longer be updated. After mucking around for a bit, I dug into the logs and found the following relevant log line:

Failed to create secure container smdl2tmp1

Aha! Now what the heck is smdl2tmp1?

After digging around the Internet some more, I found that the problem is caused by a temporary file called smdl2tmp1.asec that is used during some installations (I think of apps that are movable to SD) but does not get deleted for some reason, most notably when you run out of space. Because of this, the system can't create it and treats it as an error, rather than figuring out that it's stale and simply deleting it.

The solution? Go and delete smdl2tmp1.asec yourself. From what I can tell, it could reside in 2 locations:

  1. /sdcard/.android_secure - this is an invisible folder on your SD card, which you can access with any file manager, like ASTRO
  2. /mnt/secure/asec/ - access to this folder requires root and a program like Root Explorer

Look for smdl2tmp1.asec in these folders and delete any ones you see. Deleting it seems to be a safe enough operation - it's just a temporary file after all. Once you've done that, all the update problems should go away:

I/logwrapper(  170): /system/bin/newfs_msdos terminated by exit(0)
I/PackageHelper(15175): Created secure container smdl2tmp1 at /mnt/asec/smdl2tmp1
I/DefContainer(15175): Created container for smdl2tmp1 at path : /mnt/asec/smdl2tmp1
I/DefContainer(15175): Copied /cache/32.apk to /mnt/asec/smdl2tmp1/pkg.apk
I/DefContainer(15175): Finalized container smdl2tmp1
I/DefContainer(15175): Unmounting smdl2tmp1 at path /mnt/asec/smdl2tmp1

Later on, I found this bug discussing the situation and slamming Google left and right for not fixing this problem and requiring users to look for random files on their phones, which I wholeheartedly agreed with.

Oh well, at least my phone is healthy again, and I hope yours is too, as you probably found this page while looking for a solution.

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • Stuart

    That is so freaking g weird! I had a different issue about 2 months ago and had to delete that file and now this exact error started happening on my phone yesterday too. Cheers for that :)

    • George

      Here is the EASY FIX... I couldn't re-install "Angry Birds Seasons' because of these same errors. Simple... #1 Unmount the SD card. #2 install the (in my case) Angry Birds Seasons program. It will install without amy errors... #3 re-mount the SD card.. #4 move the program from the phone to the SD card... THAT'S IT!... No deleting hard to find files... It should work with the other programs people were trying to update, install and or re-install... Enjoy... (0:

      • ProphetZarquon

        I tried that. It worked for one app at a time, but didn't clear up the corrupted file on the SD card. The next app exhibited the same behavior. Deleting with a PC (Windows, Linux or Mac) seems to be the only fix.
        Android seems incapable of handling this error itself unless root access has been set up. A permanent fix from Google is needed. Or just give everyone a toggle for root access in the settings. (LOL!)

        • George

          I think your right... my way only does 1 program at a time... I guess I'll break down and take the time to do it once & for all... Google really needs to fix this!

      • rho

        The unmount install then remount work but I still have the issue where i can't move any apps to the sd card. I had an 8g and was able to move apps to sd car and ran out of space so then i upgraded to 16g now none of the apps will move to the sd card. What do i do? My phone is not rooted so apps 4 rooted devices will not work.

    • WERTYU

      never worked. deleted the folder and its gone. but same error. even got a new one! toink

      • http://ravindukuru.moonfruit.com Ravindu

        thats the whole point, worked perfectly for me.

  • mike

    I got my supersonic 7/23. Never had one problem. Then back in September I start to notice the same issue you are referring to. My phone said "installation error 18. Unknown error" this continued for over a month all the while I've been posting questions on different sites. Nothing! At the time I had pocket legends on my phone which seemed to update every other day. Finally someone on the market help site my question was answered. Same stupid file. The one difference is I wasn't close to being low on space. Phone wasn't rooted with numerous backups. Now it is. It happened again back in February but this time I knew what to do. This drove me bonkers!

  • http://kenkinder.com/ Ken

    Hmmm, I sporadically get that error, but I see neither of those files. I suspect there's more to the story, but it's definitely something like a race condition.

    • Force.

      If you are trying to find the file via a phone based browser it won't work you need to find the file using a computer when your phone is plugged up. Hope it works :)

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Actually, you can find it in ASTRO by enabling "Show Hidden Files" in its preferences.

        • Force.

