After a bunch of relatively uninteresting premium apps given out for free in Amazon's Android Appstore, today's offering is really quite refreshing. Users of the desktop version of Trillian will instantly recognize their beloved multi-network IM client's logo, and those new to it will find its features quite impressive:

  • support for AIM, Facebook, Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and, of course, Google Talk
  • Trillian synchronizes contacts, avatars, statuses, and accounts between Android, Mac, Windows, and Web clients
  • push notifications for those on Android 2.2+
  • multiple chat windows, emoticons, and more

While Trillian is no longer my client of choice on the desktop (Digsby took that spot), I must say that if you're looking for a great multi-network IM client on Android, it's hard to go wrong with this [normally $4.99] offering from Cerulean Studios.

Grab it while it's hot (and free) from the Amazon Appstore.

image image image

Artem Russakovskii
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  • ocdtrekkie

    I'm strongly considering using it, I certainly grabbed it.

    I use Meebo because it's how I IM at home, and it stores all my chat logs in the cloud, even when I'm on my mobile. But they haven't updated their Android app in around two years, which is INSANE, and it crashes excessively. I've filed bug report upon bug report, they've upgraded their iOS app, but left Android in the dirt.

  • http://www.iheartmonster.com I Heart Monster

    Ditto, ocdtrekkie, with me on the Meebo. It crashed way too much, so even though I use it on my 'puter, I don't use it on my phone anymore. I, too, grabbed Trillian early this am, and I'm really impressed thusfar.

    I really like the new text messaging interface I get with it too. Yay.

  • Josh H.

    Thanks for putting the Amazon free paid app of the day on twitter. I would have missed a few great ones (like today's) otherwise.

  • terryhau

    How do you bypass the US only restriction? I tried putting in a fake US address and using a proxy.

    • Will

      You don't need a proxy, just need to put in a US address and US credit card number.
      I generated a fake one from here:

      I'm UK-based and it's been working for me for a good few weeks now :)

  • Steve

    Pity that it's only after I've logged in on Amazon, been sent the amazon market app, installed it, set up my 1-click purchase and then select the free Trillian app that is bothers to tell me that the Amazon App store isn't available in my region yet (UK).

    Why don't you tell me this when I started!


    Bet I'll never see this app free again when Amazon finally decide to deal with us Brits.

    • Andy

      Ah well thanks Steve, all this talk of the Amazon app store and each time im thinking hmm how do i get in on it? You've answered how and also showed me i needn't bother lol (yep another disappointed uk droid )

      Come on Amazon, you know the web is worldwide and you know Android is worldwide, please support others

    • Will

      Steve, see my reply above. Just make a new Amazon.com account (not .co.uk) with fake details. :)

  • elij

    Trillian is a great app, been using it for a while. The only real issue is that it is a SERIOUS battery hog. With it running I am down to 15% battery after 5 hours (this is just with it running in the background, not actually using it). Otherwise it is fantastic.

  • Sketaful

    Isn't Trillian free on android through Google Play??