The unnamed dual-core 10.1-inch Toshiba Android tablet that we got to play with at CES this year has oddly remained anonymous for an extraordinary amount of time - in fact, we still don't really know what its final name will be. An earlier rumor suggested it could be called "Antares," and today's freshly discovered Newegg pages curiously neither confirm nor deny that name, simply listing its 3 variants as ANT-100, ANT-102, and ANT-104. Could ANT be short for Antares? Sure. Could they both be just internal codenames? Just as well.

Besides the model numbers, Newegg let us in on the pricing structure for the 3 models:

All tablet variants are equipped with Wi-Fi and aren't tied to a specific cellular provider, providing a few sweet spots for those who don't need the full 32GB of memory (I'm having trouble seeing the XOOM selling well after this at all at $600). Considering these Toshiba tablets have a full SD card slot, throwing in a $50 32GB class 10 card should provide plenty of storage without breaking the bank.

Let's have a look at the rest of the specs:

  • 10.1-inch capacitive 1280×800 display
  • 1GHz NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 2 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • "Adaptive Display" and "Resolution+ Upconversion" technologies
  • accelerometer
  • easy-grip surface and user-replaceable 6-cell battery
  • 5MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing
  • USB, miniUSB, and HDMI ports
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • SD card slot
  • 1.7 pounds in weight; 0.6 inches in thickness
  • Android 3.0 "Honeycomb"

What's that? Did you see it? That's right, this slate has a full-size USB port.

Between the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and this Toshiba tablet, the choice is going to be tough. Have a look at this video run-through we took at CES and let us know which one looks better to you:


Source: Newegg via Liliputing

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  • Jon Garrett

    When I first saw this tablet a couple of months ago, I thought it was really nice but looking at it now, it looks a little bulky and outdated.

    Then along came the Motorola Xoom which I liked even more but the $800 price was about $300 more than Id be willing to pay for it.

    Now, Im waiting for the very beautiful, sleek and sexy Galaxy 10.1 or the 8.9

  • SlimDan22

    I was interested in the Toshiba tablet when i found out it had a user replaceable battery, but know that i know the prices i think i am going to stick with waiting for the Transformer

  • Mikestroh

    I want something sturdy and robust with all of the features encompassed within the tablet itself...not willing to pay extra for stations with HDMI inputs and the like. The 32GB version is a steal at this price point. Motorola overpriced their unit and launched it prematurely with quite a few software issues. I like the Antares name if it's the name they will call it. Can't wait to make my purchase.

    • PeterF

      The 32GB version of this is only $20 cheaper than the 32GB WiFi XOOM.

  • Marcelo L

    And yet, they're STILL overpriced. When will the manufacturers get it in their heads that the "Apple Tax" doesn't play with normal thinking humans ? It's not like Larry Page has the charisma of Steve Jobs. Eric Schmidt certainly didn't.

    As the younger generation likes to say...


    • Raphael

      Couldnt have said it better. They just don't get it. Why would anyone buy this over the Asus transformer,iPad,ipad2,xoom,acer iconia,samsung 8.9,10.1,... This has no distinguishing feature people care about. The 16gb should be 399 and the 8gb 349

    • cosmic

      Are you comparing the 16gb "ANT" to the 16gb wifi only ipad2? If you for the same price you get various ports, gps, double the memory, user replaceable battery, and much higher camera resolutions.

      I'd wait to call "Apple Tax" until a price per part breakdown is done.


      The Asus transformer is $399 because of hope the dock will sell well. Profit margins for the tablet itself are quite small I'm betting. Already mentioned ipad/2. The xoom is pretty much same price w/o the swappable battery.. Acer iconia shaves the price a little by using a tn screen. The samsung 8.9 is smaller with a proprietary port(no other ports), 10.1 is similar price proprietary port but amazingly thin/light for both.

      • Raphael

        I don't get your point? Are you saying that based on the features you mentioned, the Toshiba is priced competitively in the current market? If their plan is to sell a few tablets just to say they're in the market, then they will succeed but how many people would pick this up when lined up against the other tablets in a bestbuy?

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    We'll shortly find out that 1GB of RAM isn't going to be enough for serious Android users let alone dualcore tablets.

    My HTC Desire HD comes with 768MB and as a serious user, I keep running out of the stuff.

    Next year there will be tablets with 2GB of RAM as professional developers start porting their Windows apps across.

    80% of apps just now seem to be written by dyslexic young authors with virtually no idea about UI design and how to cache data... :)

    • Raphael

      Somehow the ipad/ipad2 is doing ok with 256/512mb so I'm not sure why you think people need more than 1gb right now. I'm not sure what a "serious" android user is. I don't think these tablets are trying to port all laptop apps/functionality.

  • Marcelo L

    @cosmic : And I'm here to tell you that the keyboard dock WILL sell very well. If sales in the UK are any indication ( they sold out in a couple of days ). I would actually be in favor of a bundling deal to get the keyboard and tablet all-in-one at a particular price too.
    Considering the keyboard/dock extends the battery life to 17 hours on average, anyone would be a fool not to dish out $149 for it.

    I'm a curmudgeon when it comes to tech, and if the build quality of the transformer is solid, and the keyboard is similarly built, they WILL SELL. Mark my words.

  • Mat

    Will this have the pure Android experience or a shitty skinned version of it ?

  • jpr

    Toshiba doesn't know how to build descent software for tablet so..... buy something else.

    Folio 100 users know that