          In my experience changing that setting only showed the android secure folder not the file inside it you need to delete, though I am writing this from memory (this happened to me a few months ago) so I of course may be mistaken.

        • s

          the problem is that i can't install astro... so what can i do?

        • Bernie

          I did exactly what you just wrote but when I went to preferences, I don't see "Show Hidden Files" at all.

        • shx59

          but how to install ASTRO? when u can't install anything?

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Afraid you should already have a file manager installed prior to this. Otherwise, use a computer to get rid of the file.

        • Bernie

          I finally solved the problem using my MAC laptop. Since I couldn't find it via phone, I did search on my laptop for the file I needed to delete. Once I found it, I deleted then re-boot my phone. After that, I can happily download some games especially my Papaya games :-)

        • jay

          Unable to find yet,even show hiddn files pref not availabl on astro

      • rho

        Ok how do u do that exactly. I plugged in my usb and open up the drive but it just shows folders that i can see thru astro on the phone. I have show hidden files checked on pc folders and did the search box under the drive and it found nothing for smdl2tmp1

      • omar romero

        thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally it works !!!!!!!!!

  • chiDan

    Thank you! I just started having this issue on the dell streak 7!

  • Chopper Joe

    I've had this problem (app-specific) on my Evo since the original release of Angry Birds.

    A practical work-around for unrooted is to unmount the SD card and then install or apply update. It's a pain, but usually works.

  • Tucker

    I have had this problem for a long time on my Droid X. I have been trying to find a fix for this for a very long time, so I'll have to try this out.
    I have found a work around for the android market is simply to unmount the sd card, download or update the app and then mount the sd card. This is the only way I have been able to download some apps while others download fine. On the Amazon market did the same thing and I had to use a different sd card to download the app and then move the app to my phone, then I could reinstall and remount my original sd card. I hope this helps ppl who don't want to mess around with files.

    • Tucker

      Ok, i just checked Astro and found the .android_secure folder. When I opened it, it was empty. I don't have root explorer, so I guess I will just have to keep doing the annoying unmount and mounting the sd card.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Try File Expert https://market.android.com/details?id=xcxin.filexpert. It is like Root Explorer but free.

        • Tucker

          Awesome, this made my day, found the file and deleted it, tested out some apps i know were effected by this by uninstalling and reinstalling. I will now guide everybody else i know with this problem to this site.

        • rg

          This one really worked!! Several months ago i had the same broblem, when i downloaded file expert i was able to find the file quick.. then it happened again, this time i couldn't see the file then i went to show hidden files, but it didn't say hidden files it was something el n vuala i found it.. thanks everyone

        • Varun

          Hey my usb cannot connect to my lappie.saying wants a software

        • Ayesha

          Hey.. I downloaded this and viewed files on my sd card using it. android_secure did appear, but it was STILL empty. I just got this phone today and judging by how old this thread is, they still haven't fixed the problem!!!

      • Mary

        Please help me. I did everything with Astro, found the file, tried to delete it, and it said " error cannot delete file. Will you please help me?

        • mikevo

          Mary hook your phone up to your computer. Then search for the file like its stated above. Its happened 3x to my evo. Once before root and twice after root.

  • jack`

    2 weeks ago i had that problem on my thunderbolt. i called htc and they told me my card was corrupt. they walked me through finding that file and deleting it. worked like a charm. now my sisters dx is doing the same thing. she will call and find how to locate the file. it was weird if i moved the app to my phone from the sd card it would update. if i kept the app on the sd and tried to update it would error - 18. this drove me crazy for a week. there must be something putting this file in peoples sd cards.

  • Jeanne

    I downloaded astro looked I'm the area this person suggested and nothing. So as someone else said who also couldn't find the suggested file, there its more to this. (mytouch slide android 2.2) I tried to update a game air hockey, that is when I got the error, them I tried to download that reactor game for 2 players, and got the error again. does android market (google) know about this?

    • Force.

      You need to go to ". android_secure" when your phone is plugged up to a computer as the file won't show on astro :).

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Actually, you can find it in ASTRO by enabling "Show Hidden Files" in its preferences > Look and Feel.

        • Kirk

          the "Show Hidden Files" didn't work for me, I had to use my computer

        • Peter Knight

          Tried using Astro on my Ace . No good. Will try on pc tonight

        • shz59

          "Show Hidden Files" option not found on ASTRO, coudnot find the file...

          Any other option except connecting to pc???

