We all know about the update woes that owners of Samsung handsets have faced over the past several months - owners of the VZW Fascinate are still waiting on their update to Froyo. It looks that wait may be coming to an end as the source code has finally shown up on Samsung's Open Source Release Center. Even if the official OTA doesn't hit phones soon, you can rest assured that XDA devs will be hard at work hacking and compiling this source, so you'll be able to enjoy all of the Froyo goodness that you can handle soon enough.

Relatedly, the source code for the not-yet-announced-but-already-overpriced Samsung Droid Charge has also landed on the OSRC, which suggests that the release is imminent.

You can grab either (or both) over at the the OSRC by searching for "SCH-i510" for the Charge and "SCH-i500" for the Fascinate.

Source: Samsung Open Source Release Center

Cameron Summerson
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  • Floyd

    Maybe Sammie realizes that releasing the source code to their products is going to make users flock to them. Especially with the GSII coming out soon. I hope they keep this up and it becomes a trend for them and others. If Samsung does, I will be a valued customer.

    I can wish, can't I?

  • cosmic

    Wonder if any of this has to do with their experience with the nexus s?

  • Domush

    It will be a little difficult for Verizon to continue blaming Samsung for the delay, seeing as they have all but loaded it on our phones for us. Your move Verizon..

    • jimymc

      Yeah... I'm getting sick and tired of waiting for the update that was promised over a half a year ago while other phones have been released with FROYO and software written that will only run on FROYO or beyond.

      Come on Samsung, it's way past time!

  • boohoo

    Fix your sources, what tech blog did you get the info from? Taking credit for something someone else found first, thats the androidpolice way....greedy thieves

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I got a watch on the Samsung driver page that spots every change to it, but nice troll.

  • doubtful

    Heard this for over a year now. I'm thoroughly convinced that the fascinate will never get froyo. There is a design flaw that prevents upgrading and Samsung wont admit it naturally. Just going to use my upgrade each year and get a new phone. At least then I control when I get new software.