Well, well, well... look what our friends over at Techno Buffalo have come across - the Droid X2! One of their loyal tipsters has sent in some really great pictures of the DX2, including side-by-side shots with the original Droid X. And as if that weren't enough, they even grabbed a quick video of this upcoming monster performing a Quadrant benchmark. I know you're probably frothing at the mouth to see that, so it's first in line:

Did you see that score? Yeah, that was huge. Of course, I would expect nothing less, considering some of the rumored specs:

  • 1.2GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor
  • 768MB RAM
  • 4.3 inch qHD screen (960x540)
  • 8MP Camera
  • Android 2.2.2

According to Techno Buffalo, it has yet to be decided whether it will ship with Gingerbread. If not, though, I would expect an update shortly after release.

motorola-droid-x-2-004 motorola-droid-x-2-005

As you can tell, it looks a lot like the original X, which made me skeptical about the legitimacy of past leaks. Fortunately, the tipster also decided to take some shots of the X2 next to its predecessor, which makes me more of a believer than ever before.

motorola-droid-x-2-001 motorola-droid-x-2-007 motorola-droid-x-2-006

As you can see, the main difference between the two is the lack of a hardware camera button on the X2.

Even though it's running Froyo, it looks like it's rocking the newest version of Blur - the same edition seen in early leaks of Gingerbread for the original Droid X.

While Verizon has yet to announce the device, TB's tipster suggested a release date of "mid-May," which can't come soon enough for me. I think I've found my next phone.

Source: Techno Buffalo

Cameron Summerson
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  • Trung Dinh

    I don't understand why it would be clocked higher at 1.2 Ghz for the CPU and have 256 MB more in ram than the Droid Bionic. If the Droid Bionic is suppose to be the "flagship" phone for VZW, why would it have lower specs than the Droid X2? The only thing the Bionic truly has over the X2 is LTE which costs more and is limited to certain markets only.

  • Matt

    There is a rumor that the Bionic is scrapped, never to be released. Otherwise, I agree, I don't think I could bring myself to buy the Bionic if the X2 is sitting right next to it with more ram and a higher clocked cpu.

    • Trung Dinh

      I know you say it's just a rumor, but then what will the flagship phone for VZW be? According to a leak, which I don't really believe, the Galaxy S2 will be heading to VZW. So between the Bionic and the S2, I would totally take the S2. Sure the qHD is denser in pixel, the S2 has a 1.2 GHZ Exynos CPU (Dual core), 1 GB of ram, and a 800 x 480 Super AMOLED Plus screen. Why would anyone choose the Bionic? Especially with the bootloader locked.

      • jroc

        The bootloader only applies to a certain set of ppl. The bootloader isnt gonna matter to the majority, the general public.

        Other than that, I agree. Why would anyone pick the Bionic over the GS II? The screen might be one thing to make ppl choose it. U know, the screen has more numbers in the description so it HAS to be better...lol

        But other than that...I see nothing else.

        • Trung Dinh

          I agree jroc. The more bigger numbers, the more enticing. It's so easy to make the general public decide on things nowadays. Omg! It's 960 x 540 compared to 800 x 480! It must be 100x better. No...The Super AMOLED Plus has better color saturation. But I guess you're also right on the point about the locked bootloader. It does only apply to a minority. But still, if the bootloader on the Bionic wasn't locked, it would make the decision between the DB vs the S2 so much harder.

      • jroc

        To me the SAmoled+ screen is better since it doesnt have the Pentile Matrix.The qHD uses it for some strange reason.

        GPS, reception and updates in the US might be the only thing the Bionic has over the GSII.

        • Trung Dinh

          Samsung's Fascinate compared to my DX is pretty bad on the whole reception and sound quality...but I'm sure Samsung learned from that and made the GSII better on that front. If Samsung can update the GSII as fast as HTC and Motorola updates their phones, I don't see how the Bionic has any chance against the GSII.

  • jay

    I hope the x2 fits the car craddle that I got for my x. X2 is my next phone choice. I hope its just 3G as well. Don't want to suffer on battery life or pay extra for 4g when 3g works just fine for me

    • Cameron Summerson

      Judging by the pictures, I would assume that both the desk and car docks will work just fine with the X2.

      Also, every rumor that I've ever heard about the X2 suggests that it will be 3G, so you should be set.

  • codyy

    I just called in my insurance on my droid x because I dropped it in the water. Asurion informed me that motorola has discontinued the droid x and I will be receiving the droid X2 in the mail Monday. I thought that was pretty sweet

  • alleyCat

    I thought it would have a front facing camera. Doesnt look like it?

  • DyMiC

    Note to Self: Get Asurion. Break Droid X. Get X2. YAY!

    Are you sure they didn't say a Droid 2 and you got confused and thought Droid X2?

    Anyway. Yeah. Where's the FRONT FACING camera? That would be the big deal breaker for me. I JUST got my Droid X... but I'm willing to sell it (MINT CONDITION) for something better. But no Front Facing Cam = No DX2 for me.

  • sean

    i just made an insurance claim on my x and they said I am also getting the droid x2