      • BlackTattoo

        this worked for me, i couldnt find file on phone so i had to connect to pc,thanks all fo help

        • shz59

          yes!!! connecting to pc works... even if you just connect ur SD card to PC, U can still find the file and delete it.

          And the problem gets solved!!!

  • Paul Hanover

    Just wanted to say thank you! I was experiencing this exact problem for the last few days and your fix worked exactly as described. The temp file was in /mnt/secure/asec. You've also saved me going down a blind alley as I had recently upgraded my ROM and thought that was the issue.

  • Mojambo

    Thanks! This has annoyed me to the point that I have just given up and deleted some apps. Never even put together that it was only ones I had mounted.


    Call me slow, but I cannot figure out where to find this "smdl2tmp1". I connected my phone to my computer, and HTC Sync. I then used my phone to look under Astro file--SD card, asec, and secure---nothing found. I tried File expert also and found nothing either----should I be using my phone to search file connected to PC?? If I should be using PC, where do I find this on the PC? I have an HTC EVO shift. Any help is GREATLY appreciated, as I cannot download anything anymore without the error message described. Much thanks again!!!!!!!

    • Chopper Joe

      Use a file manager that is for your PC, not phone. I use Directory Opus but Windows Explorer should work.

      The "connect to PC" method people described here worked for me and thanks to all.

      • VINNY

        Awesome--Windows Explorer worked and I'm now good to go!!! Thanks Chopper Joe, and everyone else.

      • Bernie

        I have a MAC so where can I find it?

  • http://isabellmiao.blogspot.com Isabellmiao

    OMG I've been having this problem for almost a week now and you are my lifesaver!

  • vj

    thanks a lot...i have been having this annoying problem for a while now and it is solved now by deleting the specified file. ASTRO did not detect the file. So had to connect it to the PC to delete the file

  • Ravish

    Hi, I am using samsung galaxy ace. I changed my sd card today ( Transcend-8 GB card). i tried to install some app and I started getting this error. .android_secure folder is empty. There are no asec files in there. I tried moving one of my app from phone to card but It was unsuccessfull

  • Bob Filarowski

    I am having the same problem with my Droid Eris (freshly rooted to Froyo 2.2). Some games and apps install, while others don't.

    Looking for smdl2tmp1.asec has been a headache!

    I've searched the phone with File Explorer, and connected it to my Win 7 PC, showing hidden files and folders along the way.

    What do I look for when using Windows Explorer? I'm stuck!!!

    • Force.

      Using windows explorer go to the folder .android_secure then find and delete smdl2tmp1.asec

      • Bob F4

        Already tried that, connected to the PC via USB cable. Switched settings to show hidden files and folders, too. That folder is empty.

      • Bob F4

        Also searched the SD card in Win 7 for ANY file with the suffix .asec - no such file exists on the SD card.

  • Samir Rathod

    thank you, it works as you said.

  • Psyco

    Yes, many thanks. Your post is gold. My phone install apps again without problem.

    • noelia

      I have a question you have the palm pixi plus is there any apps I can put on my phone to edit and make my pics cool like writing on them

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


      • Rohit R

        ummm this is androidpolice.com, not webOSpolice.com haha

      • http://mendicantbug.com Jason Adams

        This has the ring of a spambot, or else an amazon mechanical turk drone post.

      • http://www.connexxion9.com blast0id-_-b

        yes, just install ANDROID on your phone (you could be the first!) then download any of the "cool pic" apps from the market... pretty simple really once you get past installing android on your WebOS device...

  • mofosplefe

    So I couldn't find the file you were talking about but I found another way which I find it the simplest way imaginable. But I'm not sure if it works just by having an internal SD card.

    So what I did is that.. I download the apps as usual from the market store and when it's about to install, I mount my phone to the laptop hence forcing it to install in my external SD card. And once it's done, I just unmount and it'll be there.

    Hopefully this can help you guys too.

  • http://- AE777

    Found that file in mntsecureasec
    Deleted, and the problem is gone.

  • Mitch

    Thank you so much! I've had this problem for two weeks and it was so frustrating! Thanks for the awesome guide!

  • Chelsea

    This was so helpful! Thank you for posting it! I couldn't figure out why my phone wouldn't update things or download other apps! Now it does! :)

  • BobbyPhoenix

    Just want to say my thanks. I had 19 apps I couldn't update. All did now once I deleted that file. :-)

  • Matt l

    Fixed my problem .... what the heck Google

  • abomai

    worked for my, thanks a lot!

