Yesterday we showed you the trailer for Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs, noting that the expected update should hit the Market some time this week. I guess for Rovio Mobile, "some time this week" translates to "first thing Monday morning" - it's available for download now.

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The update adds 15 new levels, as well as 3 bonus levels and tons of Easter Eggs, so head over to the Android Market and grab it.  

Source: Android Market

Cameron Summerson
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  • Jordan

    not showing up as an update in my market yet... although the picture and description is for the Easter version

  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    "some time this week" translates to "first thing Monday morning" -- They probably had it done last week and were waiting for just final approval and some sometime over the weekend a couple of the head guys at Rovio looked at it and were like..."Monday..Monday"

    Gotta love such fast trailer --> development process.

  • John

    Same problem here. The picture is updated in the market, but there is no option to update the game. Can only Open or Uninstall. Has anybody not on iPhone been able to download?

    • Cameron Summerson

      I updated it with no problems before I wrote that post this morning.

  • Raphael

    Update is not showing up for those that have amazon market ad free version. Get on it Rovio

  • JoshL

    The second Rovio allows us to save our progress to the cloud, I am ditching the Amazon appstore. Still no update!?? Ridiculous.

  • Jordan

    For anybody that still wants it.. if ur a amazon free paid version user.. go to market.android.com on pc and u can get it pushed to ur phone for now.. just dont 'update' on amazon market until you kbowknow its the real update like me... because it reverts to st pats version!!

    • Pick A Name

      Thanks Jordan, this works. I had a feeling that amazon was too good to be true, i have noticed there are very few updates through them. Free apps are nice but when you do not get updates it is rather moot.

  • John A

    For some reason, I can't get it to run. Using Cyanogen Mod 7 (gingerbread). I had the old version running fine