It appears that Samsung may be following in Sony's footsteps by actually giving users what they want where bootloaders are concerned. According to this tweet from Android app developer Supercurio, a source at Samsung has stated that bootloaders on future Sammy devices will be unlocked as long as Google doesn't require otherwise. If true, this means really good things for the dev community, who will never have to deal with the trials and tribulations that tech-savvy Motorola owners have had to face.

tweet 1

François went on to say that this may or may not apply to tablets, as they're "still young" and his source "doesn't know about bootloader plans for those devices."

Of course, as with any rumor, we question its validity. However, Supercurio said that this source has always been right in the past, and he is quite confident that this is legit.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Joris

    That's amazing news!!!
    Can't wait to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S2!

  • Double

    They never have been... All samsung phones are stock unlocked. Some even have a recovery that accepts unsigned .zip files

  • Jaime

    All is forgiven, Sammy. All is forgiven.

    • wp7isthebest

      *Fast forward to before Galaxy S3 comes out...*

      "All is forgiven, Sammy. All is forgiven again."

      Their stuff is always too good to be true. :(

  • chris

    Yeah well when they dont update their phones then they have to do something. Although I cant wait to see what the Galaxy S 2 has to offer once it comes to verizon!

    • cosmic

      They do update their phones. Outside of the US their phones will be getting gingerbread this month. Hmm source code for froyo versions are out... phones outside of the US are getting updates... omg it isn't Samsung at the root of the problem its US carriers!

      Go complain to Verizon.

  • PeterF

    What they need to do is release ROM-compatible versions of their European phones in the United States. That way if the carriers are holding up the updates, users can easily flash the European ROM, getting the upgrade early and getting rid of the bloat.

  • Asphyx

    I wonder what affect that will have on availablility with those carriers who insist on locked bootloaders.