  • tlphipps

    Just another "worked for me" post. Thanks!!!

  • Ben

    Thanks man! This bug has been annoying me for the last few days--was about to take it to the Verizon store but decided to do a quick Google search first. You saved me a lot of hassle!

  • ProphetZarquon

    So, given that both fixes require connecting to a PC (USB Storage mode, or to establish root access - file CANNOT be accessed by Android without root), and swapping to memory or unmounting is a temporary fix at best, can we expect a more permanent fix from Google?

    I've found Android to be pretty dependent on connecting to a PC for advanced services. Thanks to clever 3rd party programmers I only had to wait six months for MPEG2 playback, eight months for working 3G video chat and one year for multitrack video editing. I use the Evo (stock 2.2 Froyo) as a PC replacement, so that's a disappointing time frame, but I find iOS even more limiting & can't live with the hardware offered by theirPhone, so here I am.

    With recent updates breaking many Google apps and forcing unwanted bloatware (even spyware) onto my already overused phone, I'm finally ready to lay hands on a Windows PC and unlock root, if not change ROMs altogether. I also wonder if later Android versions will still require this fix on occasion.

    Has anyone running 2.3 Gingerbread, or Honeycomb experienced this issue?

  • Tracy

    Thanks for this. I had a problem with my SD card a few weeks back and thought this had something to do with that. Anyway Astro and File Expert couldn't find the file on my phone so I did as instructed and found it by linking phone up to PC and found it through explorer, very easily I might add. Everything is downloading and updating as it should now. Thanks again Artem Russakovski and Android police, next time I have a problem this is the first place I'll look for an answer.

  • Nick

    Thank you thank you!

  • http://www.china-connection.it Marco53

    Thanks a lot! After erasing the 'smdl2tmp1.asec 'on my SD card I was enable agian to successfully install apps on my phone/SD card (App 2 SD)

  • jumsumtak

    Thanks a great lot... !! it was bugging me like hell...!!

  • morciba

    Doesn't work. There aren't smdl2tmp1.asec file.

    Brand new Galaxy Ace with froyo. When I was tried to install my first application on new phone, error appear. Tried with 2 different new SD cards.

    Any ideas?

    • ProphetZarquon

      As mentioned before, the phone can't show you the file unless you have enabled root access. Use a computer with the phone in USB mode.

      If this is your first app install, and you have never moved an app to SD, it sounds like this issue is unrelated to yours. Take it to your carrier's service location and have them try.

      • morciba

        Problem solved. Everything works fine after installation without SIM card.

  • rebecca

    I nearly chucked my G2 out the car window onto the highway. Thanks for your help! It took weeks to find an accurate solution and once I found your post I was done in 5 minutes. Thanks!!!!!!

  • Skuper88

    This worked out great. I plugged in to my computer went to files and found the one that said smdl2tmp1. I unplugged and tried to update apps that would not update and right away everything went through and problem solved.

  • bws

    Just wanna say thank you. You may want to try Root Explorer.

  • sarah

    wow i cant believe it really worked
    i first unmounted the sd card and then installed a game which would not download and it did, then :-)
    after i connected my phone to my pc and searched for smdl2tmp1.asec and deleted it and now not only get to download games unable to but it also updates applications now!! thankyou so so so much :-)

  • katie

    when i connect to my pc, i see the .android_secure folder, but there is nothing in it. i try to delete just the folder itself, but it always comes back. any help is appreciated. i'm really new to all of this.

  • julia

    Thank you! I couldn't find it using Astro, even when it shows hidden files. But when I hooked it up to my computer I found it, deleted it, and now the apps are installing without a problem:-)

  • RandyB

    Browsing for the file through windows explorer worked for me. Thanks for the tip!

  • Bisquick

    This was strange. Connected to my Mac I couldn't even see the .android_secure folder, which I knew was there because I could see it with File Expert. Tried searching for the smdl2tmp1 file and no luck. Connected it to my work PC and there is was. Anyone know why this is? (Aside from the oh so tired "PC vs Mac blah blah blah" diatribe?)

    Worked like a champ, BTW.

    • ProphetZarquon

      Mac is usually set up (by default) to hide files and folders which start with a ".", such as .android_secure or .system

      These are usually system folders and Mac hides them to keep you from deleting important files.

      PC does the same thing with a file attribute instead.

      You can go to your Mac System Preferences and fix this, or just start up a virtual Windows instance to view the SD card.

  • Eno

    solved in my optimus one :) in my case it was in the secure/asec folder. installed Root Explorer deleted file and done. 30 seconds job. great advice thanks

    PS: it also solved my installing from SD problems.

  • israel

    hi there just wanna say thank you for this soulution.. i was wanting to throw my phone away for 2 major reasons.. one is this and the other is google has been keeping us hanging on the gingerbread update.. i´m using nexus one... i reside here in spain so unfortunately the OTA update is not yet available..have frg83d...maybe u can help me.. million thanks

  • http://qkwqe harry

    Thanx, find the file with root explorer!
    great post, now i can install some apps :)

  • http://aberdeenklein.blogspot.com aklein

    you're awesome!!!
    thanks for the info!!!!

    if you dont want to install root explorer, you could just access the memory card using the computer
    that's what i did... :)

  • Haanka

    this is very helpful
    Solved the problem

  • Joe

    Been having this problem on and off for a couple weeks with updating certain games. Like Angry Birds for one, all versions of it. Found this site, removed the file on the droid x2 in the android secure folder on internal storage via the built in file explorer on the X2 and Boom, it updated perfectly. Thank YOU!

  • DroidRage

    This solved my issues! Thank you so much :)

  • WL

    Solved. Thanks!!!

  • Crawlforth

    Another "thanks it worked post", this was seriously bothering me. I did have to connect my phone to a PC to see the file and delete it. Thanks again.

  • Wendy

    Thanks you so much~~~

  • danny

    Just saying thanks, this was driving me nuts for weeks......
    Just a small correction, and warning....
    ppl should not delete their .android_secure folder, which is in /mnt/sdcard....
    This contains hidden symlinks to your SD card contents, apps, etc. This is part of the App2SD, I think mainly Froyo...
    the contents are entirely hidden, by design, when checking with file managers, even on rooted devices, wth root explorer, astro, etc.
    The only app I have found which will give the contents of .android_secure, from your device, is Storage Analyser:

  • K

    Yes, finally I was able to fix this problem, thanks everybody giving tips here! I installed 3 of those file manager apps (Astro, and 2 others) but I still wasn't able to find the file on my phone, also not through my Mac. So for the first time I used a Windows computer instead of my Macbook because the Macbook didn't work lol :P well anyway, I found the file, deleted it, and problem fixed!

  • Zackarius

    i found and deleted the file but it still won't let me install certain apps from my phone web browser that aren't in the market

    • BobbyPhoenix

      Make sure you have "Unknown sources" checked when you go to the Applications menu in settings. That will allow you to install non-Market apps.

  • JohnnyBoy

    Thank-you. I got worried because I couldn't download any file explorers but after taking out the sd and looking via my PC, I was good to go.

  • erica

    how do i uninstall it i dnt like it, its making my ph frezz and kills the battery

  • Ed

    Thanks people.My wife's phone has been like this for a fortnight (samsung Galaxy Ace).She loves ya!!!!

  • chris

    Thanks Artem! That worked for me. Appreciate it.

  • Muzzy

    Hey thanks man. Been trying to update my apps for a few days now, couldn't do it or download any new apps. Deleted that rascal, now its all working fine. Thanks a lot.

  • luna

    thanks so much..
    my galaxy ace can install app now :)

  • Jim

    Great article. Fixed me right up. Thanks!

  • Matthew Dey

    Excellent, thanks for the help... unmount card, install S/W, and all is well...

  • steve

    Worked a treat, cheers boyo.

  • iris

    What about the phone storage?my galaxy mini has already low space even if i had only installed few apps. Now i want to format it so that i could delete the hidden unfinished downloads but i dont know how to do it. I have already suffering for this problem for 3weeks now! Please help me

  • Jerry

    Great Solution, Thanks

  • Jacki H. in Mesa, AZ

    I plugged my SD card into my PC and deleted the smdl2tmp1.asec file off of the diretory from there. In just the last few minutes since, I've successfully installed three apps onto my phone that previously would not install at all. SWEET!

    • Waseem

      Thanx buddy, Thanks a lot...Solved my problem

  • roamin

    Fix works on my Motorola Cliq 2. Thanks!

  • Bernie

    Okay I do give up. I cannot find that darn file. I have a MAC, I connected my phone and I still cannot find the file. I can live without those games but what's driving me crazy is, I cannot figure out where the file is and I did everything that I read in here and nothing.

    • ProphetZarquon

      To make Finder display hidden files on a Mac, open Terminal and type:

      defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

      Then restart Finder by typing:

      killall Finder

      There are other methods to show hidden files on a Mac, but this is by far the simplest I've seen. Search Google for other methods if necessary.

  • quico

    In 4 words: You Are the Man!!!!!

  • Jas

    This workaround worked for a while, but the problem file keeps popping up. Anyone know what causes this file to be created in the first place, and why it actually stops apps from being installed on the SD card?

  • BobbyPhoenix

    If you have this issue, and you don't yet have a file manager, and you can't install one because of it, either remove the SD card, or unmount it, and then you can download and install on the phone itself. Put back (or remount) the SD card, and then find and delete the file.

  • Cailan

    Omg thank you so much

  • Target

    Fuck yeah! Finally works! Thanks

  • Michael

    Solution does not work on the Revolution cannot fin the file to remove. Still getting "couldn't install on usb storage or sd card" error.

  • http://georgepeterson.me george

    Dude thank you this worked.

    I had to use terminal (none of my file explorers saw anything in /mnt/secure/asec)

    rm /mnt/secure/asec/smdl2tmp1.asec

  • Tabitha

    I just hooked my droid up to my pc and went to windows explorer. Then I clicked on E: file then did a search for the file you had mentioned. It popped right up and I deleted it. And now....it works. Downloaded 18 files that had been not installing. The date on the smdl2tmp1.asec file was sometime in August. Thank you very much for this info.

    • Tabitha

      Actually not replying, just adding. Well my victory was short lived. The same problem is occurring again. It has something to do with the latest update to The Market. I even went into the apps manager and uninstalled the latest updates and that helped one time. Then I guess Market updates itself. So back to same problem again :( There must be a more permanent solution out there.

  • schmecher

    OMG, it worked! I thought it was a compatibility issue. Thanks! BTW, it was located in my main directory not in any of those sub directories you listed. Now if I could only get this GPS fixed...

  • http://www.danodemano.com Dan

    Thanks so much for this! The wifey's droid X was having this problem and I was able to delete that file and all was well. Thanks again!!

  • Danne

    I've tried with all of the mentioned apps above, but it can't find it, so I'm going to try it on my Windows PC.

  • eagleye321

    got this message today on a replacement phone (trying to install all of the same programs I had on my broken phone). this worked perfectly! thank you for the help!

  • Kristi

    You are awesome! Thanks! it is working.

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    Thanks worked great. Just plugged my phone to my PC. Found the file and deleted it.


    5 stars for this solution.

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    Artem Russakovskii, your a genius.

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    This worked perfectly, thank you!

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    Awesome!! was ready to tear my hair out; thank god for the internet to find solutions, and an even bigger thanks to guys like you for putting it out there helping the rest of us :) Cheers

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  • eric

    I noticed quite a few people bringing up Angry Birds, I just downloaded the paid seasons version off amazon last night. I moved it to the SD card last night and today I got the error this post it about. Not sure how the software works, but could this be caused by angry birds? Probably has nothing to do with it and it is just because the game is so popular that it gets mentioned. I have notice Seasons crashes a lot but maybe its just my old moto droid a855.

  • Jude

    Hi, I deleted the file smdl2tmp1 & installed file expert. Subsequently I tried downloading angry birds, but i got message "insufficent space on the device". My phone memory is having around 25 MB free space and my external memory is having more than 1 GB free space. Please help.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Miskella1988 MiskyBoyy

    Had to do it via Windows Explorer on my p.c but it worked perfectly. Thank you :)

  • ciarpame

    You saved my day, thank you very much

  • dclaar

    Thank you! Worked great. Helped me maintain my tech cred. :-)

  • Me

    Thank you so much, have had this issue for a while now, and this fixed it!

    My Astro was not working because of this bug, and I mounted it on my PC and deleted the file from there. Now everything works fine.

  • BL

    Most excellent. Great find.

  • CJ

    THANKS!!! It worked like a treat - found it with a search on mac, trashed it and now working! Fabulous.

  • http://profiles.google.com/nasir8891 naisr khan

    solved my problem too. :)

  • http://www.graphicillustrator.co.uk Milarky

    setting: applications -> manage applications -> market -> clear cache.

    works no need to search and delete files

    • Martti

      This solution does not work on my android...

  • Mohammad

    This troubleshooting Working nice on Dell Venue Android 2.2.. After searching for the file via PC and deleting it..


  • jirhe

    Worked like a charm many thanks

  • Paul

    Thank you very much! :D onli had 1 of them files on my HTC desire, deleted it and everything is working perfect thanks again!

  • Martti

    Ok, I tried to find the damn file with the file manager - nothing, and also it wasn't visible in my PC either. I'm really running out of ideas here...

  • clokwork

    Thank you for this. I was pretty pissed when I couldn't troubleshoot it myself.

  • David

    Great post... Worked like a charm!!!

  • Katherine

    Thank you 100 times over!

    The problem started this morning with 3 apps that wouldn't update, by this evening I was up to 10. I couldn't find the file using Astro but was successful hooking my HTC Incredible up to my netbook and deleating it using Windows Explorer.

    Once the file was removed I had to update 20 apps but happily they all download and installed without any issues.

    Now if only you could solve my sporatic "application data space is low issue"...

  • Katherine

    Thank you 100 times over!

    The problem started this morning with 3 apps that wouldn't update, by this evening I was up to 10. I couldn't find the file using Astro but was successful hooking my HTC Incredible up to my netbook and deleating it using Windows Explorer.

    Once the file was removed I had to update 20 apps but happily they all download and installed without any issues.

    Now if only you could solve my sporatic "application data space is low issue".

  • bloodwave55

    FOR PC USERS with the "smdl2tmp1.asec" problem...

    1) Hook your phone up to your computer, via USB
    2) "Turn on USB storage"
    3) Open the SD folder (Removable Disk)
    4) Find and click ".android_secure" this should be one of the first on the list


    Type "smdl2tmp1.asec" on the SEARCH REMOVABLE DISK option
    5) Then just right click adn delete "smdl2tmp1.asec"

    After this I was able to download/install apps without the pop-up :)!

    Good luck!

  • JB

    A royal pain in the rear for a non-tech. But it worked and the apps are updating as I type. many thanks

  • Will

    Another major thanks, this worked great. Had to hook it up to my PC in Mass Storage Mode, but getting rid of that file did it. Cheers.

  • E B

    Thanx Dude that shit was startin to piss me off.

  • FFrancesco

    Thank you, it worked perfectly on a Optmus One LG. I've used my Linux Mint laptop, showing hidden files, and deleted that temp file. Nice!

  • Akshat

    it was easy to do that found this file under
    mnt folder...thanks a lot mate.. cheers

  • whitakercrew

    Thank you so much!!!! Worked perfectly for my vortex, I was beginning to regret rooting until I found your solution

  • Ron Amadeo


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    Wow it works! Thanks!

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    thx you so much it solved my problem

  • T0

    Please help me like the others. I use galaxy ace and today I started having the same problem with the smdl2tmp1. So i turned on usb storage and connected my phone to the PC but than i look into .android_secure, i can not see anything named like smdl2tmp1. i se otherthings, all names of apps, but i cant see smdl2tmp1. Please help me, I am very unhappy and sad....

    • T0

      hmm. I turned my phone off and turned it again and THEN i started looking through the PC for smdl2tmp1. but i tried to odwnload something and it WORKED! i dont know if it is because turning off or because great windows explorer. can somebody explain me please?

    • Bmcvan

      Using a LG Optimus x2 and the file was in the internal "sd-card" not the external sd-card! In that folder you wrote.... now my phone works again... nice... Huge thanks...... really needed this

  • Rama

    Worked for me. You rock. thank you.

  • sivasai

    I am facing the same problem- "Couldn't install on USB storage or SD card"
    I tried to find smdl2tmp1 file but it is not present. Can anyone suggest me how to fix this problem. I need to install few number of apps and not able to do due to this error.
    My mobile model is samsung galaxy ace.

  • Kalpesh nakar

    Thanks dear this realy working & now i am able to download the updates....just one + point...pls try to delete filewith help of u r computer.....

    Kalpesh nakar

  • mike

    the problem is the new updater android market,,its many bug must fixes ,,

  • Mass

    Fixed a problem ive had all week! Thanks!

  • Brian

    Woo Hoo! You're a geeeeeenius. It was getting pretty annoying to have all these alerts saying "fail, fail, fail!".

  • Jack

    i cant thank u so much i was about to burn my phone it was getting so gay download that appp works pro

  • JuGGaLo420

    AWESOME!!! Works like a charm now. Thanks for the help. For those of who having troubles, make sure you have "show hidden files and folders" option selected in windows. I tried deleting the file while my phone was connected to my computer and it wouldn't delete it. I had to unmount the card and put it in a card reader to be able to delete the file. All updates are finally done! Thanks again!!

  • Buzpmp

    yet another reason to switch to iPhone! Tired of this kind of bs.

  • txgreg

    I have a rooted N1. I was having this problem for the first time and like others could not find the smdl2tmp1.asec file. I rebooted my phone, went back to the market and the app updates started to install. What I think happened in my case is that I was updating many apps at the same time. I think when one app tries to create the smdl2tmp1 file and overlaps with another app it stops installing to the SD card for all apps. Just my thoughts.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/04/19/fixing-the-couldnt-install-on-usb-storage-or-sd-card-problem-on-android/#comment_post Andy

    worked for me..thanks!

  • Alex

    Thanks so much! That fixed it! :)

  • bozbelle

    It almost driving me crazy for cannot installing any app at all after downloaded them.
    The problem starts when I type a wrong command on terminal emulator:
    quote "
    pm disable
    " unquote
    Then I did exactly what you wrote, (except I found the smdl2tmp 1 when I connect my Galaxy Ace froyo rooted to PC) and deleted this file right away. And thanks God (only HE knows how greatful I am) my problem is fixed.

    Thank you again!!!!

  • android seems to suck

    This is not working for me... I can't install astro, and root costs money and seem to be complicated and not risk-free. I can't find the fileo n my pc even if I've shown hidden files. This is my first android phone, which I've had in 2 hours. Awesome... my first opinion on the phone, fit for the hand, my second can't install apps... fuck this phone

  • JKoh

    Thanks pal.. It worked for me

  • http://any patel

    Coun't install in usb or sd card in my samsung galaxy pop s 5570 my sd card have 1GB free.so plz tell me ans

  • charlie

    same prob-couldn't install on sd card (samsung galaxy ace) stuck sd card in laptop,deleted temp file,put back in phone and all is working better than ever,installed a few apps and updated several more with no probs at all,thank you very very much indeed

  • Lucy

    i just bought samsung galaxy ace, i having a problem when connecting the USB from my lappy to the phone. I already installed the Kies. The problem here, there is no 'error message and under the "USB tethering" shows "NO USB DEVICE CONNECTED" pls help. thanks.

  • Muhammed Ibad

    Thankyou Brother.. It worked like a CHARM ! :)


    Galaxi Mini samsung my cell phone has that problem and I can not fix it. This solution has emerged is good for my cell phone. PLEASE I NEED TO BE RESOLVED

    • Lorraine

      Try it on your pc, I just done it for my son's Galaxy Mini and it worked perfectly.

  • Greg G

    I had the same problem as sivasai and Vinny above - it was because the HP touchpad (with Cyanogen mod 7) didn't actually contain the smdl2tmp1 file to be deleted; it was because the folder(s) were mounted as read-only. After a bit of messing about with the terminal emulator I *think* I've found a solution:
    mount -o rw,remount /mnt/sdcard
    mount -o rw,remount /mnt/sdcard/.android_secure
    mount -o rw,remount /mnt/secure/asec

  • drewmeister

    THANK YOU! You fixed my phone, mytouch 3g slide. I couldn't get at it with file manager, so I just opened terminal emulator, typed su for root permissions, and found the file listed as /mnt/secure/asec/smdl2tmp1.asec. On my phone it had the .asec appended to the file for some reason.

    Deleted it, and voila! Annoying error messages fixed and apps updating again. Thanks!

  • Starst

    Worked for me on my HTC Desire - just put the SD Card in my PC, searched for the file and deleted it. No probs. Thanks!

  • Lorraine

    Worked perfect for me for Samsung Galaxy Mini.


  • ACE61502

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • brian

    to delete the sdml2temp folder you dont't need astro, just plug phone into pc and search the file folder, i deleted it. hopefully the problem is solved, why does this problem exsist, htc need to get this sorted, we shouldn't have to mess about with our phones files

  • brian

    i forgot to say thank you, it worked and i can now update my apps

  • LindsT

    It works. Just did as Brian said. Many thanks to Artem for the original post and to all the other advice.

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